An introduction to the blog

Hey all,
as some of you know I have worked for many local breweries in some capacity so I want to head off any claims of being biased from the beginning.
Breweries or beer related businesses I have worked for directly and indirectly: Upright Brewing, Taplister, Laurelwood, Beer NW, NAOBF, Ninkasi, Hopworks, Double Mountain, Belmont Station and Pelican.

With that out of the way the goals of this blog are to explore all things beer. You will see a lot of reviews and opinions on beers and things happening in the industry. I will try to keep everything fair and professional. It would not serve me well to attack unfairly since I may end up working for any one of them.
That said I clearly outlined a few people/company/places that I am not a fan of. I think thats about as up front as it gets.

Some other cool features you will see are bar and restaurant reviews, always with an eye towards beer friendly spots. As well as continuing the video series I started with chief "SNOB" Ritch Marvin that we have been producing for Taplister.