New Beer bar and Bottle Shop: The Hop Haven

The Hop Haven has been open for a few weeks now, flying completely under the radar at NE Broadway and 21st. I had been keeping tabs on it, but finally stopped in for a brew to check the place out last week.

The Hop Haven is modeled after places like Belmont Station and The Beermongers - a cafe/bottle shop environment with a small assortment of rotating taps. The HH has its own unique vibe, owing something to a diner and dive bar, with its old wood paneling and "U" shaped bar. It also doesn't help that they have a jukebox against the wall and one of those annoying touch screen electronic bar games by the window. Oh, and did I forget to mention all the flat screen TVs? I can see this becoming a hangout for some locals wanting to catch the game and get a cold one, but what we are all really interested in here is the beer, right?

The bottle selection is pretty good, but far from what you would find at the Hop & Vine or Saraveza. My guess is they are stocking around 75 varieties of beer. I wish I had a more accurate number, but the owners have not returned my emails. While sitting down at a completely empty bar, my compatriot and I sampled 1 beer each. I chose a bottle of Southern Tier Harvest Ale, which I had yet to try, and my friend chose a draft selection. It was Happy Hour and the beer was very generously priced at $2 a 12oz bottle or $3 a draft. Unfortunately, I cannot quote the times of HH since they are not posted on the bar's Facebook page and I have not received a response from owner Jeff Ramsden.

The kitchen is pretty makeshift and serves some pre-made pizzas and pies, as well as panini sandwiches. Hop Haven has avoided advertising their presence, so far as they continue to iron out details, stock up on beers, and figure out what their hours will be (which are still up in the air as of the last time I was in, but are posted on their Facebook page as):
Mon - Tues:
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed - Thurs:
4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri - Sat:
3:00 pm - 12:00 am
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

So, many of you are probably wanting to know what my impression/review of the place is. Well, I don't believe in judging a place in its infancy, but while a lot of work needs to be done, the Hop Haven shows promise . For instance, my compatriot's beer was poured into a standard pint glass, but my bottle choice was simply uncapped and placed in front of me and when I requested a glass it was poured into a cheater pint. Some time in the Portland beer geek community will most likely educate them on the illogic of this practice. Big thumbs up to the bar dog, though, who was super-friendly and spent much of our stay licking my hand.

I look forward to checking out the continuing progress of the Hop Haven and stopping in for a beer after work in the relatively desolate east Hollywood neighborhood.

The Hop Haven
Portland, OR, 97232

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  1. Better or worse than the bottle shop on fremont?

  2. I wonder what the saturation point is for this type of business. It seems like these are more niche-y than a standard good-beer pub, but it also seems like Hop Haven is aiming at a slightly more mainstream audience.

    As a pretty avid sports fan, I'm not down on flat screens, either. I AM down on cheater pints. Oy.

  3. I don't see the problem with a cheater pint for someone that ordered a beer by the bottle. It's not like the glass size is determining the volume of beer your getting/being charged for in that case.

    Considering that a lot of bottles are going to be 12oz, I think having a smaller size glass is a good idea for presentation. Getting a fresh beer served to you in a glass that's half empty is a bummer.

  4. Yes! Cheater pints have a use to society after all -- making your 12-ounce bottle look like a pint.

    I actually like your idea, as long as the person pouring the beer doesn't mix up the glasses. Best solution: only serve drafts in a glass with a volume line marked on them.

  5. Pouring the cheater for a 12oz. beer is spot on and right. If I were to order a tap pint.. and received it in that... there would be a problem.

    Also why can't us beer geeks enjoy some sports on big screens? I really don't quite get the hate for what is pretty typical at any pub, bar, or taproom.

    Looks like a pretty cool place.. though with all the other attractions down there.. I may just drive on past it. Not really something I see drawing people from further away places.

  6. Yes the reason I noted that I got a bottle is because perhaps that is why I was served it in a cheater pint while my friend served his draft beer in a regular pint. Like Bill and pedXer say if that was the intention then fine but it seems like a needless hassle that someone could easily mistake.
    Also I am correcting this in the post but I forgot to add that they did not even serve me my beer in a glass, they just popped the top and I had to request the glass.

  7. They didn't offer a glass? That's enough to make me pee on the wall.

  8. I almost get what Hop Haven is trying to do here. Almost. That said, why would you have two vessels that are so similar to each other, yet serve different purposes. Mistakes will happen and they will be numerous. Unlike return visitors once this crap starts happening!

    Who wants to volunteer to go down there and tell them they sell these things called "12oz beer glasses" and they look_completely_different than a standard pint?

  9. @Brewmance. You know some slobs don't need a glass. They prefer to just drink beer out of a bottle like an animal.

  10. Is this the spot that was listed under "Beervana" on the OLCC paperwork that popped up a month or so ago? I seem to remember the owners name from the paperwork.

  11. Yes it is the same place that was once to be called "Beervana"

  12. Wow, looks like a real dump

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    If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Fax. +49 30 8639 6441

  14. It's June 2012 and this place is till completely amateur.

  15. It's April 2013 and this place is still completely awesome.


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