Upright Brewing and Cascade Brewing featured on Hop Cast

Illinois based video podcast Hop Cast has a brand new episode up focusing on Upright Brewing's Four Play and Cascade's The Vine. Two locally made sour beers collected when the Hop Cast guys were in town.

The guys spend far too much time thedwelling on the Four Play's nudity on the label and dont seem to quite get sour beers but otherwise its a decent segment highlighting the average joe's take on two locally produced sour ales.

Hop Cast - Episode 107: Upright Fourplay & Cascade The Vine from Hop Cast on Vimeo.

New Brew Odyssey: AnniBrew3 Previewed

The end of Oregon Craft Beer Month is in sight, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to develop beer fatigue. That said, the event that I and many of my beer-geek friends look forward to most as part of the festivities is still yet to come: Bailey’s Taproom’s Third Year Anniversary Party (AnniBrew3 as the Bailey’s blog is hyping it) is enough to enthuse even the snootiest of beer lovers, who still may be full from the myriad other events of the past four weeks.

Beer Photography on tap at Coalition Brewing

I am a fan of the arts.
That includes beer but also the more traditional visual arts. Many of you that have been over to Coalition Brewing have probably admired the beautiful beer making photography on the walls by Larry Letters...

Oregon Brewers Festival Highlights

The long OBF weekend is finally over, and while it was a great time, I am glad to be able to take a breather until Bailey's Taproom's Third Anniversary party next Saturday.
It is extremely hard to try all the beers you would like to at the OBF. Thus, instead of simply listing my personal favorites, I have asked all the various writers who have contributed to The New School to write up their Top 5 and a few thoughts.

So far we have my picks, "SNOB" Ritch, Ben Edmunds and Seattle beer dork
The Beer Retard's.

Staggering Toward Beerhalla: Fort George Beer Belly Dinner At East Burn

July the 8th was a really hot day, but it was also a day I had been long looking forward to--the first Beer Belly Dinner I had been to in some time. I love Fort George beers, and I love East Burn, so win, win! We met up with Tim and Jana of Mountain People's Distribution, who distribute Fort George, among many other beer brands. Their new rep, Ed was also there, as well as John, Karen, and Yvette of the Horse Brass. Rounding out our table was my Amy, as well as Yvette's David.

Missing In Action

I have been pretty M.I.A. lately from the blog, but by this weekend I am hoping to return in full force. Burnout from Oregon Craft Beer Month and my Brewing Up Cocktails event is the main reasons for the lack of posts, and I am guessing the month has been keeping the other contributors busy, too.
In the meantime, I have been drinking a lot of booze and smoking many cigars. It's been a journey of experimentation and discovery lately, and much needed break from the craft beer month. I have spent many a night drinking with industry folks over the last few weeks without writing a single secret down or snapping a cell phone pic. While the pressure to post has been strong, it has been rewarding to just bullshit with my fellow brewers.

The main event of #OCBM, the
Oregon Brewers Festival, kicks off today. Since everyone else is covering it, I don't feel the need to add my 2 cents of commentary and pre-fest picks, but I do plan to come back with an overview of the festival around Monday.
The OBF gets a lot of flack for its size and the amount of partiers who don't care so much about the beer, but are just there to get wasted and treat the event like a frat party. While that is true to some extent, the fest has more pros then cons, and coming in early each day solves a lot of the cons. It is also fun to see so many beer geeks and brewers, both from Portland and all over the world.

I plan to be attending a few special industry parties this weekend and to try some special beers and catch up with beer writers from Seattle. You can look forward to some interesting perspectives and new videos from Behind The Pint relatively soon.
Also, we have a backlog of beer reviews from new entries like Ninkasi's Maiden In The Shade.
I love craft beer month, but I can't wait to get back to the regular 2 or 3 beer events each week. A break doesn't seem to be in the cards, though, as we have already begun planning Brewing Up Cocktails 2!

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New beer cocktails added to the menu for Brewing Up Cocktails

The New School's first official event, 'Brewing Up Cocktails', is this Saturday, July 17th. I have been working with Jake and Yetta non-stop to make the tasting go off without a hitch. While we decided our original 4 beer cocktails a while back, after much discussion we have added a brand new bourbon-based cocktail to bring the lineup up to 5. We also tweaked our Upright Brewing cocktail. I think the additions will blow away people who are willing to give them a shot.

So what did we change, what's the pricing structure and what is the deal? All is below...

The weather report says that Saturday is going to be about 77 degrees outside. I don't know about everyone else, but that is sounding like the perfect temp for drinking beer cocktails on The Hop & Vine's awesome patio. While we have some lighter and refreshing cocktails for just that situation, like the

New Brew Odyssey: The Year's Best Beers So Far

We’re just past the halfway point of 2010 and well into Oregon Craft Beer Month, which means it’s a great time to consider the city’s year in beer up until this point. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen five new breweries open in Portland (Mt Tabor, Migration, Coalition, Breakside, and Columbia River). APEX, a remodeled Produce Row, and a new bar at the Beer Mongers have given us great new spaces to consume local libations, and Cascadian dark ales proved to be the ‘it’ style of the year’s first quarter.
What, though, have been the best new beers of 2010 so far?

Introducing Bushwhacker Cidery

And now for a change of pace.
In the world of Beervana there is little room for love of the other fine fermented arts, and perhaps receiving the least attention is Hard Cider. In fact, I can't think of a single cidery in Portland.
So it is with pleasure that I introduce people to Jeff Smith's new PDX cidery Bushwhacker.
As a fellow beer geek I have seen and talked to Jeff over the last few years from my time at Belmont Station and online. So it is particularly exciting to see his dream finally coming together.

Not being particularly interested in cider myself, I am hoping that this will be my own and many others' introduction into that world. There is no doubt in my mind that ciders can be a lot more diverse, interesting and complex than the typical stuff you see on the shelves like, Strongbow (aka Strong-Blow), Wyder's, Mike's and the like. Ciders are often fermented in blends of sweet and tart fruit, most commonly apples. This is not so much different from making really good fruit beer, something I have been interested in of late. Below are excerpts from a great talk I had with Jeff about cider and what he has in store with Bushwhacker Cidery and its Tasting Room...

First Look: Columbia River Brewing Co.

A little over a month ago The New School broke the news that Laurelwood Brewing Company was closing it's Pizza Company location on NE 40th and that the location was being taken over by a brand new brewery, Columbia River Brewing Company. No other information was available at the time.
Since then I have been trying to track down information on this elusive new brewery, and I finally succeded just as Columbia River Brewing has opened its doors for business with absolutely no buzz and seemingly not telling a soul.
I caught up with Columbia River Brewing owner Rick Burkhardt for an interview that gives a little insight into his history as a brewer and his plans for the new brewpub...

The Craft Dash 5k

(Lauren Prince "ess" and her superpowered zebra spandex pants)

This past Saturday I participated in the annual Craft Dash, against my better judgement.
The Craft Dash is like a race and a pub crawl rolled into one unholy alliance. Hosted by
Saraveza and The Hop & Vine, people dash from one bar to the next, downing a beer from a different local brewery at each location. In total, it is a 5k run and all proceeds went to benefit the Open Meadow Alternative School. Runners take the race in various degrees of seriousness, with guys dressing in drag, wearing beer helmets, keg outfits, cardboard boxes, fake mustaches, etc.

Kicking off at The Hop & Vine at 9am, we all had a

The Disappearance and Reappearance of King C.

It's been a while since I've chimed in. Since not a single person has asked me about where my column is (except, of course, Ezra, who tries to have content on the site daily, with little, to no help from slack-ass writers, such as yours truly) I can only expect no one else to be waiting while holding their breath for my words. Now that World Cup is winding down, and I don't have to work until 5 am every night, I in theory, at least, have time to write and complain again.

Brewing Up Cocktails

Craft beers and spirits are two alcoholic beverages that typically do not mix, but why not?
As a lover of craft and import beers more than any type of hard liquor, this has been an easy question for me personally. Beer is eminently more drinkable and does not have the alcoholic burn that most spirits impart. You can enjoy a lot more beer than a spirit of 40 or more percent abv. BUT, spirits have their own nuances and attributes that set them apart from beer, and they are primed for mixing and experimenting. And that right there is what I love about beer more than anything...

New Brew Odyssey: Portland's Best Underhyped Beer Spots

With Oregon Craft Beer Month here, there is indeed a lot to celebrate whether you’re a brewer, beer writer, or beer lover in Portland. Over the next month, we’ll revel together at festivals, beer releases, meet the brewer events, and beer dinners. The New School’s beer and cocktail night tops my list as one of the most curious and exciting events of the month, as does next weekend’s Craft Dash, and, of course, the Oregon Brewers Festival.
It is a month where we get to reflect on what makes Oregon’s (and Portland’s) beer scene so great. I’ve argued before, elsewhere that the beauty of our beer scene here is not measured in the sheer number of breweries and brewpubs that we have—however impressive that number may be. Nor is it measured even by the number of world-class beer bars and bottle shops—an equally impressive number. Rather, the state’s beery ethos can be assessed by the quality selection of brews that can be found at otherwise unremarkable corner stores, dive bars, and high end restaurants. Seeing a variety of 500 beers at the 39th Street Mini Mart on SE Cesar Chavez and Belmont, one begins to understand just how deeply ingrained beer is in the state’s culture. And while the wonderful breweries and beer bars we have deservedly get much of the hype in Oregon’s food and drink world, there are a number of worthy contenders who don’t get nearly the same attention. In any other state, they would be must visit destinations.

Taplister celebrates 1st Anniversary this Tuesday

(Chief Beer Officer Kerry Finsand geeks out on his iphone, photo by SNOB Ritch)

This Tuesday Portland's unique beer resource Taplister is celebrating their 1st Anniversary. I am lucky enough to have been a part of the project since before the beginning and am thus obliged to tell you about the party we are having at The Hop & Vine, our favorite underrated beer bar Tuesday at 7pm.

The Weekly Taps: July 2nd-4th

A huge number of new draft beers are available in Portland this week. The month of July is Oregon Craft Beer Month and many breweries are rolling out special kegs and new beer releases. Many of these will be gone by next week, so check them out while you can.

The highlights this week are a spate of kegs from Michigan's

Coalition Brewing 1 Week In

A bit late, but I wanted to post on
Coalition Brewing, which just opened a week ago yesterday. Since then I have already been 3 times and I can happily report the brewpub is a success.
It is still too early to really review Coalition and their beers, but I have written up my early impressions for those that are thinking of checking the place out.