Burnside Brewing Gratzer Release on Tuesday

The first in Burnside Brewing's more experimental brews releases this Tuesday the 11th at the pubs 4pm opening. This is a pretty highly anticipated brew for me so I thought worth posting. Here is what Burnside says about the beer:

The Gratzer is a commercially extinct smoked wheat beer native to Poland.  Burnside Gratzer began with our executive chef Ronnie Vance smoking 600 pounds of white wheat over Apple wood.  The result is a mild, cloudy wheat beer with a full mouth feel.  Drinkers will notice flavor notes of both sweet & nutty that finish with just a touch of smoke.  Our Gratzer is designed to pair well with food, and all Burnside Beers are unfiltered to protect their complex flavor profiles.  Beer notes 5.67% ABV, 8.75 IBU's. 

The Gratzer will also be pouring at the Buckman-Kerns Brewfest this Sunday at East Burn.

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