Move over Four Loko, It's Scotch Whisky in a Can

If there is one thing that was missing from cans now that we have quality beer and alcoholic energy drinks in them, it's good Scottish Dram Whisky served in a classic 12oz aluminum package. Well, Scottish Spirits Ltd. has heard our cries!

The handsomely packaged cans are emblazoned with a regal crest and the words "Very Rare Blend." The infamous phrase "Veni Vidi Vici," followed by the year 1896, are also present, suggesting a premium, authentic, old world product. According to the UK Daily Mail, however, Scottish Spirits Ltd. is actually a Panama-based company that has an office in Glasgow, Scotland.

12oz of Whisky equals 8 full shots, and the can is meant to be brought to places like the park to be mixed with other beverages such as cola. But the Scotch Whisky Association is having none of it and plans to try to ban the product over concerns that it breaks international labeling rules. A spokesman for the Association says:
"We are concerned that consumers may be confused whether or not the product is real Scotch and we will be investigating the matter further."
Come on, Scotch Whisky Association, why kill the fun for the rest of us? I really want to get a can of whisky from a vending machine in the near future, though they could never be as cool as the vending machines in China. Especially not this Live Crab one:

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  1. You don't need a vending machine to get live crabs, just visit a bathroom stall at Sassy's and you'll get them for free. I really couldn't resist that one.

  2. Just in time for Burn's Night!

  3. Imagine my horror and dismay when I discovered, after running around college campuses icing and being iced, that Smirnoff vodka brand Smirnoff ice contains no actual vodka. (smarminess aside, none of those popular spirit brands producing malt beverages contain the actual product branded on the cans and bottles, I'm looking at Jack's Lynchburg Lemonade as an example). So, yes, I too am curious if the cans contents are actual whisky.

    But if they are...SHOTGUN!

  4. Notice how the registered symbol next to Whisky really looks like an asterisk from afar. That tells you all you need to know.

  5. I think it's meant to be mixed with cola, and that's probably the only way you'd every want to drink whisky that's made in Panama. In the Caribbean and Central America people really like Scotch and Coke, or in Spanglish, "wiki-coca". In Puerto Rico lots of people ruin perfectly good Johnnie Walker Black Label by drowning it in Coke. Ugh.

  6. @Brian

    Yeah, some of those things used to actually contain liquor, and you had to buy them in the liquor store. I think that concept is now banned in the US. Smirnoff Ice in Europe does have real vodka in it, and isn't completely terrible.


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