Black IPA vs CDA Revisited

Stone Brewing's frontman Greg Cock is continuing his campaign against Cascadian Dark Ales with an article yesterday written for and a video filmed during the GABF with Oregon's own gold medal winner for the CDA category, Shawn Kelso of Barley Browns. Greg is at his most reserved in the video, but he uses this chance to highlight his arguments for calling the style Black IPA and mentions by name some of Oregon's most vocal proponents for the CDA moniker. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have a CDA, let alone a Black IPAfrom Stone or anyone else right now, if it were not for the Cascadia region of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Also, I am pretty sure Greg is remarkably reserved in this video because he was afraid of getting pummeled by the Barley Brewer. In the words of Alex Ganum, "I don't believe in CDA, I believe in SKA (Shawn Kelso ale)!"

Gold Medal Winning brewer Shawn Kelso ready to bring the hurt


  1. If those two gentlemen become the visible spokesmen for their respective names, I predict CDA will win a quick victory.

  2. I recommend you fix Greg's last name

  3. And you ask us to not be dicks

  4. Part of me truly wants to believe that Greg loves this industry as much as he preaches. But then, a spade, despite being flipped upside down and colored red, will always be a spade.

    In my opinion, Greg walks a very fine, yet strategically planned with lots of marketing dollars, line.

    The real underlying issue is not the article was written, but that the Brewer's Association actually published it. I had higher expectations of the BA, but this article disappoints me to no end. It's as if Stone has bought the hearts of the BA, just like they've bought the hearts of the rest of the world.

  5. Yep, Stone beers suck. Just total shit compared to the often mediocre crap peddled in provincial Portland and hyped to the heavens by local denizens desperate to proclaim greatness to the masses who could give a fuck. Oh boy, we invented CDA's! CDA, CDA, CDA!!!!!!! We did, didn't we? Didn't we? Didn't we????

    Spelling Greg's name that way is lame. 12 yr old Jr. High School lame. But not at all surprising.

  6. CDA is fun for those who like it, but Black IPA is a better fit long-term, IMHO. Koch's article is mostly superfluous rubbish but at the end of the day I think Black IPA is fine. If you want to argue that CDAs are not Black IPAs, well, it's a free country, but most people will find you silly.


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