Dogfish Head/Sam Calagione Beer & Wine Dinner at Higgins

Portland's famed Higgins Restaurant will host a 5 course collaborative beer and wine dinner featuring Dogfish Head Beer & Alexandria Nicole Wines this Wednesday, September 7th, at 6:30pm. What makes this dinner especially unique is not only the combination of both beer and wine pairings or the fact that Higgins rarely does beer dinners, but that Dogfish Head founder/brewer and beerlebrity Sam Calagione will be in attendance. Reserve your seats now for $65 (not including gratuity).

Amuse Bouche
Confit of Oregon Albacore on spent grain pumpernickel
Dogfish Head Namaste
2010 Alexandria Nicole Viognier

First Course
Totten Inlet mussels steamed with golden ginger plum sauce
Dogfish Head Red & White
2009 Alexandria Nicole Reserve Viognier

Second Course
Crispy Chanterelle & Chevre dumplings with beet and endive
Dogfish Head Raison D'etre
2008 Alexandria Nicole Merlot

Third Course
Ale braised Mulefoot porchetta with chorizo and frikkeh
Dogfish Head Fort
2008 Alexandria Nicole Destiny

Oven roasted peach with citrus sabayon, pound cake & raspberry granite
Dogfish Head Noble Rot
2010 Alexandria Nicole Viognier Ice Wine

Higgins Restaurant
1239 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 222- 9070

Beer News: New Openings, Closings & Beers

Perusing recent OLCC liquor license applicants and reading local news outlets has helped me dig up a handful of interesting news items this week.

The future of Southeast Stark Street- The Montavilla neighborhood is continuing to look brighter. In addition beer geek favorite Roscoe's and great restaurants like the Country Cat, the neighborhood is about to get what sounds like a new bottleshop or beer bar. An OLCC form shows an application filed for "Beer Bunker" at 79th and SE Stark by Overby Ventures LLC. Researching who was behind Overby, I found their office address and phone number was that of the Caldera Public House (not the brewery) on SE Stark and 60th. Interesting. If that weren't enough good news, beloved Japanese restaurant Tanuki (which also has great beer and sake) has found a new home on SE Stark where Immortal Pie and Larder was located until recently.

The bottleshop trend appears to still be expanding, with a new one hoping to bring good beer to Troutdale. The soon-to-open shop will be called Brewligans. Founder John Griffin says he plans to stock over 100 bottles with a few rotating taps and is currently busy remodeling the space and filing floor plans with the city.

Ninkasi and 21st Amendment have leaked details and label art for their upcoming collaboration beer, which I reported on in a similar post a while back. This label is really cool and I believe it is intended to go cans produced for 21st Amendment, but it's difficult to imagine it would be approved by the TTB since it is hard to discern the name of the beer, let alone that it is a beer at all. The small text says:
”In a surprising turn of events, rival superpowers have joined forces to bring a beer of might to the world. According to top-secret documents, recently unclassified, brewmasters for 21st Amendment in California and Ninkasi in Oregon began their brewing careers together many years ago.
Leaders from the two breweries reunited recently at a secret camp in the Sierras to devise their master plan. ‘We are more alike than we are different,’ said 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan. ‘We must united in our common cause,’ added Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd. The resulting collaboration, an ale brewed with California dates, an aggresive arsenal of all-Northwest hops and an unmistakable aroma of victory, deals a unified blow to unoriginal beers around the world.”

New - New Old Lompoc
In a recent interview with Lisa Morrison on Beer O' Clock about the New Old Lompoc's 15th anniversary, owner Jerry Fechter revealed that the location is doomed and headed for a date with a wrecking crew by sometime next year, but that they were looking to relocate it somewhere. The rumor mill says the brewery has found a new space on NE Dekum, just up the street a bit from Breakside Brewery.

15th Avenue Hophouse is Open!
The controversial and long-delayed second location of the Hawthorne Hophouse, the 15th Avenue Hophouse, opened its doors Saturday the 27th in the Irvington Neighborhood. The OLCC saw fit to approve the pub's plans, even though a small but vocal faction of the neighborhood objected. I wrote about that here. Currently the pub only has a small menu and not all of the taps are operational yet as they work out a few kinks.

Hawthorne Beer Garden, Street Party & Beer Ice Creams this Sunday

This Sunday, 8/28, is the Closing Street Party for PDX Beer Week, held in conjunction with the Hawthorne Street Fair and Bazi Bierbrasserie. Taking place in front of Bazi on SE 32nd street (just off of Hawthorne), this all-ages party brings together Belgian-style beers from local brewers like Double Mountain's Tripel Nickel, Full Sail's Saison, Beetje, and Widmer, as well as All 5 Beer Ice Creams by Salt & Straw.

These include:
Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Molasses Cookie ice cream
Hopworks Velvet ESB Butterscotch Bread Pudding
Burnside's Sweet Heat with candied scotch bonnet pieces
Upright Brewing's Pilsner turned into a Gelato
Breakside's hoppy IPA ice cream

Not only will all the beer ice creams be served at once for possibly the only time, but all 5 of the beers that inspired these creations will be on tap so that you can try them side-by-side.

The party runs from 11am to 5pm and is kid-friendly.

The Mighty Mites: Something Small This Way Comes

Today is one of firsts. Friend of beer bloggers Jeff Alworth of Beervana debuts his first foray into events and he has teamed up with Coalition Brewing and PDX Beer Week to make it happen. The Mighty Mites is a festival celebrating low alcohol beers with big flavor. I believe the aim of the festival is to dispel myths that because a beer is low in alcohol it is also light in flavor. This is no secret to brewmasters the world over and many have jumped at the chance to offer beers to the fest or make outright new ones just for it.

California Brewers Night this Friday at APEX

When PDX Beer Week was conceptualized the organizers wanted to showcase everything that made Portland the best craft beer city in the world. A big part of that is our love of great beers, whether they come from Portland or, say, our brewing brothers in California. Thus, this Friday August 26th, will see the inaugural California Brewers Night.

New Brew Odyssey: Beer and Breakfast

Breakside Assistant Brewer Sam Barber prepares the egg/flour mixture for their Devon White Ale

Up at Breakside, we’ve decided to join in the fun for Portland Beer Week and throw a small event in the spirit of two of my favorite things: breakfast and beer.

Today: Brewers Burger Brawl

Portlanders love their burgers maybe almost as much as they love their craft beer. With that in mind, as well as the fact that everyone loves some good friendly competition, the Brewers Burger Brawl was born as part of PDX Beer Week. This event features five of Portland's best brewers going head-to-head with their own burger recipe paired with one of their brewery's beers. The only natural place to hold such a battle was The Hop & Vine, which is also quite masterful with burgers.

Competing in this burger tour de force will be Ben Love of Hopworks Brewery, Alex Ganum of Upright, Jason Mcadam of Burnside, Vasilios Gletsos of Laurelwood, and Ben Edmunds of Breakside.

Breakside’s Ben Edmunds
Put a Burger on It & IPA

Ciabatta roll, Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar, iceberg lettuce, spicy mustard, pickled cucumbers, & fried shoestring potatoes

Burnside’s Jason Mcadam
Hot Damn Burger & Oatmeal Pale

House French bread w/ chili rellenos stuffed with Burnside house made bacon, grilled onions & cheddar

Hopworks’s Ben Love
Chip & Dale’s Burger & Batch 1000

House French bread w/ grilled Tail & Trotters Porkstrami, Gouda, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle & Secret Sauce

Laurelwood’s Vasilios Gletsos
Mad Brewer Burger & Tree Hugger Porter

House French bread w/smoked mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms, baby arugula, crispy onion, smoked tomato bacon jam, & Tree Hugger mustard aioli

Upright’s Alex Ganum
Biber Burger & Six

Rye bun from Fressen & Turkish chile mayo

Judgment: This will be done Iron Chef style @ 7pm


Jacob Leonard, Brewer @ Widmer

Jessica Pierce, Sommelier/ Manager Ned Ludd

Sam Reed, Chef @ Cassidy’s

Brian Yeager, rapscallion writer & beer enthusiast

Tuesday August 23rd 6-10pm
The Hop & Vine
1914 N. Killingsworth
Portland, OR 97227

Beer, Bloggers, Base Camp & Boobs

Lucky Lab's Ben Flerchinger, It's Pub Night's Bill Night, and Charles Culp of An Ear For Beer

Thursday kicked off what may have been the busiest beer weekend in Portland ever, with the possible exception of OBF weekend. Before even making it to Friday, early attendees of the national Beer Bloggers Conference began to gather for a pub crawl put on by the Portland Beer Bloggers and spearheaded by It's Pub Night and Charles Culp of An Ear For Beer. That same day saw Deschutes put on the marquee event of Base Camp Week, their Street Fare outside of the Portland pub. Meanwhile, other breweries and PDX Beer Week slowly rolled out their own events into what turned out to be an epic weeekend.

WARNING: This post is Not Safe For Work.

Sunday Happenings

It's Sunday but the beer events have not stopped. In addition to Washington Brewers Night we already reported on there is also Organic Bacon & Beer at Grain & Gristle. More info below.

PDX Beer Week Kickoff & Official Beer Release Tonight

Tonight PDX Beer Week officially begins with a kickoff party at the legendary Horse Brass Pub at 6pm and the release of the week's official beer, "Rose City Hipster" by the Widmer Brothers. If that were not enough, PDX Beer Week has teamed up with Google Places and Astoria, OR, to set up a huge contest for an Astoria Brewcation.

Ashley Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell Just As Hoppy, or Ashley Rose--Your Happy and Hoppy Guide to Brewvana

[The last chapter of our "women in beer" week is here, with another guest interviewer--Longtime Laurelwood Brewmaster Chad Kennedy. Chad got to know Ashley Rose of Brewvana Brewery Tours before leaving town to work on Worthy Brewing, his new project in Bend.- Samurai Artist]

By Chad Kennedy

Ashley Rose and I first met while I was a brewer at Laurelwood and she was a server. I was immediately impressed by Ashley's energy and enthusiasm about craft beer. In early 2011, she started Brewvana--"The Ultimate Beer Tour Experience," giving craft beer enthusiasts a guided, behind the scenes tour of Portland and, really, Oregon's beer culture. Ashley and her lovely little bus, Angel, have been a hit with Portlanders and those visiting what she calls The Beer Capital of the World. In addition to running her own business, she is currently gracing Hopworks with her smile and beer knowledge. Ms. Rose has proven to be a great asset to the Oregon beer community and one of its greatest advocates.

A Conversation with Bend Brewing's Tonya Cornett

[Women in Beer week continues today with another guest writer/interviewe,r Jamie Floyd, co-owner and brewer at Ninkasi Brewing. Jamie interviews one of the main subjects of "The Love of Beer", Tonya Cornett, the Brewmaster at Bend Brewing and role model for brewers everywhere. - Samurai Artist]

By Jamie Floyd
I want to start by saying thanks to Ezra for asking me to be a part of this. I am interviewed a lot and it has been not only enjoyable for me to get to ask a friend of mine questions I might not ever ask when we get moments to hang out, but it has also given me a new perspective on the questions asked of me. This entire series is very inspiring to me and I think it is a great exercise for our industry. I also want to again say thanks to Ezra for allowing others to do this when those of us that know him know he wants to be the one to do it. Hats off to you. Good form! All right now, let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

When Tonya moved to Oregon, a mutual friend , Jim Parker, told me that she was moving to Bend to take the helm at Bend Brewing Company and that she was an incredible person and someone who would make a mark. She took on the job and dug right in. For the first couple of years Tonya hid under the radar, as she says, to a lot of folks and I tried to help her meet people in the industry. She came across as shy, but I always felt she was still just getting her feet wet, so to speak, in the industry. From the start her beers were great. Not just good, or first batch good, as we say sometimes, but really good beer. I was not the only one to notice or to encourage her, and soon Bend embraced her beers and BBC became the go-to place for locals and beer geeks when they weren’t just down the road at Deschutes. Having a brewery of the caliber of Deschutes in the hood would be very intimidating for almost anyone. Well, Tonya may have been intimidated, but she pursued her dream and, though she might not have felt that way at the time, she handled it like great brewers do, with passion, dedication, and a belief in oneself. All of us have to tackle insecurities as brewers. One of the first lessons I was taught by my peers was we are only as good as our worst beers. We wear our passion on our sleeves and we are our own worst critics.

Fast forward a few years later and we see the fully realized Tonya. She is making great beer in a town that is quickly popping up breweries left and right. Medals have blessed her shoulders and plaques awarded the brewery walls. Breweries everywhere want to brew collaboration beers with her. All of the rock stars in the industry know her by name and want to associate themselves with her, and rightly so, because she is full of “Knowledge Nuggets” as you will see from this interview. She is one of many role models to brewers female and male, and yet Tonya remains the Tonya I met years ago. She gets up and works hard, can out beer geek most people on the spot, has a great sense of humor, and can even be found at a Dead show at the Gorge (as I did a couple of summers ago) dancing off all that responsibility. She is perfectly positioned to do whatever her passions lead her to do.

But Tonya has also found her voice. She is the embodiment of a brewer in a Post-Male Dominated Industry worldview. As you will see in this interview and in the documentary, Tonya transcends gender in brewing and is a perfect example of what I have felt for a long time. Brewers are a rare ilk. Hang out in a room of us for a few hours and you will get the drift. We are passionate, creative, social, introverted, and nerdy with a Type A attitude toward neatness. We love what we do and will work hard to give the best we've got. At times we are a bit loud as a crowd. But all of this is more important to us as brewers than gender, and Tonya is a great brewer, simple and as human as it sounds. Because we as humans are brewers. For millennia women and men have brewed beer and we will for millennia more. So stop asking Tonya what it’s like to brew in a male dominated industry and ask yourself why it matters!

Amy Welch: Draught Tech/Bartender/Brewer

[Our Women in Beer series continues today with a guest interview by contributor King C., aka Chris Ensign, of his partner, LOLA member and Lucky Lab employee Amy Welch. Amy is featured at work in "The Love of Beer" documentary, which premieres this Saturday at the Bagdad Theater. - Samurai Artist]

By Chris Ensign

Amy has been int the beer business for about five years, after a long career in the music industry. With MP3s and folks not buying records like they did before the digital age, she was faced with a new career direction. As a lover of hoppy beers, she found herself looking into an industry similar to the independent record scene, where everyone knows the Budweisers, Millers and Coors, but not as many know the Lompocs, Lucky Labradors and Amnesias (outside of PDX, of course).

Amy is also my girlfriend and partner in crimes and in life, as well as being absolutely the love of my life. She grows the hops in front of our apartment and looks after the Super Cats--even brushing their fangs and clipping their claws! She has also brewed way more beer than I have in the last couple of years and is really getting good at making recipes and ending with wicked good finished beers.
I'm really proud of her making a name for herself in the beer community, from volunteering at festivals, to her part in LOLA, and her bartending at the Lab. I think she is pretty awesome, all around, and I'm full of joy that we have a life together with our cats.
Below is the interview I conducted with her last week:

Deschutes Street Fare & Base Camp Week

Last year Deschutes first (annual?) Street Fare was one of my favorite beer events of the year. This year coming on Thursday 8/18 from 5-9pm looks to be no worse and I wouldnt be surprised if it was markedly better. The only downside of last years was how many people showed up. I imagine this year they will be even more prepared and with more event competition this could be a walk in the park.

So what is the Street Fare all about? Naturally Deschutes beer will be flowing but they have also closed off the side street next to the downtown Portland pub to bring in a variety of street food vendors aka food carts each serving special dishes designed to be paired with one of Deschutes beers. (I have been assured The Stoic will be pouring inside the pub if not outside). In addition they have a killer local music lineup.

An interview with Saraveza's Sarah Pederson by Vasilios Gletsos

Guest post by Vasilios Gletsos - Brewmaster at Laurelwood Brewing, beer educator, and father. Interview with Sarah conducted 8/12/11

Sarah Pederson, as you may know, is the brains and personality behind Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern, one of the best new better beer bars to emerge in the last few years, and best of all, in walking distance from my house! Their special events, awesome beer line up, relaxed environment, and knowledgeable and welcoming staff have quickly established it as a must-visit establishment in their Inner North Portland neighborhood and in the city at large. Sarah is also one of the main subjects of the new documentary The Love of Beer by Portland-based documentarian and beer enthusiast Alison Grayson, which focuses on the contributions of women to Oregon’s brewing industry and culture. I had the chance to get together with Sarah recently and learned several things I didn’t know about her. Hear about what it was like being filmed as we share our thoughts on the beer culture and raising children, which we are both in the midst of.

Washington Brewers Night at Bailey's Taproom 8/21

As another piece of Portland Beer Week I credit Charlie Devereux from Double Mountain in encouraging me to welcome our neighbors to the North down because they have been so warm and welcoming to Oregon brews. To celebrate them we came up with the idea to have sort of a Washington Brewers Appreciation Night and to take it even one step further in dealing with the OLCC and distributors and paperwork to get breweries that have never or rarely been distributed here into town for one night only.

Ten Questions for Teri Fahrendorf

[Today kicks off a week of "Women in Beer" on The New School. Monday through Friday will feature a new interview with a different subject. What makes the series even more unique is that each interview is conducted by a guest professional brewer or industry fixture who offers a unique perspective and insight in their questions. - Samurai Artist]

By Ben Edmunds
Teri Fahrendorf’s reputation as a brewer and beer advocate is virtually unmatched. The first female brewmaster west of the Rockies, Fahrendorf is also the founder of the Pink Boots Society, the brewing industry’s premier advocacy group for women. After nearly two decades of brewing, numerous medals at the Great American Beer Festival, and hours of training new brewers, her reputation as a luminary of craft brewing is indisputable. Her website——provides an unending wealth of information for aspiring and active brewers. She is one of the featured women in Alison Grayson’s documentary The Love of Beer, which debuts this Saturday as part of Portland Beer Week.

In anticipation of the film’s release, Teri sat down with Breakside Brewery brewmaster Ben Edmunds to discuss the film, Pink Boots, and the state of women in the beer industry.

Interview Series features "Women in Beer Week"

Next week The New School launches a long in incubation series of interviews featuring some of our favorite women in the craft beer industry. Some of them, like Tonya Cornett and Sarah Pederson, are prominent figures; others are old pros (Teri Fahrendorf, ex-Steelhead Brewmaster and founder of the Pink Boots Society); still others are those who work behind the scenes (Amy Welch of Lucky Lab) and one who's just now stepping into the limelight (Ashley Salvitti of Brewvana). It turned out there was so many people we wanted to interview that we will likely have a second weeklong series at some point.

Each feature will take the form of an interview with the subject, but here is the twist: each interview will be conducted not by myself, but by a guest from the beer industry. So, each featured craft beer professional will be interviewed by a male counterpart, including: Jamie Floyd (Ninkasi Brewing), King C. (APEX & Horse Brass), Ben Edmunds (Breakside Brewery), and Vasilios Gletsos (new Laurelwood Brewmaster). I have put no stipulations on the interviewers, so it will be interesting to see how each guest approaches the format, and hopefully it will make for some great reading and an insider's perspective. All of this leads up to the premiere of "The Love of Beer" documentary on 8/20.

Review: Deschutes The Stoic

The newest release in Deschutes' prestigious Reserve Series of beers is 'The Stoic'. So far the other entries in the Reserve Series have been solid (Jubel 2010 and Mirror Mirror) to epic (The Abyss and The Dissident) releases, so there is a lot of buzz and anticipation for a new entry into that lineup. Let's see if it lives up to the hype.

The Stoic is a Belgian-Styled Quadrupel that has been aged in two different types of barrels. Review below.

GIGANTIC Brewing - Two Portland Brewmasters Team Up for a New Startup

Here is the latest news on the long-rumored new project from Ex-Rock Bottom Brewmaster Van Havig. It has been no secret that he was working on starting a brewery of his own, but his primary partner has been a buzz item for the past couple of months. The huge news today is that Ben Love will be leaving Hopworks Urban Brewing, where he is currently the Head Brewer, to join Van in opening Gigantic Brewing Company, a new production brewery in Southeast Portland.

Oregon Beer News

Outside of the big news of the first annual Portland Beer Week, yesterday a number of other interesting tidbits caught The New School's eye.

Corvallis Beer Week
Staking its claim as an up and coming beer city, Corvallis, OR, is planning its own beer week from September 12th through 18th. There is not much info available yet, but I know organizers are hard at work and they have some great local assets like the most obvious, Block 15 Brewing, the up and comer, Flat Tail Brewing, the often overlooked Oregon Trail Brewing, the great homebrewing/bottle shop Corvallis Homebrew and Supply, and the Oregon State Fermentation Sciences program. Plus, I hear there are some new breweries in the works.

Base Camp Brewing Progress
Base Camp Brewing, which I broke the news on a few months back, is progressing surely but slowly. They have their OLCC permit and a slick new website and blog. I even spied this flyer to the right, soliciting for food carts to park in their lot. I ran into the whole Base Camp team last weekend at the OBF, and they said the brewery is coming along but they still have permits to wait on and construction that I am guessing is holding them up longer than expected. A food cart parked here might help bring in a little income until they get ready to open. The new website has a blog now showing the work getting done including their bottling line. It's worth checking out.

Powered by Yeast Tasting at Plew's Brews Today
My homie Tim Ensign is introducing his awesome new beer and wine brokerage company, Powered By Yeast, at Plew's Brews for a special tasting of Beer, Mead, & Wine TODAY, Tuesday, August 9th ,from 7-9PM.

From the press release:

Free Samples of:
Fort George Brewery from Astoria Oregon
Vortex IPA & 1811 Lager
Redstone Meadery from Boulder Colorado
Nectar of the Hops & Black Raspberry Nectar
Natural Merchants Organic Wine Imports
Sangria & Sparkling Prosecco

Powered by Yeast is the premier Sales Brokerage Company in Oregon! Owner Tim Ensign has over 17 years working in the beverage industry--merchandising, purchasing, sales, bartending, distribution, and management. Bringing to the table an in-depth knowledge of the local (competitive and evolving) beverage market and well established relationships with bar owners, brewers, Industry writers/bloggers. An expansive knowledge of beer-wine-mead styles, brands, and an undeniable (unquenchable) passion for all things fermented!

Hope to see you there! We will also have Fort George Beer on tap for pints & growler fills & even be raffling off some gear!

Deschutes Mirror Pond featured in Rise of the Planet of the Apes
I have yet to see it, but apparently Deschutes flagship beer Mirror Pond makes an appearance in the new Hollywood blockbuster. I was not sure it was actually product placement, as apparently the appearance is brief, but Brand is saying they will have an interview with Deschutes Marketing Manager Jason Randles soon about it which says that it is legit. All I have to say is wow, Deschutes has been really pushing their brand the last year and this shows they are shooting for the top.

The Wedge
This is an event at Rogue's Green Dragon that I have actually been meaning to make it to, considering my love of cheese and beer. It features over 40 Oregon artisan cheesemakers & food producers. The cover is a $5 donation to benefit the Oregon Cheese Guild non-profit...wait a second, there is a cheese guild?!? I find something really hilarious about that. Yeah, I am a member of the cheese Maybe I am the only one who thinks that is funny. Anyway, Rogue describes it as:
The Green Dragon pub & Buckman Botanical brewery will be hosting a beer garden pouring World Class beers to accompany World Class cheeses and other fine foods.
I am wondering if they have special beers for this. Either way, you can't go wrong with beer and cheese.

Saturday October 8, 2011
The Green Dragon
928 SE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
10am - 4pm
Cost: $5 donation requested to benefit the Oregon Cheese Guild non- profit

BaconFest 2011
Last year I went on a bit of a tirade about the lack of meat and beer related events and how stoked I was for East Burn's street party, Baconfest. Well, I hate to say it, but the fest itself was rather underwhelming with a lot of filler. I do dare say they could have...trimmed the fat! Anyway, it was still a good way to waste an hour and lets hope they have advanced the art of pork and beer once again this year. More details on this Saturday's fest at

The Beer Wench and I No More
After a brief fling, my upcoming marriage to the beer wench is no more. What happened? Well, I would just like to say 'it's not me, it's you' to her. But I wish her the best of luck with her upcoming fling during the Beer Bloggers Conference.

Portland Beer Week Coming August 19-28

It's official, Portland will hold its first beer week August 19-28. While many cities have a beer week, Oregon, of course, has Oregon Craft Beer Month. The difference is OCBM is about all Oregon beer and is spread out over a month that includes many filler events and a lot of the same ol', same ol'. On the other hand, the beer weeks hosted by many cities are full of interesting food-related beer events and creative events like sour beer blending classes. Portland Beer Week aims to bring the best of other beer weeks to Portland, while keeping everything great about OCBM. PDX Beer Week is not simply about Portland made beer, but about celebrating Portland's LOVE of beer no matter where it comes from and in all the many forms it takes.

The Hop & Vine's 3 Year Anniversary and International Beer Day Today

Possibly the most underrated beer bar and bottleshop in town, The Hop & Vine, turns three years old today, August 5. As luck would have, today is also International Beer Day. No, not #IPAday, just plain beer day. Now that is something we should all be able to get behind.

Love & Loathing in PDX, or The Wench and I

Last week provided many new life experiences for me. . .I attended a beer blending bar brunch, I drank a 14 year old bourbon barleywine, I marched in the OBF Parade, I drank a frozen beer cocktail out of a margarita machine, and I made out with a wench--specifically the Beer Wench, my most devious of enemies, aka Ashley Routson.

Deschutes PDX Base Camp and Beer Week

I knew it was coming for awhile as I reported awhile back that Deschutes would finally bring it's Base Camp series of weekly events in different cities to Portland, OR and it has finally been announced with an interesting lineup of events and even a little bit tying in with the upcoming PDX Beer Week that crosses paths with each other near the tail end of Base Camp.

The other cool thing is as part of Base Camp and PDX Beer Week Deschutes will be providing $3 pints of Black Butte Porter at the premiere of "The Love of Beer" with their brewer Veronica Vega in attendance and speaking on a panel.

I am especially excited about the Portland Street Fare which was one of my favorite new events and events period last year. They have even asked yours truly to participate in the "Brewtank Dunkfest" on Friday 8/19 during the kickoff day of PDX Beer Week. It's for charity and I am sure plenty of you would like to pay to dunk me so I am considering it.

Check out the lineup of events:

Reasons to Celebrate

Slow Ride take it easy! - Brewers Parade photo from "SNOB" Ritch

It's time to celebrate. While Oregon Craft Beer Month is over (and some may be glad for that), there is still plenty to be happy about. I myself am particularly happy about the Brookston Bulletin's sneak peak at the August Wikio top beer blog results (#1!). Congrats to Oregon beer blogs making an even more dominant showing than ever, with the top three all being Portland-based beer blogs (congrats Brewpublic and Beervana) and the Not So Professional beer blog cracking the top 10. Here are photos from some of the more memorable events over the last few days, as well as a discussion of a few of the things to look forward to in the coming weeks, including PDX Beer Week and the Beer Bloggers Conference.