The Greg Koch Interviews Part 2: Stone Brewing's CEO on CDA vs Black IPA

Recently I interviewed the controversial co-founder of Stone Brewing, Mr. Greg Koch, during his trip to Portland. In Part 1 of our interview we talked largely about marketing and the craft beer business, and I anticipated it to be the less controversial of the two parts. However, Jeff Alworth of Beervana took note and objected to Greg's debatable style arguments.

In today's Part 2 Finale, I also debate Greg on style arguments. Of particular interest was the ongoing debate on the merits of our beloved Cascadian Dark Ale vs Black IPA, of which Greg is one of the most vocal proponents. Hold on to your hats...  Be sure to watch the credits.


  1. Cheers for keeping your head high during Greg's intense conversation! BTW, what was the contract-brewed brand evoking an East-Coast city, that then named a beer after Oregon?

  2. You really badgered Greg. That didn't seem very professional after he clearly answered your question. This is the first time I've heard of CDA and I don't like it. Black IPA made sense to me the first time I saw it. I'm from the east coast and I'm with Stone and Firestone Walker that Black IPA is the right name for the style.


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