Belmont Station's Upcoming Expansion Plans and 15th Anniversary

Photos courtesy of Travels with Beer
Belmont Station, Oregon's premier bottleshop, is set for an expansion sometime in the near future. Trusted sources indicate Owner Carl Singmaster has purchased the house sharing the back wall of the bottleshop and bier cafe and located in the same building. The new addition could provide for expanded bier cafe seating and an outdoor patio area, plus expanded bottle selection to the 1,200 varieties the Station already carries. This is great news on the eve of their 15th Anniversary celebration on Thursday, March 15th.

The current rental house located behind Belmont Station is pretty well hidden behind a wooden fence, so it may be hard to imagine how expanded seating there might work. However, having attended a few parties at the house back in my days as a Belmont Station employee, I know there is a small but nice outdoor patio area. The new expansion will likely also add a full kitchen, so there may be no more stock deli food made by the bartenders. At this point it is still conjecture, though, as phase 3 of Belmont Station is still being planned. For now we can celebrate their 15th anniversary on Thursday, with details below.

THURSDAY MARCH 15 3 - 10PM BELMONT STATION 15TH ANNIVERSARY. Yep, it's been 15 years since the founding of Belmont Station as the first specialty beer store in the Northwest and 5 years since we opened the Biercafe. Thanks to you we're still here so we'll be breaking out some vintage bottles to sell (Abyss, Top Sail, Roots Epic, Oregon Trail Bourbon Porter, we're still digging in our cellar) and will be joined by two brewers with whom we have a long and special history: Ted Sobel of Brewers Union Local 180 and Shawn Kelso of 10 Barrel (and former brewmaster for Barley Brown's). Ted is bringing us two firkins of his unbeatable genuine cask-conditioned ales: Wotcha A La Citra, Bitter, ABV 4.0% and a special cask-conditioned Belmont Station 15th Anniversary Ale "15-15-15", named for the fact it will be served on our 15th, which is March 15th and it has 15 grains in the malt bill. Tyler Brown is graciously bringing a small keg of the last batch of Tankslapper double IPA that he brewed with Shawn at Barley Brown's and a surprise beer. Brewers Union firkins tapping at 3PM, Tankslapper at 6PM.

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