16 Tons Week of Wild and “El Coloquio de Cervantes”

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16 Tons Taphouse and Cafe in Eugene has a great alternative to this IPA season. The pub’s ‘Week Of Wild” from April 23-29 will feature 30 different wild ales on tap and the debut of the bar’s anniversary beer, a special one-off by Upright Brewing, “El Coloquio de Cervantes”.

I assume that by “wild ale” 16 Tons means farmhouse and other brettanamyoces-infused beers that take on a wild, if not totally sour, beer character. These tend to be the more earthy, horse blanket, tropical fruit, and slightly acidic and tart beers. The anniversary beer from Upright Brewing is a perfect example, as its a barrel-aged dark rye saison with raspberries. More specifically, it’s “a blend of Upright Six, Upright Eight, and raspberries barrel-aged with wild yeast.” If you’re wondering what Upright “Eight” is, it’s a batch of the Six that was fermented with a different yeast strain that fermented over the top of the open tank, losing wort and finishing at a much higher gravity. Jokingly, it was then added to barrels to ferment out and named Upright Eight.

A few of the beers on tap:

Upright El Coloquio de Cervantes: Barrel Aged Dark Rye Saison with Raspberries
Oakshire Frederic’s Lost Arm Gin Barrel
Flat Tail Wild Five Amber
Flat Tail Put a Bird on Wit
Flat Tail 1st Anniversary Ale
Flat Tail Raspberry Beret
Bear Republic Tartare
Cascade Bourbon Barrel Kriek
Cascade / New Belgium Pater
Russian River Sanctification
Russian River Supplication
Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne
Deschutes Malhuer Wild Ale
Commons Barrel Aged Urban Farmhouse
New Belgium La Folie
Here is a tidbit about the title from Miguel de Cervantes:

“What I cannot help taking amiss is that he[d] charges me with being old and one-handed, as if it had been in my power to keep time from passing over me, or as if the loss of my hand had been brought about in some tavern, and not on the grandest occasion the past or present has seen, or the future can hope to see. If my wounds have no beauty to the beholder’s eye, they are, at least, honorable in the estimation of those who know where they were received; for the soldier shows to greater advantage dead in battle than alive in flight.”

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