Gigantic Is Brewing and Has an Opening Date

Exciting news today as the highly anticipated Gigantic Brewing brewed its first batch of beer last Wednesday and is ready to announce its grand opening to the public. Started by ex-Hopworks Head Brewer Ben Love and ex-Rock Bottom Brewmaster Van Havig, two of Oregon's all-star brewers have teamed up to bring us an exciting new project that we fill finally see debut next month.

The first beer brewed on Gigantic's system will help calibrate and dial everything in, with the initial batch of beer going into a 660 gallon wooden barrel to produce a sour beer in time. Gigantic plans to add some select wild yeasts and/or bacteria and let that batch of beer sour for a year for aging and blending. Van Havig says:
"as we get used to the new brewery, if everything isn't perfect for the first couple of batches - no worries! We're going to sour it anyway!  Basically, it's a thrifty and safe way to do your initial brewing."
On Saturday Gigantic brewed the beer that will be the company's first release, a dark Belgian-style ale that will be its entry into Portland's Cheers To Belgian Beers Festival on Saturday, April 21st. Once that's dialed in they will move on to making their one and only year-round beer and flagship, the IPA.
Ben Love next to a bottle of 'Blend Love'
While the first chance to try Gigantic's housemade beer will be at the Cheers To Belgian Beers festival, they will also be selling draft beer around town and then opening their tasting room for the public Grand Opening on Wednesday, May 9th. A little bird tells me upon opening Gigantic will have a keg of Upright Brewing tribute anniversary beer, 'Blend Love', on tap alongside the many Gigantic collabo beers made with Pelican, Laurelwood, Breakside, and Oakshire Brewing.

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