A Wedding Proposal by Beer

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Leave it to Dave Marliave,  Flat Tail Brewing’s co-owner and brewer, to propose to his girlfriend with a beer. Oregon’s official “the kid” of the brewing industry at just 25 years old has been making waves with his creative beers brewed in the college town of Corvallis. His primary claim to fame is the popular new term that I coined called getting “Marliaved,” which means when you have ordered, or expect a keg of a specific beer but that beer never materializes. Dave has made that his particular signature, along with a creepy love of unicorns and beavers. So imagine when I met his lovely girflfriend Emma Ritchie and was stunned that Dave could pull such a nice lady. Now, in an even more stunning move, Dave has proposed with “Yes” and “No” beers that have just been released in bottles.

The “Yes” beer is all over the place, with a blend that features wild yeast, blueberries, honey, and a bit of Flat Tail’s 2010 anniversary beer blended in.

The “No” beer is fittingly btter with serious additions of Willamette Valley hops and a good amount of heat from the infamous ghost chili peppers. And, just to go all out, this beer has a heavy dose of roasted malts. I haven’t had it yet, but it sounds like a hot pepper CDA.

So, with these beers now both on the market, we the public can now vote with out wallets, the only way that counts, on this unholy union. I think we can do it guys. Vote no!

Dave and Emma

(I am just kidding, I will take my duties as best man seriously at the upcoming wedding)

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