Two new Bottle Releases from Gigantic Brewing: The End of Reason & The Time Traveler

The End of Reason
A Petite Quad. Similar in flavor and aroma as a belgian quad, but at 8.3% it's quite a bit smaller than typical quads (10-12%). Not a dubbel - those are around 6.5%, not a tripel - those are golden, and not big enough in abv to be a quad. Complex malt flavors, caramel, dark fruit, belgian yeast spice.
Label is done by Buzz Parker. Buzz is an artist/illustrator residing in beautiful Humboldt County, CA. He likes to draw & paint fantasic tree houses, incredible plants and a leafy creature he's created named Bigleaf. He's also an illustrator with Emily the Strange
Check him out here:

Time Traveler
Porter. Roasty, chocolatey, caramel. 5.8%
Label is done by Winston Smith, A Punk Art Sur­re­al­ist and mas­ter of “hand-carved” col­lage, craft­ing thought-provoking art since the 1970’s. Winston is possibly best known for the work he's done for the Dead Kennedy's, including their logo and album art work.
Check him out here:

Look for these bottles on shelves by the first week of February


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