Upright Brewing Fantasia Release and a Beer Brewed with Beef Hearts

This is perfect timing in that Fantasia, which was just voted in The New School industry poll as the "Best Oregon Beer of 2012," has received a release date for 2013. The barrel fermented Lambic-style beer with peaches was received with a huge line to purchase bottles upon its first release and great reviews on Beer Advocate and RateBeer.

This year's release will be on January 18th at Upright's Tasting Room. The 2nd batch of Fantasia has been fermenting away in barrels for a year, and sadly there will be even less of this beer to go around than last year due to a smaller yield. On a recent tasting from the barrels, this version is a bit more forward with the saison yeast than last year's, but should continue to sour nicely for a couple years. More on how Fantasia is brewed from last year's story here. Bottles will be on sale for $20 each, cases at $225 (limit one).

Also on the docket for Upright Brewing is a soon-to-be-released crazy experimental beer with Burnside Brewing's Jason McAdam--Captain Beefheart. Just when you thought Burnside's Uni Urchin Ale had gone too far, out comes this new ale made with grilled and charred beef hearts. A malty copper ale with the addition of Turkish bay leaf, long pepper, salt, and 60 lbs of beef hearts, the beer is said to be pleasantly aromatic and minerally. I'm looking forward to trying this one.

On the safer side, a new Upright Chocolate Stout will soon be released on draft, and look for the annual releases of Billy the Mountain olde ale and Oyster Stout in early to mid February.


  1. Any idea on the release date or month for Captain Beefheart?

    1. I think it just went on sale. So it should be hitting taps any day now around Portland.

  2. The kids at Portland U-Brew also made beer with beefheart in it, although I haven't tried it.

  3. Is there a bottle limit per person? What time will they go on sale? Thanks

  4. "On the safer side, a new Upright Chocolate Stout will soon be released on draft,..."

    If it was a milk stout there is the opportunity for another Beefheart referance, "Safe as Milk Stout", actually I think the already made a beer called Safe as Milk. Yay Beefheart!!


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