VIDEO: Oregon State University's Fermentation Sciences Program

Oregon State University in Corvallis operates one of the only fermentation sciences programs in the United States and one of only two that offer four-year degrees in it. It's probably part of why Oregon has so many great breweries and craft beer is such an ingrained part of our culture in the Pacific Northwest. Last year I got to visit the program and marveled about how I missed out on my brief term at OSU, and how cool it is that these students get to brew on the pilot system and drink their creations while spearheading new hop varieties like Cascade that were created at the university. OSU is wisely beginning to publicize the program more with a series of well produced videos included here.


One thing I learned from said videos: Bridgeport Brewing uses OSU as a pilot brewing facility, where many of its new beers were first created.

More info on OSU's fermentation sciences program and more videos at:

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