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Kickstarting a TrueShot Brewery

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UPDATED: Monday 3/25/2013
Counter to what was originally reported one of the founders plans to open his own botanical gardens in the Eugene area. I believe it is slightly misrepresented on TrueShot’s Kickstarter and unclear that it is a currently non-existent botanical garden.
Another day ,another kickstarter project. This one is TrueShot Brewery, which aims to serve the Eugene-Springfield area with fine ales and craft sodas. While billing itself as a nano brewery and hoping to raise $48,000, I learned from talking to one of the founders that the actual plan is for a 7-10 bbl setup, depending on how much funding the effort can pull in. Also interesting is that one of the founders is the owner of The Oregon Gardens, home to the upcoming Oregon Gardens Brewfest, and that TrueShot plans to open a tasting room at The Oregon Gardens in Silverton. The actual brewery will be located in Cottage Grove, south of Eugene.

The group of 6 founders of TrueShot have diverse backgrounds with programming degrees; four of them have computer networking backgrounds. They are aircraft mechanics, industrial welders, millwrights, computer geeks, food service professionals, office professionals, and a bookkeeper. Thus, they plan to be able to fabricate some of their own equipment and create microelectronics to drive the process and develop programs and apps to run the business.

It’s an ambitious plan, already well thought-out to raise enough money for a 12 month buffer and include bottling for distribution. Although, judging by the Kicktarter fund’s current status of only $125 pledged, it probably won’t make the $48,000 in the next 58 days. Still, plans are in place for business grants, and the team seems a capable lot. Perhaps you would consider helping them over the hurdle–a tasting room at the beautiful Oregon Gardens sounds great.

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: [email protected]


  1. Anonymous

    March 23, 2013 at 12:26 am

    I’ve never really seen a brewery kickstarter, fundraiser or founders club that I’ve been able to get behind. The rewards are generally too high and not great value for money. Sure, I’d love to see them succeed, and I’d be willing to kick in $10 for a free pint or taster flight during their first week or month of opening, but not for an email and a digital photo. I’d even kick in $100 for a free pint each time I find myself passing through Eugene or Silverton. They always get the rewards all wrong. I know it’s supposed to be a donation and not a pre-purchase, but a lot of Kickstarters that succeed have a low price point, or a moderate ($20-$50 price point that you actually get something you will use or appreciate.

  2. Anonymous

    March 25, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    The law will not allow selling the beer without a license, which includes giving it away as reward for money donated. But I wonder if they could give folks a discount on future purchases, or buy one get one kinda thing.

    • Anonymous

      March 25, 2013 at 4:23 pm

      Look at the FAQ section (I’ve copied it here), they added in real rewards.

      — snip —
      We have added two additional items item to the rewards.
      Pledge $10 or more – Free Sampler Tray when the brewery opens.

      Pledge $25 or more and get the TrueShot VIP Mermbership Card.
      – Free Sampler Tray (per visit/day)
      – Full member benefits

      Sample trays are available during tasting hours at the brewery, sample size and quantity subject to local laws and restrictions. Samples of soda and other items we make are available. Member benefits include the pint club which makes happy hour valid all day.

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