Maher's Irish Pub to Open Feckin Brewery

Updated: 11:39am 3/14
Maher's Irish Pub has been a longtime popular watering hold in Lake Oswego, a beer haven in a town without much good beer. In 2011 owner Mark Maher and his chef Alex Graham started making their own beer on site from a homebrew setup out of a converted keg and serving up their house brew 15 gallons at a time at the pub. Perhaps tired of trying to keep up with demand, they have just applied for a license to open "Feckin Brewing" as its own standalone production brewery in Oregon City that will have a new 7bbl brewhouse.

A tipster just sent in this photo of the site of the new Feckin Brewery in the OC, pointing out there is plenty of parking and room for a tasting room.

Below is Maher's Pub in Lake O.


  1. I hope their beer is better than their food.

  2. Its an authentic Irish pub with real Irish food, cooked in a from scratch kitchen. Its divine, if your palate is like mine. You don't have to like it, its not a burger and fries kinda place! :P

  3. If their food is an example of "real Irish food" then I guess that would help explain the famine.


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