River Barrel Brewing to Open in Astoria

If the beautiful and quaint small coastal town Astoria, OR, wasn't a tempting enough weekend vacation destination, then the opening of its 3rd brewery, River Barrel Brewing, ought to do it.

New brewery founder David Kroening comes to Astoria by way of Denver just a few months ago. River Barrel Brewing is still in its early stages, going through branding and what not, but what we do know for sure is that it will be a brewpub. Located in a building at the food of 7th street in downtown Astoria, right across the street from waterfront and by the 6th street viewing platform. The brewpub will have a new 20 barrel brewhouse from Portland local Metalcraft Fabricaton and a 3 barrel pilot system also from locals Portland Kettleworks.

River Barrel Brewing is not planning to open until 2014 but we will continue to follow its progress.


  1. I know the guy they brought in to advise on recipes and trust me, its going to be some seriously good beer.


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