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Hood River Hops Fest: Largest Ever Fresh Hop Beer Selection

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The largest (and still growing) fresh hop festival in the world is this Saturday in Hood River, Oregon, and we have the first look at the beer list of over 60 fresh hopped brews that will be available at the Hood River Hops Fest. This year there are a couple of changes to the fest, hopefully for the better, including an hour early VIP session to beat the crowd and a hell of a lot more taps–62 fresh hop beers and 1 palate cleanser with zero hops from Solera Brewery.

Freh Hop 2013 from Ritch Marvin on Vimeo.

Hood River Hops Fest is also one of the cheapest beer festivals these days, $10 for General Admission gets you a mug and 4 tokens. Additional tokens are $1 each, good for a 3oz pour, with 4 tokens for a full beer. There is also a wine drinker admission for only $4 (yes, there is a craft section with wineries!) The VIP entry for $20 not only gets you in an hour earl,y but also nets you 4 extra tokens. You can purchase tickets in advance here:

A section of the fest grounds is all-ages until 5pm and features craft and food vendors, plus live music all day. Of course, you really want to hear about the beer list, so here it is:

10 Barrel Brewing: Goodin’ Fresh     
Style: IPA  Fresh Hop: Chinook
A fresh hop beer brewed at our Boise, ID pub with fresh hops from local Idaho hop farm, Gooding Hop Farm. Hours after being picked, the fresh Chinook hops were loaded into the hop back by Shawn Kelso and oozing their good and fresh hoppy goodness into this beer. Drink it like you stole it cause it’s not going to be here for long! 7.5% Abv  75 IBU’s.

Alameda Brewing Co.: 100# Centennial    
Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Centennial   
The 100# Centennial is a 6.0% IPA brewed with fresh Centennial hops provided by Willamette Valley Hops. A clean and restrained bitterness with a simple grist bill highlights the aromatic and flavor properties of this wonderful hop. 6.0% abv

Amnesia: Mother Plucker   

Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Amarillo   
Although the Amarillo hop is known for its bold grapefruit zest aroma and flavor, the use of fresh, wet from the vine Amarillo gives a more subtle, herbaceous and floral quality.  We also use just one type of malt, Maris Otter, so not to over shadow the fragile character of the wet hop. This makes for a beautifully delicate pale. 5.2%abv

Backwoods Brewing Company: Fresh Hop Logyard IPA     
Style: IPA  Fresh Hop: Chinook, Willamette Hops
Our flagship ipa with all fresh hops. Citrus, with grapefruit not. 6.7% and 78 IBU

Backwoods Brewing Company: Pale Ale     
Style: Pale Ale    Fresh Hop: Chinook, cascade, willamette
6% and 50 IBU. Cool crisp pale ale. True with NW hops and perfect for anytime of the year!

Barley Brown’s: Fresh Hop Pallet Jack     
Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Wild, Mosaic, Cascade, Citra
Based on our popular Pallet Jack IPA, this years version uses Fresh Cascades from both Oregon and Washington, and fresh Simcoe and Citra from Washington.  6.7% ABV.

Barley Brown’s: Fresh Rye’d     
Style: Rye Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: Random hops from the roadside
This is a rye beer brewed with fresh Idaho Cascade Hops, and Fresh “Roadside” Hops hand picked by the brewers. The Roadside hops, come from a tough old hop patch that grows between Highway 30 and the Railroad tracks just outside Baker City.  5.6% ABV.

Base Camp Brewing Company: In-2-Tents Double Wet Hop Imperial IPL
Style: India Pale Lager   Fresh Hop: Centennial, Meridian
How best to celebrate the Pacific Northwest hop harvest? Our choice is to take our favorite beer and make it bigger, badder, and wet-hoppier!  Malty goodness?  Check.  Crisp clean finish?  Check.  Loads of complex wet hop taste and aroma?  DOUBLE CHECK.  Our In-2-Tents Double Wet Hop IIPL delivers on all counts.

Base Camp Brewing Company: Hopularity Contest     
Style: Oatmeal Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Cascade, Liberty
The second of Base Camp’s three 2013 wet hop beers, the Hopularity Contest Pale Ale greets you with an inviting orange hue and intentional haze courtesy of some 10% unmalted oats rounded out with a delicious French crystal malt. From its pillowy white head waft aromas of pineapple, mango, papaya, citrus, and warm malt that will absolutely TITILLATE the drinker, who will pause to smile and contentedly sigh before taking the first drink. Wet hop flavors of tropical fruit, pear, grapefruit, and wildflower meld with subtly sweet fruity esters and light phenolics over a backdrop of rich, lightly toasty, velvety malt. An approachable yet solid bitterness forms the finishing balance for this once-a-year beer, which retains a delightful drinkability to complement its vast hop complexity.
O.G. 13.3°  ABV- 5.34%  IBUs- 54 SRM- 8.9 

Beer Valley Brewing: 2013 Fresh Hop Leafer Madness   
Style: Double IPA  Fresh Hop: Chinook   
250 of fresh chinooks added to the brew hours after picking.

Beer Valley Brewing: Many Farms Fresh Hop Ale   
Style: Pale Ale    Fresh Hop: As many as possible
We’re traveling to as many hop farms as possible in a 24 hour period in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, then brewing a beer with as many different hop varieties as possible.

Big Horse: Sticky Green   
Style: DIPA    Fresh Hop: Mosaic, Simcoe   
8% super hoppy DIPA that finishes dry (80+%Atten) all hops added at WP and Dry.

Big Horse: Black Eyed P’A     
Style: CDA    Fresh Hop: Centennial, Simcoe   
Hop forward CDA with little roast character. 7.0%abv   

Breakside Brewery: If It’s Wet and Not Yours, Don’t Touch It
Style: Moist Hopped IPA    Fresh Hop: Citra   
An agressive Northwest IPA made with a mix of pelletized “old” hops from 2011 and 2012 and uber fresh sticky resinous dank ganja like hops fresh and wet and moist from the bine just days ago.

Breakside Brewery: Barrel-Aged Wet Hop IPA
Style: Barrel-Aged IPA  Fresh Hop: Citra
–>Blend of Fresh Hop IPA and rye whiskey barrel-aged IPA. A mix of old and new!

BridgePort Brewing: Hop Harvest     
Style: Pilsner   Fresh Hop: Tettnang   
There was a time when fresh-hopping a beer was considered weird. Which is exactly why we started doing it. At BridgePort Brewing, we don’t just want to invent great beers – we want to invent great beer genres. This year with our Hop Harvest Pilsner, we’re taking a whole new approach to the fresh-hopped category that we helped pioneer years ago. Less than an hour after harvest, we load up the hop jack with fresh Tettnang hops. By doubling up on the green hops during this process, drinkers will experience the full flavor profile of our local hops like never before. We use a pilsner base for this method to lock in the unique aromas and flavors of the green hops, giving it a fresh from the vine taste. Is it a little weird to want a beer this fresh? Maybe, but weird tastes oh so good.

Burnside Brewing Co: Prime Meridian   
Style: Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: Meridian   
Prime Meridian is our first of two Fresh Hop beers this fall. Golden promise base malt and a few selected crystal malts gives it a rich malt depth and flavor while hopping it with a little bit of Simcoe hops and 170 pounds of freshly picked Meridian hops create aromas of citrus, pineapple and tropical fruit. 5.3% abv

Burnside Brewing Co: Freshy Oatmeal Pale Ale     
Style: Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: Crystals   
Crystal hops make up the majority of the hops in the Burnside Oatmeal Pale.  This version substitutes all the Crystal additions with wet flowers.  This version has the same silky mouthfeel, but with an intense tropical fruit flavor and aroma.  Have it next to Burnside’s OPA to experience the differences between wet and dried hop flowers. 5.5% Abv.

Cascade Lakes: Fresh hop IPA
Style: IPA  Fresh Hop: Liberty          

Crux Fermentation Project: Crystal Zwickle   
Style: Belgian Pale    Fresh Hop: Crystal   
Aggressively hopped in the hop back with Crystals picked in the morning and brewed to the Belgian Pale Ale style. Named for the unfiltered method as well as the Crystal hop and Crystal malts used.

Crux Fermentation Project: Off The Fence   
Style: Belgian Pale Ale    Fresh Hop: Cascade   
Aggressively hopped in the hop back with Cascades from our “Estate Fence”. Less than five minutes from when the last hop was picked till it was infused with wort in the hop-back. 5.8 ABV, 35 IBU

Deschutes Brewery: Chasin Freshies  
Style: IPA  Fresh Hop: Amarillo   
Like fresh powder, it’s a seize-the-moment kind of thing. This year we’ve chased down Virgil Gamache Farms’ famed Amarillo hops. At harvest, we rush the hops from the vine to our kettles to ensure we capture the purest, juiciest essence of the hop flower in every beer. Enjoy the bright, bold aroma and flavor that comes but once a year. 7.2% Abv 65 IBU’s

Deschutes Brewery: Fresh Hop Pine Drops   
Style: IPA  Fresh Hop: Centennial and Amarillo
Like that sweet little Nordic trail that awakens your senses just by looking at it, this beer takes you to the high road. Using Pilsner base malt, this fresh hopped west coast IPA is light on malt but not on hops. With a hop bill consisting of Fresh Centennial, Fresh Amarillo, Northern Brewer and experimental Hop X, we packed in the pine and citrus notes we love. 7.1% Abv 68 IBU’s

Double Mountain Brewery: Killer Green     
Style: IPA    Fresh Hop: Brewers Gold   
The Brewers Gold hops that we used fresh from Sodbuster Farms in Salem, OR were clean, green and bountiful. The hop character in the KG delivers herbal notes, toward mint and oregano with a hint of the Jamaican highland. I and I approve. 7.5% ABV, 97 BU

Double Mountain Brewery: Killer Red     
Style: India Red Ale    Fresh Hop: Brewers Gold   
The Killer Red has a big apple/pine/orange character from the fresh hops, and pulls that biscuit/caramel character you’ll also find in our India Red Ale (“IRA”). Drinks like a big IRA; the extra strength is worth respecting. 7.2% ABV, 88 BU

Elysian Brewing: Kama Citra Wet Hop Red   
Style: American Red   Fresh Hop: Citra
Who says beer can’t be sexy? This full bodied Wet Hop Red Ale was lovingly brewed with an obscene quantity of freshly harvested Citra Hop cones, driven straight from the Valley of Yakima to our hop back in Seattle by Head Brewer Dick Cantwell. Enjoyable from all angles, this 6.3% ABV beer offers a delightful citrus bouquet and satisfying mouthfeel. The highly anticipated return of Kama Citra promises to pleasure all your senses. 6.3% abv.

Everybody’s Brewing: Head Stash     
Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Cascade, Centennial
A Fresh Hopped Pale Ale       

Fort George Brewery: Fresh Hop Vortex IPA     
Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Simcoe, Centennial, Citra
A twisting whirl of fresh hops spiral into a rich eddy of wort and come out of the fermenters once a year.

Fort George Brewery: Hopstoria   
Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Mosaic and Chinook   
Easy drinking pale ale with lots of earthy fresh hop aromas.

Full Sail Brewing Company: Fresh Hop Pilsner   
Style: Pilsner   Fresh Hop: Cascade
Brewed with freshly harvested hops, this draft-only brew has a fresh herbal character and classic pils hop aroma, making a refreshing Pilsner-style beer with a smooth body and crisp, clean finish.

Gigantic Brewing: Sodbusted Simcoe    
Style: FN Legit Fresh Hop   Fresh Hop: Simcoe   
The only beer Will Smith, Doug and Kool & the Gang will drink. Because its FRESH. 6.8%abv.

GoodLife Brewing Company: A Different Season   
Style: Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: TBD   
A light pale ale brewed with all Central Oregon fresh hops.
5% ABV 40 IBU

Hop Valley: Citra Self Down   
Style: Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: TBD   
This Pale Ale was brewed with 4 Pounds per barrel of fresh Citra Hops picked at their peak ripeness and then tossed into our Kettle, Whirlpool, and Hop Back to create a “Hoplicious” brew.

Hopworks Urban Brewery: “Fugg Life” IPX   
Style: Single Hop Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Fuggles   
Our Single Hop Ale series featuring fresh, wet Fuggle hops. 6.0% ABV, 14 Plato,  60 IBU

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Bitchin’ Camaro   
Style: NW Craft Lager   Fresh Hop: Crystal   
Inspired by our favorite Doors cover band Crystal Ship playing down at the Sandbar, Bitchin’ Camaro is a NW Craft Lager full of fresh, wet Crystal hops

Humble Brewing: Harvest Ale   

Style: Larch Creek Harvest Ale  Fresh Hop: Centennial, Cascade, Newport
Brewed with hand-harvested organically grown hops from Larch Creek Farms.  Late-boil fresh-hop additions are dominated by Centennial, while fresh Fuggle, Newport, Hallertau, and Cascade round out the profile.  This farmhouse IPA is built on a simple base of 2-row and pilsner malts and fermented with a mixture of American Ale and French Saison yeast strains. ABV: ~7%IBU: ~66

Ice Harbor Brewing Co.: Ice Harbor Fresh Hop IPA     
Style: American IPA   Fresh Hop: Amarillo, Bullion, Sorachi Ace
Fresh Hop IPA-   10 lbs of late addition fresh hops, and 2lbs or dry hopping per barrel give this beer a unique and powerful fresh hop flavor.  Fresh Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, and Bullion hops give this IPA complex flavor and aroma. Orange citrus along with other mild fruit flavors tickle your toungue and are balanced with a palate rounding maltiness. SG 1.064    ABV 6.9%   IBUs approximately 60

Ice Harbor Brewing Co.: Ice Harbor Fresh Hop Double Red   
Style: Imperial Red Ale   Fresh Hop: Amarillo, Bullion   
Fresh Hop Double Red-   7.5 lbs of late addition fresh hops per barrel give this beer an assertive and pleasant fresh hop flavor.  Fresh Amarillo and Bullion hops give this beer a mild orange citrus flavor and aroma that compliments the beer’s caramel maltiness. SG 1.068    ABV 7.0%   IBUs approximately 50

Laurelwood Brewing Co.: Fresh Hop Free Range Red     

Style: American-style ESB   Fresh Hop: Cascade   
This is our Free Range Red made with Fresh Cascades. Expect a beautiful display of hops at their fruitiest: peach Snapple, Fruit Cup, all the delicious complexity of Free Range Red with a dazzling layer of horticultural goodness courtesy of the Northwest.

Laurelwood Brewing Co.: Fresh Hop Workhorse IPA
Style: India Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: TBD   
This is our Workhorse India Pale Ale made with fresh hops, creating a much different feeling from our standard version. drinking a fresh hop beer should be like drinking fresh squeezed orange juice for the first time. Layers of flavor and subtlety are revealed in these gentle extractions of all the hop cone has to offer. Enjoy while the season lasts.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Fresh Hop Seizoen     

Style: Seizoen   Fresh Hop: 40+ Varieties       

Lompoc Brewing: Harvest Man Red     
Style: Red Ale   Fresh Hop: Crystal    

Migration Brewing: Better Off Red   

Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Crystals   
This Red IPA was made with 4 different hops continuously added through the boil to supply a fruity and resinous flavor profile. Finished off with an ample Simcoe dry hopping, this is a hop punch made for the Northwest.

New Belgium Brewing Co: 72 Eldorado   

Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Eldorado and fresh Simcoe and Citra from

Ninkasi Brewing: Total Crystalation     
Style: IPA    Fresh Hop: Crystal   
Total Crystalation is our dedication to the hop harvest by brewing Total Domination IPA using fresh hops. We brew the beer adding hops as normal for the first two additions. Instead of adding a final addition we run the wort through 500 pounds of fresh picked Crystal in our mash tun. Super hoppy for super happy harvest times!

Ninkasi Brewing: Hop Fraiche 

Style: Pale Ale   Fresh Hop: Sterling   
Capturing hops at their peak of freshness, Hop Fraiche was crafted with 500 pounds of fresh Sterling hops grown at Goschie Farms in Silverton, a mere 70 miles from our brewery. Harvested literally hours before being added to the lauter tun, our brewing team took the hops from farm to fermentation all in a days’ time. These hops possess all the deliciousness of hop harvest season, the intoxicating aroma and lupulin levels sure to make hearts putter. It’s Hop Fraiche!

Oakshire Brewing: Bout a Hunerd
Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Centennial   
brewed with Centennial hops from Crosby Farms in Woodburn, Oregon. 100 pounds of freshly picked wet hops were added to the batch of this American Pale Ale.
The name ‘Bout A Hunerd not only covers the question, “How many Wet Hops did you use?” but also, “How many IBUs?” when our brewers are feeling frisky.
‘Bout A Hunerd is a bright golden pale ale-style beer with a subtle floral and fruit aroma. Firm bitterness at the front marries a light malt body and a touch of fresh spiciness. A grassy hop flavor lingers behind. 5.4%abv

Old Town Brewing Co.: Cents & Sensability     
Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Centennials   
Made with 50+ lbs of wet
Centennial’s from BC Farms.  The Centennial’s from BC are very floral and impart a
grassiness to this pale.  The beer finishes clean with no harsh
bitterness.  This is an easy drinking beer.  5.5% ABV ? IBUs

Old Town Brewing Co.: Freshtoberbrau   
Style: Oktoberfest   Fresh Hop: Cascade   
Brewed with 65+ lbs of Willamettes from Willamette Valley Hops.  The malty tones of this fest beer complement the soft earthiness of the Willamettes.  Freshtoberbrau is best consumed in large quantities, preferably in a stein with some sort of hunting dog on it (perhaps a German Shorthaired Pointer).  5.8% ABV  ? IBUs

pFriem Family Brewers: Fresh Hop Mosaic Belgian Wheat   
Style: Belgian Wheat  Fresh Hop: Mosaic
Fragrant, fresh, and floral.  With dank flavors of blueberry and mango. 5.1%, 18 IBU’s

PINTS Brewing Co.: Oldtown Oktoberfest   

Style: Oktoberfest   Fresh Hop: Crystal   
The richness of German malts lay the groundwork for the progeny of German and American hop lineage in this Oktoberfest lager.  The yeast comes from the Augustiner Brewery in Munich and lets the malt interplay with the mild, spicy, citrus hop character of the Crystal hops. OG:  14.0 Plato, AE:  3.2 Plato, BU:  17

Sasquatch Brewery: Drop It Like Its Hopp’d   
Style: Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Centennial   

We fresh hop our Healy Heights Pale Ale and call it “Drop it like its Hoppd”

Sasquatch Brewery: Fresh Hopped Oregon Session Ale     
Style: Cream Ale    Fresh Hop: Willamette/Cascade   
Our popular “OSA” with fresh hop kettle additions as well as a generous dry hopping.

Silver Moon Brewing: Hoptopotamus   

Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Cascade   
Made with 100% Oregon Grown Cascade FRESH hops this deep straw colored IPA is for the hop lover who can’t get enough. Big, bright spicy hop flavors will blast over you as HOPPO satiates all your hoppy desires! ABV 6.5%, ABV ??

Solera Brewery: Chubby Bunny   

Style: Double IPA   Fresh Hop: Simcoe & Citra   
Brewed exclusively with fresh Yakima Valley Simcoe hops, German pilsner
and English floor malts. An annual beer that changes a bit each year and
gets a new name. 9.5% ABV, ?IBU

Solera Brewery: Berliner No Weiss   
Style: American Sour   Fresh Hop: none   
Brewed in the style of a Berliner Weiss sans wheat and hops. INTENSELY SOUR and  refreshing. A good palate cleanser after too many hop bombs. 3% Abv 0 IBU’s.

Commons Brewery: Fresh Hop Myrtle     
Style: Farmhouse Ale   Fresh Hop: Merdian   
Tart farmhouse ale with zesty merdian hops.       

Upright Brewing: The Hop and the Abstract Truth   
Style: Saison/Belgian-style Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Goldings
Essentially a Belgian-style pale ale/saison hybrid, the beer uses a grist combining flavorful English malts with raw triticale from Payne Family Farms in nearby Carlton Oregon, yielding a light but complex base for the fresh goldings hops added at a rate of well over ten pounds per barrel. With a range of spicy and herbal notes, the beer covers some ground on the palate and is respectfully named after one of the greatest jazz albums of all time – The Blues and the Abstract Truth, by Oliver Nelson.

Vertigo Brewing: Vertigo Hop Harvest IPA 2013   
Style: IPA   Fresh Hop: Centennial, Willamette
This Citrusy, floral fresh hop beer is loaded with local farm fresh Centennial hop additions and backed up with fresh hop additions of our own freshly picked “backyard” home grown Willamette hops.

Walking Man: Fresh Hopped Knuckledragger Classic

Style: Strong Pale Ale  Fresh Hop: Centennial   
We pulled out the original Knuckledragger recipe and replaced the finishing and aroma hops with Centennial hops straight from the farm.

Widmer Brothers Brewing: Dark and Dank Fresh Hop Lager   
Style: Red Lager  Fresh Hop: Santiam, Goldings   
Dark and Dank is a fresh hop red lager hopped with fresh Santiam and fresh  Goldings hops, brewed exclusively with Weyermann malts – Pilsner,  Melanoidin,  and Caramunich 3.  5.1% ABV

Widmer Brothers Brewing: Bring the Boom Fresh Hop IPL 

Style: India Pale Lager  Fresh Hop: Citra   
Bring the Boom is a fresh hop India Pale Lager hopped with fresh Citra in the whirlpool and dry hopped with Citra and Cascades, brewed with pale and caramel 60L malt. 6.6% ABV

Worthy Brewing Co.: Fresh Hop Session IPA     
Style: Session IPA  Fresh Hop: Meridian   
Light, refreshing IPA featuring fresh Meridian hops from the Willamette valley. 5% abv, 60 ibus

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: [email protected]

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