Beer Blogging Shut Down Until Wet Hop Beer Compromise

It started with just a tweet....

Then today I received this list of demands:

"As the supreme leader of fresh hops, I, thee Fresh Hop Fuhrer demand all breweries, brew publications and assorted beer denizens refer to all "wet" hop beer as "Fresh Hop" henceforth. There is no such thing as "wet hopped" beer, all mentions of it must be burned from the public record and deleted from history. If you do not comply immediately we are prepared to shut down the Beer Blog-O-Sphere!!! Through a complex method of attack known as ACA (Anonymous Commenter Attack) we will spam all beer blogs with anonymous douchebaggey comments until they are forced to shut down or their servers overheat and erupt into flames!! You have been warned I will not compromise on the Freshhopsgebot!"

Signed the Fresh Hop Fuhrer.

If you're not familiar with the back story see:

Piss and Vinegar: Stop Saying "Wet Hop" When You Mean "Fresh Hop"

All non-essential beer blog employees have been furloughed until Sierra Nevada admits that Celebration is not a Fresh Hop beer, i.e. Monday.

non-essential beer blogger Brian Yaeger enjoying the furlough

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