BrewSkey Gadget Transforms Bottled Beer into Chelada

If you're still reeling from the news that MillerCoors has frozen out its Miller Chill brand, then you will be happy to learn a San Antonio-based company, The BrewsKey, has launched a product to turn your beer into a Chelada. Promising to "Unlock The Flavor of Your Beer," it looks like a great stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The BrewsKey website says:
"Here in Texas, everything is bigger including the taste we demand from our everyday beer. That’s why we “dress” our beer - sprinkle a little salt on the bottle neck and stick a lime wedge in it. It’s refreshing and it enhances the flavor, but it does have an “ick-factor” if you really think about licking the side of an unwashed beer bottle containing a manhandled lime wedge.
Enter The BrewsKey™: a cool gadget that easily dresses a beer with sea salt and 100% natural lime right inside the bottle. Load a flavor cup into The BrewsKey and slam it down on your beer bottle—no cutting limes, no cow-licking the bottle—you’ll get that natural lime taste down to the last drop."

How they find licking a beer bottle more gross than infusing a beer with salt and dehydrated lime juice is never explained. But they do provide a video explaining how this gadget works. Curiously, you have to swig and lick the bottle before use, thus making pointless one of the advertised features:

Much like those popular new instant espresso machines that deliver a shot of coffee from a plastic one-use pack, the BrewsKey guys/gals hope to get you on the hook for reloadable cups at $10.99 a 24 pack, with a BrewsKey Starter Kit running you $11.99. The trademarked tagline is the most remarkable aspect; you shouldn't need to "Unlock The Flavor of Your Beer".

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