Hopslist: 260+ Hop Varieties Explained

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Have you ever wondered what the characteristics of a specific hop variety are? Fretted over what type of hop to use in your homebrewed IPA or really had to figure out what that particular new hop breed’s flavor was? A new website called with descriptions and analytical data on 268 varieties of hops may be the answer to brewers’ problems.

Avid homebrewer and site founder Julian Healey spent months bringing together the wealth of tasting notes, lineage, and historical information used to create the free resource. His goal is to keep growing the site both with his own research and the contribution of others. Similar to Wikipedia, Julian encourages readers to comment and add information or corrections, and with lots of work being done in hops research and breeding, there are new varieties and information all the time.

“With so many craft breweries pushing the envelope these days, hop growers are releasing a myriad of fascinating new varieties and re-animating a few long-lost ones, too.”

“The idea with Hopslist was to keep track of that by creating a simple, mobile-friendly and up-to-date resource. One that empowers people to get out and experience the incredible variety of hops available today,” Julian said.

Currently Hopslist serves as the most complete listing of hop varieties I have seen, and will hopefully become even more comprehensive with user input. The website already has guides outlining potential hop substitutes and which varieties are commonly used in different beer styles, and in the future perhaps a blog with new hop research on utilization, breeds and other related subjects will be added. Julian is looking for new professionals interested in contributing to keep this invaluable database growing.

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  1. justin frank

    April 18, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Awesome site, lots of info and always looking for more.

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