New L.A. Beer Sitcom Is Breaking New Ground

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L.A. Beer sitcom

Craft beer has been featured on television and in film, but for the first time it is getting the original scripted episodic treatment in a new sitcom series centered around a small brewery startup in Los Angeles, of all places. “L.A. Beer” looks pretty good for a You Tube show and is breaking ground in other ways, too, as it becomes the first web series recorded in front of a live studio audience. L.A. Beer also has legitimate Hollywood cred as its Executive Produced by CBC sitcom “Moms” staff writer Sam Miller.

L.A. Beer is a workplace comedy that takes place at a struggling fictional Silver Screen Brewery.” The synopsis: When awkward millennial Sally starts a new job at Silver Screen Brewery, she works overtime to get her co-workers approval, especially the cute, charismatic founder, David, who may or may not have a thing for Andrea, the head of marketing. The ensemble also includes Patrick, the company’s financial backer, Michelle, his heavy-drinking assistant, and her BFF, Ryan, the nerdy brewmaster.

L.A. Beer’s first 5 episodes debut for American Craft Beer Week on May 11th, 2015.

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