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Beer Munchies: Hop, Barley, Beer-Infused Snacks & Drinks

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Got the munchies? Now you can belly up to the snack bar and eat your beer, malt, and hops in candy, dairy, pickle, cheese, soda, or even coffee form. From beer-infused chocolate truffles and fruit lambic-washed cheese to IPA pickles and hop-infused coffee and soda, it’s a whole new beer flavored world.  It’s like beer edibles for craft beer drinkers, or the ultimate way to cure the munchies after your newly legal trip to the local weed shop.



Oregon Craft Brewers Truffle Collection

A brand new line of beer infused chocolate truffles molded into bottle caps features beers from some of Oregon’s best known brewers: Deschutes, Full Sail, Rogue, and Widmer Brothers. Inspired by Oregon’s farm-to-glass craft brewing movement, Julian Rose, Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier, created this distinct collection of truffles. Julian created a collection featuring four distinct flavors–rich, nutty sweet, dark and intense, and fresh and hoppy, using four types of beer: wheat, brown, porter, and IPA. You can purchase a box of any single flavor, or we recommend the 12 piece mixed collection with a few of each for $30. Order online at


Bellavitano New Glarus Raspberry Tart Cheese

New Glarus Raspberry Tart-washed Beer Cheese from BellaVitano

Who does not love beer and cheese? The world famous Chimay brewery of Belgium has been making its own Trappist cheeses for years, but now we can get beer washed cheese straight from Wisconsin’s famed New Glarus Brewing. Raspberry BellaVitano cheese is soaked in New Glarus’s delicious Raspberry Tart Ale, resulting in a cheese that features the unique Parmesan flavor and creamy cheddar texture with bright notes of ruby-red raspberries in combination with hazelnut and brown-butter flavors. To make a long explanation short, it’s a deliciously complex cheese. It is one of Wisconsin-based Sartori’s Reserve Award-winning cheese. Pair this cheese with Sherry, Riesling, or a light Italian red, or if you prefer beer, try Belgian sour browns, porters, or a Framboise Lambic. $13.49 for a 5.2oz pack of two on Amazon.


Hop Soda

Hop Soda

The Proper Soda Co. from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is making a line of distinctly unique flavored craft sodas that includes Hop Soda. Before trying this well-carbonated can hopped primarily with Cascades, I was expecting to be turned off by the bitterness in a sugary soda, but these guys have managed to make it light and clean. Hop Soda is probably a little less sweet than your average mass-produced soda and has the citrus and floral nose and flavor of hops, but minus the bitterness. It’s made from all natural hop extract that works surprisingly well; it’s also all natural real cane sugar and only 60 calories per Red Bull sized 8.4oz can. Proper Soda is distributed in Oregon through Point Blank Distributing and can also be found in Washington, Michigan, New York, Florida, Canada, and Australia. Or you can order online for only $2.00 a can at



Moonstruck beer berries

Moonstruck Chocolate: Tumbled Beer Berry Mix

Moonstruck Chocolate’s first foray into malted chocolates was at first a tiny collaboration with its North Portland neighbors, Occidental Brewing. These German malted wheat berries use malts from Occidental and are similar to the standard malt balls you find in movie theaters, but with a richer, nuttier roasted barley center, better chocolate quality and balance. You can get a bag of these to snack on for only $5 online at



Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer Flavor (Pack of 8, 5oz bags)

Portland is not surprisingly the home of many of the best beer flavored snacks, including chips. Local companies “Beer Chips” started here, but eventually sold to KLN Family Brands in Minnesota. The famous Kettle Chips is still based nearby in Salem and makes some of the best chips anywhere. Both the Beer Chips and the Cheddar Beer flavor from Kettle Chips are hard to find on store shelves, but can easily be purchased through We prefer the Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer and you can buy an 8-pack of medum sized 5oz bags for just $22.32, multiple sizes or single bags are available, too. Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer flavor are naturally flavored, with 0g trans fat, no mgs, no artificial colors or flavors, non-gmo ingredients.



Corvus Hopped Coffee

Cold brewed coffee is a hot trend of the moment right now, and a Denver-based coffee roaster has now added its own twist in bottling a Citra-hopped cold brewed coffee. A collaboration between Denver area brewers, whiskey distillers, and Corvus Coffee came up with a process brewed on 60 gallon beer fermenters and dry hopped throughout a 17 hour process. They say the hops work very well with the coffee, and gives it a chocolaty, sweet citrus notes. Makes sense, since good coffee often has both a natural bitterness and acidity. The blend uses the Corvus Everyman coffee blend, whole cone Citra hops, and water, and that’s it. Hopped Coffee is available in 11oz crowned bottles, but unfortunately is only available for delivery in the Denver area by the case! More info at
IPA Beer Brittle

IPA Beer Peanut Brittle

We all love peanut brittle, right? Unless you have a nasty peanut allergy, it’s one of the best treats and now it’s made even better with the addition of IPA. This award-winning gourmet IPA Beer Peanut Brittle is made with dark roasted Spanish peanuts, Amber Ale, IPA, and a bit of salt. . Though we haven’t tried it yet, this brittle is supposed to be extra crisp, buttery, and nutty, with a hint of IPA. It’s also small batch, hand-crafted product with a promise that it’s never soft or stuffed in tin or a basket like cheaper mass made brands. Available for order now on Amazon.


Regrained malt snack bars

ReGrained Beer Grain Granola Bars

Regrained makes nutritional snacks using high quality grains sourced from local breweries. There are two flavors of Beer Grain Granola Bars–a Honey Almond IPA that’s baked using pale malt spent grain with added honey, almonds, oats, and cinnamon, and a Chocolate Coffee Stout snack bar that uses dark spent grain from with added semi-sweet chocolate and coffee. You can buy 12-packs in a single or mixed flavors for $24.99 or a 24-pack for $44.99 at!buy/ch6i


brooklyn brine dogfish hop pickle
Hop-Pickles from Brooklyn Brine and Dogfish Head 

I love pickles. They go almost as well with beer as cheese does, and believe it or not, beer works well in a pickle brine. Let Brooklyn Brine Co. show you the way with beer-brined Hop-Pickle made with Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA. These gourmet pickles are an awesome collaboration that really tantalizes the tastebuds. “One day last fall, I was sitting there having a 60 Minute and some Brooklyn Brine pickles while reading the newspaper,” says Dogfish Head President and Founder Sam Calagione. “When I tried them together, that earthy bitterness that both share was magnified. I thought it was perfect, and within a week, I called Brooklyn Brine.” The Hop-Pickles are steeped in 60 Minute IPA, caramelized onions, habanero peppers, the essential oils of Cascade hops, and a special blend of classic spices and seasonings used in pickles. Only $8.99 a jar on Amazon.



IPA beer jelly
IPA Beer Jelly

Where else would good handcrafted jelly with beer come from than Vermont? This bright, hoppy, fruity beer jelly is made from Harpoon Brewing’s India Pale Ale and pairs amazingly with sharp cheddar and cured meats. It’s also all natural, just beer, cane sugar and citrus pectin. $15.99 on Amazon.


Smoke and Stout candy bar

Smoke and Stout Caramel Exotic Candy Bar

You can’t go wrong with the Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar, terrific for a movie snack, dessert, or a gift to the special someone. This is a truly handcrafted bar that uses Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout, burnt sugar caramel, 70% cacao dark chocolate, and some Alderwood smoked salt. My tastebuds are watering for only $7.75 a bar on Amazon.


Draft Beer Jelly Beans
Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Beer is so popular these days that even Jelly Belly is making a flavored jelly bean that tragically has no alcohol, but on the plus side is fat, gelatin, gluten, and peanut free, as well as being vegetarian and kosher certified. No word on what particular kind of beer flavor the bean is going for, and I am still unsure what “draft” beer flavor is as opposed to bottled or canned beer flavor. Still, these may make for a perfect pocket snack between pints; they even come in a re-sealable bag for your convenience.

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: [email protected]

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