Farce Pop-up at Beer Bottleshop & Bar Is No Joke

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Farce sausages/hot dogs at Beer

Farce sausages/hot dogs at Beer

Friday night post-drinking eats just got easier and tastier with the new Farce pop-up at BEER in southeast Portland. Underrated but aptly named beer bar and bottleshop BEER recently debuted the new pop-up restaurant dubbed “Farce,” slinging scratch made hot dogs and toppings every Friday night starting at 8:30pm from their neighbors Meat Cheese Bread’s kitchen. If you’re a fan of delicious dogs with house-fermented slaw and kraut, homemade chili, and scratch made aioli, mustard and ketchup than you will want to check this out.



Farce’s “the lieutenant” and a side of Farro Salad


Farce is the brainchild of Brennan Bowers, the manager of the acclaimed sandwich shop next door to BEER – Meat Cheese Bread, both owned by John Stewart. “I’ve been managing MCB for a little over two years and had the idea to try my hand at my own menu,” said Brennan ahead of my first visit. He describes the food as simply “House Made Sausages” which had me expecting something more German, it might be more similar to what some people thing of as gourmet hot dogs though. Brennan says Farce is “the French translation of stuffing, is another word for forcemeat or the meat that is then made into sausages, terrines, or mouselines.  I enjoyed the name because it is a straightforward culinary reference to what I’m making as well as not having to use the word “dogs” in the restaurant Title.  Another reasoning for the name is a bit a play on the words as it’s not an actual restaurant and therefore a farce in itself. “


Farce is the brainchild of Brennan Bowers (pictured)

Farce is the brainchild of Brennan Bowers (pictured)


So far the menu is small and simple, a strategy to test the waters and keep everything (except the pickles from Pickolopolis) housemade from scratch and of high quality. Not only is he grinding the meat for the sausages but even makes the perfect buns himself.

“The Sausages are all served on the Honey Salted Buns.  I’m making a bit of adjustment to the House Roll recipe from MCB, with John’s (Stewart) permission of course, by adjusting it using Bee Local Honey to give it a bit of sweetness and folding Jacobson Salt into the dough to give it a salty crunch speckled through the bun itself.  I’m toasting the outside of the bun, much like a lobster roll, because I feel that once you butterfly a roll to toast the inside it can become a bit too flimsy and will fall apart while you eat it. “


There are four main sausage dishes on the menu as well as a list of sides, condiments and add-ons. The main items are: the straightforward “big ol’ brat” a $7 pork bratwurst with house mustard and sauerkraut. “the lieutenant” a $6 gluten-free fried chicken sausage with housemade slaw and spicy buttermilk aioli. The “franks + beans” a $6 smoked brisket sausage with baked beans and pickles. And last “the basic (bitch)” a $5 beef-belly hotdog with your choice of 2 condiments, options are: ketchup, mustard, spicy aioli, charred onion relish, sauerkraut, pickle spear or coleslaw.




If you have a vegan friend they have a Farro Salad, a grain salad with salsa verde and crunchy vegetables, or you could go with the creamy lightly fermented side of coleslaw with pickled carrots, celery, fresh cabbage and dressing. The baked beans are also vegan and available on the side. All are only $2.50 each.




While at first glance the items are super simple, Brennan has actually reverse engineered some of these simple ideas playfully. He turned the idea of a BBQ Plate into a hot dog with his smoked brisket sausage and has done similar with menu items at Meet Cheese Bread. He hopes to continue with some more fun ideas after the Farce trial run. Brennan brings experience working at the upscale Park Kitchen where he “gained a great deal of experience working with Animal Butchery and making all the sausages.  I loved making them and thought it could be a fun way to express myself out of the normal MCB element as well as seeing if I could create something successful on my own.”

With any luck, and more importantly your support, we can get some expanded Farce hours and menu. Also Beer the bar is pretty badass on it’s own.


Farce pop-up Logo

Farce pop-up at Beer every Friday 8:30pm – 11pm

1410 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-2337

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