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Victor-23 Craft Brewery Drops NEW Cans

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Skydiving with Victor 23’s Skyjacker IPA in cans

Like a plane on the runway, Victor-23 Craft Brewery has gone full-throttle from its opening day on September 30th, 2016, to its distribution across SW Washington through Kendall’s Pioneer – right up to today with NEW Skyjacker IPA cans!

Canning beer is not an easy thing. Small breweries rarely do it. Canning machines are expensive and companies that print cans maintain minimum order quantities in the neighborhood of 50,000-100,000 cans. If a brewery can afford that many cans, the next question is about space: where do you put them before and after they’re filled?

Victor-23’s owner, Bryan Ward, sought out a creative solution to this dilemma and was able to get 25 cases (24 cans/case) of 16oz. tall boy cans wrapped with artwork by local illustrator, Kyle Shold. While we don’t have all the details on how it was pulled off, it’s impressive. And the cans look incredible!

Victor-23 launched the cans with a giveaway on social media – an actual skydive by PNW Skydiving! One Victor-23 Craft Brewery fan won the opportunity to jump out of a plane over the Victor-23 flight path for which the brewery was named (just like the infamous D.B. Cooper). Notably, a briefcase containing $200,000 is not included.

On Thursday, April 13th, Victor-23 released the cans to a packed house of anticipating fans. Raffles for hats, shirts, growlers, and hoodies highlighted each hour of a night to celebrate the new release.

Pick up the 6.5% ABV Skyjacker IPA in 16-ounce cans while supplies last at Victor-23 Craft Brewery, 2905 St Johns Blvd, Vancouver, WA.

Skyjacker IPA cans stacked high

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