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Oregon’s Best Beer of 2014, Deschutes Cultivateur, Returns

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If there is one release I am looking forward to this year, it’s Deschutes Brewery’s Cultivateur, a mixed fermentation, 100% barrel-aged saison that goes on sale today at the brewery’s pubs. Longtime readers might remember this beer was first released in 2014 when I raved about it, and it eventually went on to be voted our Best Oregon Beer of the Year. This is not that beer; it’s a different recipe, but in the same vein of and inspired by the original.

Cultivateur never got the love it deserved, but that was three years ago and these days wild/mixed culture farmhouse ales are hotter than ever. Hopefully this new version of Cultivateur lives up to my hype and draws the beer connoisseurs in as it should. It goes on sale today, May 11th, 2017, at the Portland pub in wax dipped 22oz bottles and may soon be hitting specialty bottle shops as well.

Deschutes Cultivateur official description:

A new Reserve Series release that’s straight from the farmhouse, our brewers have dubbed Cultivateur a “Provision Saison.” A new take on a barrel-aged classic, this brew is a blend of old and new saisons, aged in oak with brettanomyces and is the first beer to graduate from our small batch experimental Pub Reserve series. Cultivateur offers a crisp, rustic flavor profile that flaunts the rich history of saison with a modern twist. 7.5 % ABV | 22 IBUs


Pick up a bottle to see if it lives up to my hype and feel free to tell me how right or how wrong I am about Deschutes Cultivateur.

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