Ethereal Meads Prepares to Launch New Cans

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Sit down. Let me tell you about the cans and the bees.

Mead Master, Gary Gross has been operating Ethereal Meads quietly out of a shop in Battle Ground, WA, for a while now. The brand is as soft-spoken as Gary, but it’s about to make quite a buzz! (Oh, you know not the last of the bee puns).

Gary shared the finished packaging with New School Beer just this last Tuesday. On Wednesday, he canned it. And soon this mead will be found at SW Washington beer hot spots like Ben’s Bottle Shop and Northwood Public House as well as placement at 9 Total Wine & More locations from Vancouver, WA, to Lynwood, WA.

What’s the buzz all about? Squatch Berry – a semi-dry berry session mead.

Squatch Berry is a sessionable sparkling mead that features strawberry and marionberries while ringing in at 6.5% alcohol. That’s far below the already well-known Ethereal Mead offerings like Ruby Sunset (13.8%) and Rose Moon (11%).

The art on the can and it’s contents are largely a result of a study Ethereal Meads participated in at Washington State University – Vancouver (WSUV). Students found that a canned session mead was the beverage and vehicle of choice to bring mead to a younger demographic of craft beverage seekers.

While the mead itself is brand new, the methods are not. “Berry and fruit infusions are something I’m very familiar with,” shared Gross. “This is new, but not new compared to meads done in the past.”

You can always find Etheral Meads at Northwood Public House (the former Laurelwood pub) in Battle Ground, WA where Gary and Mike O’Heron of Marks Designs – a brewing equipment fabricator – head up Little Dipper Brewing on a small in-house brewpub system.


Michael Perozzo is a life-long resident of Southwest Washington and a beer-loving father of 4. At his day job, he leads a digital marketing team supporting food/beverage clients at ZZoom Media. Michael helped start Brewcouver – the passport to Vancouver’s breweries – and co-founded North Bank Beer Week. Portland Trail Blazers fans may remember him as DarthBlazer.

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