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Hillsboro’s Deep Space Brewing Brings Housemade Beer to the Pizzeria

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It’s no secret that central urban areas in cities like Portland and Seattle are increasingly packed with breweries and beer bars. Hillsboro’s family-oriented pizza restaurant Out of This World Pizza is part of an increasing trend that sees more breweries opening out in the suburbs, where there are comparatively fewer beer-oriented establishments, less competition, and potentially more room for growth. The newest example here is Deep Space Brewing, located within Out of This World Pizza. Out of This World has been operating for several years, but owner Don Milford is looking to grow his business past the usual family-oriented suburban model. His solution is to step up his restaurant’s beer game, installing a three-barrel nanobrewery in back of the kitchen, and hiring brewer Michael Mellott to run the brewing operation.

Welcome to Out of This World

Deep Space Brewing fermenters


Out of This World is, from the outside, not much more than a very big box of a building, a lot like what you see in most suburban business parks. Inside, it’s cavernous and gigantic with a high ceiling, and if every table inside and out (there’s a small beer garden) fills up, the place could accommodate around 700 people. It’s that huge. There’s sound-baffling padding on the walls to keep the noise level manageable, and a lot of the space is also given over to arcade and video games. There’s a separate room upstairs that can be booked for private parties, or for sports on TV at weekends.


Plenty or room for pizza and games

Pizza buffet

New divider for the bar seating area


Lunchtime features a buffet bar with salads and pizza. Weekdays can be kind of quiet, especially during the school year, but the place fills up more at weekends; owner Don Milford has estimated weekend patronage as high as 500 people. But Milford is looking to grow his business by targeting a broader demographic than just families with kids. To that end, he’s expanded his beer selection significantly, and the new three-barrel brewery will round out the selection with freshly-brewed house beer.


Taps at Out of This World

First Deep Space beers: peated-malt scotch ale, pale ale, IPA


So, how are the beers? Mellot comes from a homebrewing background, and most homebrewers know how to improvise when it’s necessary. Mellott is no exception. Even before the Deep Space brewhouse was complete, Mellott was already producing three beers, and without a completed brewhouse, things weren’t done the easy way. Nonetheless, Deep Space has already produced at peated-malt Scotch ale, a pale ale, and an IPA. Mellott’s personal brewing style emphasizes malt, so all Deep Space beers have a rounded malt character. Hop flavors balance with the malt in the IPA, the pale ale lets the hops play a supporting role, and the Scotch ale has just enough of that Scotch-whisky peated-malt character. Plans call for this list to expand in the near future as brewing capacity comes on-line. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of choice here, with 30 taps to choose from: 24 beers, plus a few ciders and a couple of wines.

Don Milford (owner) and Michael Mellott (brewer)


Current trends suggest that small brewery operations concentrating on local markets will be the ones most likely to succeed and prosper in the near future. Maybe Milford and Mellott are on to something. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have more choice out the ever-burgeoning Portland suburbs.


Out of This World Pizza
Deep Space Brewing
6255 NW Century Blvd
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 629-8700

Don Scheidt has been into good beer since before the dawn of craft brewing in the Pacific Northwest. He created the Northwest Brewpage, a regional guide to good beer in Oregon and Washington, back in the mid-1990s, but has since retired it. Don started writing the Washington state “Puget Soundings” column for Celebrator Beer News in 1998, and continues to do that today. Don also wrote about beer for the Seattle Weekly in 2005-2006.

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  1. Allen Tyler

    October 6, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Any chance they’ll be collaborating with ABV/Mainbrew since they are so close to each other?

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