Beer, Food carts, Indie Rock @ Deschutes Street Fare

I am skeptical about street parties. They seem like a good time but usually just offer more of the same. So it is with a critical eye that I HIGHLY recommend Deschutes Brewery Street Fare this Thursday 8/12 from 5-9pm.

Deschutes is clearly demonstrating how you do it right, we all know they make great beer and they will of course have a beer garden but they have wisely tapped into Portland’s street food cart culture and love of indie music. With tickets attendants will be able to purchase pairing samples from 10 different food carts with 10 different beers. All the while some of Portland’s best musicians will be roaming about busking and performing onstage. It is even for a good cause to support the Morrison Child and Family Services.
For a more in depth look at the Food Carts, the beer pairings and the performers please read on…

First off, the food. You would have to live under a rock to not know Portland is the center for a blossoming movement of street food served out of trailers, carts, buses or whatever is handy with little hassle and of amazing high quality. There is even a great blog to follow our food carts in portland.

Let’s take a look at each of the 10 food carts Deschutes has rounded up along with the beer to be paired with them:

Whiffies Fried Pie with Mozzarella and BBQ Pork
paired with
Hop In The Dark: Cascadian Dark Ale
I am looking forward to this one and not just because I designed the adorable Whiffies logo. No I just love Deschutes Hop In The Dark and the Mozzarella BBQ pie and think they will make an excellent pairing.

Potato Champion’s Beef Gravy and Cheddar Potatoes
paired with
Alma IPA
Everyone knows and loves the potato champion and you really cannot go wrong with beef gravy over cheddar potatoes. I dont really get why this would pair with the IPA but I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Garden State’s Meatball Sliders
paired with
Sage Brush Pils
I have seen Garden State around but never had a chance to partake, looking forward to the opportunity.

Grilled Cheese Grill’s Jalapeno Popper Sandwich
paired with
Green Lakes Organic Amber Ale
I recently got to finally check out the Grilled Cheese Grill after much anticipation and I just so happaned to have the excellent Jalapeno Popper grilled cheese and it was most delicious.

Ali Baba’s Chicken Kabob
paired with
Gluten Free beer
Not sure about this one since I dont know what gluten free beer it is nor have I ever had Ali Baba’s.

Mum’s Garlic Pork Curry
paired with
Fresh Squeezed IPA
I have never had Mum’s but I LOVE the pairing of curry with IPA.

Slow and Low’s Cantonese Belly with Kimchi mayo and fennel pickle
paired with
Cascade Ale
This pairing I am the most lost on, I dont know what this Slow and Low dish will taste like but this also makes me the most curious to try of all of these pairings.

Pyro Pizza’s Margherita pie
paired with
Twilight Ale
Love, love, love Pyro Pizza. I have been singing their praises as one of the top pizza places in town even not taking account that it is a food cart. I can see this pairing going pretty well.

Oregon Ice Works Peach/Strawberry
paired with
Hop Henge
I am not too familiar with Oregon Ice Works but I have heard the name around, they make vegan ice cream and italian ice. I am no fan of veganism but interested in giving this a shot.

Flavour Spot’s Sausage and Maple Pecan
paired with
Another food cart I have yet to try, they make dutch style waffles and a sausage maple pecan one sounds absolutely delicious. Must try.

In addition to that they have lined up some of the best live music I have ever seen at a beer fest. Usually beer fests are overrun with hippy jam bands playing funk and bluegrass. Not that there is anything wrong with those genres but seriously I have had enough. Here is the lineup of musicians, some playing on stage and others busking.

Langhorne Slim
with Chris Funk (of the Decemberists)
Indie and critical darling Langhorne Slim has been receiving an amazing amount of praise for his songwriting skills and music that covers a range of genres to folk, country, pop and blues.
This is a huge score for Deschutes, last time Langhorne played in Portland he headlined at the Crystal Ballroom. This time he will be joined by Chris Funk of Portland’s all stars The Decemberists. Check out this video featuring lots of Langhorne concert footage:

Langhorne Slim “Cinderella” from Kemado Records on Vimeo.

Recent best new band winners Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

Ages and Ages

Loch Lomond

Y La Bamba

Deschutes Street Fare takes place on Davis street in the Pearl District in front of Deschutes downtown pub at 210 NW 11th. Entrance fee is $5 and comes with a beer and food cart pairing. Additional tickets available, to preorder or get more information check out Deschutes Street Fare page.

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  • pedXer
    Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:56 PM

    good write up.

    Slow and Low’s new location in front of the future burnside brewing spot is across the street from my business, so I had a chance to try one of their sandwiches for the first time this week. I tried the coconut chipotle braised boston butt with pickled carrots and thai basil, and it was awesome.

    If the rest of their food is as good as what I had, trying their option at Deschutes would be a safe bet.

    • Anonymous
      Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:52 AM

      Is this music for people on Qualludes?