Seattle Beer Week Presents Brewing up Cocktails

Today I leave for Seattle Beer Week, so I apologize if content is a little slow coming out this week, but I am going to try to keep up. I will be taking the train up to Seattle for the first time today, and I hear it is a pretty sweet ride. Other than all of the great beer events happening, of course (of which you can find a list of here), the main reason I am attending is to do two days in a row of events for Brewing up Cocktails. It is a big undertaking for us, and recent trips to San Francisco, Canada, and now Seattle can be taxing but also incredibly fun. These two days in Seattle could be some of the best yet, as we are really excited to be taking over the bars at two hot spots and maybe running into some Seattle beer writers like the Social Retard and the Urban Beer Hiker.

Tuesday May 24th 7-10pm

I understand the Shelter Lounge is a pretty new but happening place, and the outdoor area and fire pits look pretty awesome. We even get to take over an outdoor bar station and will be teaming up with recent conspirators Jamie Floyd and Ninkasi Brewing but mixing it up this time with some fine purveyors of lupulin – Hop Union will also be onboard.
In addition to the 5 classic Ninkasi cocktails, Hop Union is going to have a bunch of hop oils, tinctures, and extracts you can play with and even add to your beer or cocktail.

Wednesday May 25th 6-9pm
The next day we get to tend the bar at the big one – Brouwers Cafe. Most people that read this blog are probably familiar with the place, but if not, you should know it’s one of the best beer bars on the planet, and maybe the best of the west coast. It is truly an honor to be doing an event here. We also will be teaming up with Hopworks Urban Brewing for the first time and we have come up with a whole new drink list just for them.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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