Fresh Hops Workshop

The first big event of the fresh hop season has been announced fromPortland Beer Week and Saraveza.TheFresh Hops Workshopwill be held at Saraveza’s Bad Habit Room on Saturday September 22nd at 6pm. What makes this event unique is its combination of education, interactivity, and lineup of great fresh hop brews and experts.

Four fresh hop beers from some of Oregon’s best brewers of hoppy beers will be on tap: Killer Green from Double Mountain, Total Crystalation from Ninkasi, IPX – The Freshmaker from Hopworks, and Fresh Simcoe Pale Ale from Breakside Brewery. What’s better is that the creators behind the beers will be there in person in this intimate, sitting alongside two experts that get the hops to the brewers. Gayle Goschie is a pioneer in hops farming; her organic hop farm in Oregon provides the ingredients for many local and regional brewers. Jim Soldberg is a co-founder of Indie Hops, a company that is on the cutting edge of hop education and technology and distributes many of today’s hottest new varieties of hops.

What else is cool? A DFH Randall will be present and stuffed full of fresh hops; you will be able to infuse your fresh hop beer with even fresher hops by pressing it through a French Press filled with fresh hops; and there will even be hop oils/extracts to dose your beer with and a control batch of macro lager both dosed and undosed to tell the differences. Free snacks will be provided in the ticket price and include a variety of olive oils soaked in different kinds of hops with bread for dipping and tasting.

This one of a kind event is advanced tickets only for $10.50 available at Beers are individually priced at the event.

Sure,Portland Beer Week may be held in June, but we all believe in Portland beer year, right? An event such as this is unique to the season, and thus is in the spirit of creative, educational, and fun events that Portland Beer Week is all about, but cannot be held during the official week due to the seasonal hop harvest. This is also a great time to check out the renovations currently being undertaken at Bad Habit Room, which will be opening soon with its own bar.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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