Hood River Hops Fest: Brewery & Beer List

The best fresh hop beer festival just got even better with the release of the 64 beers that will be on tap, 51 of which are fresh hops! Yes, the list of beers for the 9th annual Hood River Hops Fest on Saturday September 29th is super-deep this year. I put together the list myself and it includes all the usual suspects plus a lot more. New breweries are well-represented, with Gigantic Brewing, The Commons, and Eugene’s Falling Sky making their first appearances alongside a few out of state brewers like New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, and Seattle’s Schooner Exact and Hales Ales.

One of the best things about this fest is it’s beautiful location in downtown Hood River, OR. The gorge is becoming another brewing hotbed, and they are all represented at the fest. In fact, you will not likely find their fresh hop beers anywhere else.

Also of note are fresh hop beers from Corvallis’s Block 15 and Flat Tail Brewing, both of which have not produced fresh hop ales before.

The Stats:

  • 121 Kegs that the Hood River Hops Fest will go through in just 9 hours on 9/29
  • 64 different beers being poured
    • 51 varieties of Fresh Hop beer will be poured at the 2012 Hood River Hops Fest
    • 37 Breweries are taking part in the festival
    • 8 Gorge area brewers are all participating (Big Horse, Double Mountain, Everybody’s Brewing, Full Sail, Logsdon, pFriem, Soleram, and Walking Man)
    • 7 Breweries are making a fresh hop beer for the first time (Gigantic, pFriem, Block 15, Solera, Flat Tail, The Commons, and Falling Sky Brewing)

    Important Festival Info:

    Children are welcome throughout the afternoon until 6pm; The venue is open to adults only until closing at 9pm.
    20 and under free until 5:30 p.m.
    21 and over $6.00, which includes beer tasting stein
    $4.00 for wine drinkers and designated drivers
    Tokens are $1 each. 4 tokens = a full beer, or 1 token = a taste.


    And now, without further ado, the 64 strong and 51 fresh hopped beer list. Double asteriks “**” denote that the beer is a fresh hop.

    Amnesia Brewing

    Mother Plucker**
    Style: Fresh Hop Pale Fresh Hop:Amarillo 5.5%
    Description: A light pale ale with an 80% Maris Otter and 20% Vienna malt base. 50lbs of Amarillo
    hops, picked and trucked down ourselves from the Gamache farms in Yakima Wa. And stewed in the final minutes of the boil and whirlpool for a delightfully delicate fresh hop aroma and flavor.

    The French Connection**
    Style: Autumn Saison Fresh Hop: Tardif De Bourgogne 5%
    Description: A light, golden, copper coloured, fall Saison brewed with Caramel Pilsner malts, an Heirloom French hop varietal derived from the Burgundy region of France and fermented using a Fench/Belgian yeast strain acquired from Upright Brewing.

    Upright Brewing

    Kiln ‘Em All**
    Style: English-style Pale Ale Fresh Hop: Tettnanger 5.8%
    Description: Strong Pale Ale with British Ale yeast

    Big Horse Brewpub
    Hood River, OR

    Style: Imperial IPA Fresh Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra 8.5%
    Description: Classic west coast style Imperial IPA. Brewed with everyone’s favorite “newschool” hops.

    Style: Coffee Stout Oatmeal Stout 5.5%
    Description: Creamy Oatmeal Stout brewed with english chocolate and roast malts. Cold steeped in 10 Speeds Columbia coffee.

    Breakside Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Fresh Hop Citra Double IPA**
    Style: Double IPA/Wheatwine Fresh Hop: Citra 8.5%
    Description: Wheat Double IPA with fresh Citra hops

    International Way IPA**
    Style: American IPA Fresh Hop: Amarillo 6%
    Description: American style moist hop Pale Ale. Moistened with a special proprietary technique that Ben learned from the team at Kinky Kabin Brewing Co.

    Burnside Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Sterling Pub Draught**
    Style: Pub Draught Fresh Hop: Sterling 4%
    English-style pub draught beer brewed with 130lbs of fresh Sterling hops.

    Lime Kolsch
    Style: Kolsch 5.4%
    Description: A Kolsch brewed with hand zested limes, Kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass.

    Gigantic Brewing
    Portland, OR

    The Most Interesting Beer In The World**
    Style: FN Legit Fresh Hop Beer. Style: Cascade 5.5%
    Description: The only beer Will Smith and Doug E. will drink. Stay hoppy, my friends.

    Gigantic IPA
    Style: IPA 7.3%
    Description: Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, and Simcoe create a citrusy hop confluence that continuously embiggens with each drink.

    Pfriem Family Brewers
    Hood River, OR

    Fresh Hop Belgian Blonde**
    Style: Belgian Blonde. Hop Variety: Amarillo 6.5%
    Description: A hybrid between a Belgian Blonde and a IPA made with fresh Amarillo hops.

    Belgian Strong Dark
    Style: Belgian Strong Dark. 10.25%
    Description: Belgians say, “Op uw gezondheid’” when toasting, but you don’t have to speak Flemish to appreciate the bold, complex flavors of fig dipped in dark chocolate, ripe fruit and toffee in this immense Ale. Op uw gezondheid!

    Deschutes Brewery
    Bend & Portland, OR

    King Cone**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 6.4%
    Description: This Pale Ale features two different crystal malts which form the rich toasted caramel body. The aroma and hop flavor is 100% fresh from the vine, Centennial hops. 175lbs in all, these hops offer notes of citrus and pine. One sniff and you’re transported directly to the beauty of the Willamette valley during Hop Harvest.

    Fresh Hop Bitter**
    Style: English-style Bitter. Fresh Hop: Tettnanger 5%
    Offers a deep copper color, rich malt body and classic English East Kent Golding hops. For this batch we finished the beer for 6 days on Tettnang hops fresh from the vines at Gayle Goschie’s hop farm in Silverton, OR.

    Double Mountain

    Hood River, OR

    Brewery Killer Green**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Brewers Gold
    Description: Classic strong IPA featuring dank, herbal fresh hoppiness.

    Hood River OR Killer Red**
    Style: Red IPA. Fresh Hop: Perle
    Description: A strong Red IPA loaded with fresh hop flavor.

    Beer Valley Brewing
    Ontario, OR

    Leafer Fresh Hop**
    Style: Double IPA. Fresh Hop: Chinook 9%
    Description: Fresh hopped version of Leaver Madness, Double Pale Ale

    Tri-State Fresh Hop Ale**
    Style: Fresh Hop Ale. Fresh Hop: Chinook 5%
    Description: All fresh hop beer brewed with fresh hops from ID, OR, WA

    Everybody’s Brewing
    White Salmon, WA

    Head Stash**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 5.5%
    Description: Hoppy, clean, fun and fresh

    Country Boy IPA
    Style: IPA 6.2%
    Description: Grassy, grapefruit hop character with a light
    clean body.

    Fort George Brewery
    Astoria, OR

    CoHoporative Ale**
    Style: Amber. Fresh Hop: ? 5.8%
    Description: The Fort George Brewery was founded on the idea that many hands make light work. We extend this philosophy to the creation of our seasonal fresh hop beer. The call went
    out to all of the Fort George fans to bring in their hops that were growing on fences, barns, and houses. People from all over our county and even from Portland came and donated their hops for our Co-Hoperative Ale. We then spent a day picking them off the vines not knowing what some of the
    hops were. The next day we combined all of freshly picked hops into a delicious amber beer. It smells like teamwork and tastes like unity. Enjoy this light, crisp amber beer and take note of its harmonious spirit.

    Fresh Hop Vortex IPA**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial 7.4%
    Description: We brewed our flagship IPA using nothing but fresh hops to give our fans the chance to taste the difference. Whether brewed with fresh hops or with hop pellets, we now know that the Vortex is always delicious.

    Full Sail Brewing
    Hood River & Portland, OR

    Style: lager. Fresh Hop: Perle 5.7%


    Hopworks Urban Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Give Me Liberty**
    Style: Best Bitter. Fresh Hop: Liberty 4.6%
    Description: Session Bitter made with Liberty Hops

    IPX – The Freshmaker**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Cascade 6%
    Description: Single Hop Cascade IPA

    Laurelwood Brewing
    Portland, OR

    Fresh Hop Free Range Red**
    Style: NW ESB. Fresh Hop: Cascade 6%
    Description: This is a fresh hop version of our popular Free Range Red.

    Logsdon’s Ales
    Hood River, OR

    Fresh Hop Seizoen**
    Style: saison. Fresh Hop: 12 different fresh hops 7.5%
    Description: Belgian-style beer with locally grown Organic fresh hops

    Seizoen Bretta
    Style: farmhouse saison 8%
    Description: Farmhouse saison with Brettanamyoces

    Block 15 Brewing
    Corvallis, OR

    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Nuggets
    Description: Pale ale brewed with floor malted barley and 100% organic fresh hop nuggets in the hop back.

    Sierra Nevada Brewing
    Chico, CA

    Estate Homegrown Ale**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Chinook, Cascade 6.7%
    Description: Slightly sweet honey-like malt contrasted by a strong hop presence with earthy green notes of pine, peppered spice and grapefruit like citrus.

    Northern Hemisphere**
    Style: IPA. Style: Cascade, Centennial 6.7%
    Description: Bold, earthy green hop flavors with hints of citrus, fresh herbs, and pine, balanced by a slightly sweet toasted malt body.

    Schooner Exact Brewing
    Seattle, WA

    Amarillo Fresh Hop**
    Style: NW IPA. Fresh Hop: Amarillo 6-7%
    Style: Delicious!

    Ninkasi Brewing
    Eugene, OR

    Smells Like Purple**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Meridian
    Description: A Meridian fresh hopped Pale Ale

    Total Crystallization**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Crystal 6.7%
    Description: Our dedication to the hop harvest by brewing Total Domination using fresh hops. We brew the beer by adding hops as normal but instead of final hop addition the wort is run through 960lbs of fresh picked Cyrstal hops. Super hoppy, for super happy harvest!

    Oakshire Brewing
    Eugene, OR

    100 Hops**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 5%
    Description: A golden colored Pale Ale made with wet Centennial Hops from Oregon’s Crosby Farms

    Ask The Fish**
    Style: American Red Ale. Fresh Hop: Chinook 6%
    Description: Inspiration: Leftover Salmon. (Listen to Ask the Fish:Live, you won’t be dissapointed)

    Pelican Brewery
    Pacific City, OR

    Elemental Ale**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Sterling 5.8%
    Description: Brewed only once a year at the peak of hop season, this beer was made with 450 pounds of freshly picked, “wet” Sterling hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon. The hops were only 3 hours from the vine when they went into the kettle. The mash tun was also used as a hop back,
    holding 300 pounds of hops! This beer features an emphatically floral, spicy, grassy aroma with a firm malt background and an assertive, snappy hop finish. Produced using Oregon-grown barley malt, one hop variety sourced exclusively from Goschie Farms, one yeast strain from Wyeast Laboratories in Hood River and pure coastal water, this is truly an all-Oregon, elemental beer!

    Silverspot IPA
    Style: English-style IPA. Fresh Hop: Sterling, Fuggle, Meridian 6%
    Description: Silverspot IPA holds a permanent slot in the Pelican lineup with its brilliant gold color
    and assertively complex hop aroma. Brew Master Darron Welch selected the blend of Sterling, Fuggle and Meridian hops, focusing on herbal, floral, spicy and tangerine-like characters to create this highly drinkable

    Solera Brewery
    Parkdale, OR

    Kwazy Wabbit**
    Style: Double IPA. Fresh Hop: Simcoe, Citra
    Description: A medium bodied DIPA brewed with an absurd amount of fresh Simcoe hops in the kettle, hop back, fermenter and brite tank.

    Peche Bier
    Style: fruit wheat 4%
    Description: A light, tart wheat based ale aged on fresh local peaches.

    Silver Moon Brewing
    Bend, OR

    Hoppopatamus IPA**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Cascade 5.5%
    Description: 100% Oregon grown Cascade Fresh Hops

    Flat Tail Brewing
    Corvallis, OR

    Home Grown**
    Style: Saison. Fresh Hop: Cascade 3.9%
    Description: Petit Saison with cherries, fresh cascade hops, wild yarrow. Massive resiny nose from
    Agrarian Farms pigmy Cascades and fermented with Brett F. and Saison yeast.

    Rough Cut IPA
    Style: IPA 6.8%
    Description: Crisp pale malt, Cascade and Zythos hops.

    Widmer Brothers Brewing

    Columbia Common**
    Style: Common Ale. Fresh Hops: Mini Magnums, Columbia 4.7%
    Description: An easy drinking Common Ale that used wet Mini Magnums for buttering and freshly kilned Columbia Hops for bittering.

    The Commons Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Fresh Hop Farmhouse**
    Style: Farmhouse Ale. Fresh Hops: Meridian, Cascade 6%
    Description: Tart golden farmhouse ale with meridian and cascade hops

    New Belgium Brewing
    Fort Collins, CO

    Trip 14 Imperial Fresh Hop**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hops: Tardiffde de Bourgogne, Bullion 8.5%
    Description: Imperial IPA brewed with the Gamache Family and Dick Cantwell (Elysian Brewing), featuring wet Tardif de Bourgogne and Bullion hops harvested the same day from the Gamache hop farm in Toppenish, WA. Also blood orange peel.

    Red Hoptober
    Style: NW Red 6%
    Description: A cupful of sweet fig, tropical fruit, toffee, roasted nuts and hoppy bitterness. None of which overwhelm, they simply meet in the middle to attempt balance.

    Falling Sky Brewing
    Eugene, OR

    So Fresh So Green**
    Style: Lager. Fresh Hop: Centennial 5.8%
    Description: 100% wet Centennial Lager, 172 lbs of hops from Goschie Farms

    Whoa Dang Pale Ale**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hops: Centennial, Nugget, Crystal ?
    Description: All wet hops locally homegrown around Eugene. A blend of Centennial, Nugget, Crystal and others.

    Walking Man Brewing
    Stevenson, WA

    Cent’s & Censability**
    Style: Fresh Hop Pale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 5.2%
    An easy drinking pale made with over 160lbs of freshly picked Centennials from BC Hop Farms. Grassy and resiny hop flavors, with a fresh Centennial aroma.

    Double Dry Hopped ISA
    Style: India Session Ale. Fresh Hop: Glacier 5%
    Description: Special for Hood River Hops Fest we dry hopped kegs of our Northern Alliance India Session Ale with whole Glacier leaf hops. This is a medium bodied session ale bursting with great hop flavor and aroma.

    Rock Bottom Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Fresh Hop**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 6.3%
    Description: Centennials fresh from the picker at BC Hop Farm in Woodburn give this Pale Ale an aroma replete in peonies.

    Hale’s Ales Brewery
    Seattle, WA

    Fresh Hop IPA**
    Style: Session IPA. Description: Amarillo 5.8%
    Description: A “session” (lower abv) IPA with a simple malt profile to enable the showcasing of generous amounts of fresh hops.

    Fresh Hop Supergoose**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Amarillo 7.1%
    Description: A fresh dry-hopped version of the popular Supergoose IPA with 2lbs of fresh Amarillo’s
    added to each keg.

    Rogue Ales
    Newport, OR

    Chatoe Rogue Wet Hop Ale**

    Style: Fresh Hop Ale. Fresh Hops: Freedom 6%
    Description: Brewed with 100% GYO certified Freedom Hops grown on the Rogue Farms Hopyard in Independence, OR. The hops are picked, bagged and immediately driven 77 miles to Newport for Brewmaster John Maier to pitch into the brew kettle.

    Golden Valley Brewing
    Mcminnville, OR

    Crystal Fresh Hop**
    Style: Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Crystal 5.6%
    Description: Tasty!!

    10 Barrel Brewing
    Bend, OR

    Crosby Fresh Hop**
    Style: Strong Pale Ale. Fresh Hop: Centennial 5.5%
    Description: Simple malt bill built to let the fresh Centennial hops from Crosby Hop Farm shine through. Bright lemon notes running along grapefruit notes are the highlights.

    Style: Double IPA 9.25%
    Come on…You don’t need another Double IPA description. Ingredients…Chinook + water + simcoe + malt + magnum. Brewed by Big Daddy Kelso

    Cascade Lakes Brewing

    Redmond, OR

    Harvest Ale**
    Style: IPA. Fresh Hop: Santiam 5.8%
    Description: Just a super perfect fresh hop beer

    Mcmenamins Edgefield

    Troutdale, OR

    Thundercone Fresh Hop**
    Style: Fresh Hop Ale. Fresh Hop: Cascade 6.19%
    Description: Fresh (or wet) Cascade hops were frantically delivered straight from the hop fields to every McMenamins Brewery and each batch of “Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale” was brewed within hours of the hops being picked off of the vine. The resulting beer is an absolute fresh hop showcase. This beer starts with a smooth foundation and just a slight maltiness. The real star of this show is the fresh Cascade hops used for both flavoring and aroma. Five pounds of fresh Cascades per barrel were added in three different additions in every batch.

    Bridgeport Brewery
    Portland, OR

    Hop Harvest**
    Style: Imperial Pilsner. Fresh Hop: Tettnanger 8%
    Description: Hop Harvest is a Fresh Hop beer using Austrian Aurora hops in the kettle and 45lbs of green Oregon Tettnanger Hops in our hop jack.

    Lagunitas Brewing
    Petaluma, CA

    TBA Fresh Hop**


    Other highlights and ammenities of the 2012 Hops Fest

    • Local cuisine from woodfire pizza to American pub grub to vegetarian style dishes.
    • Unique arts and crafts vendors from around the Northwest including beer-inspired soaps, unique jewelery, and handmade pottery.
    • A selection of Gorge wines.
    • A Kids Zone with face painting and other child friendly activities.
    • And a day-long lineup of live music.
    Held in a special street pavilion in the heart of downtown Hood River, admission includes commemorative stein, and tasting tokens are sold for a nominal price. The annual event attracts thousands and proceeds support the programs of the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce.

    Entertainment Line-Up

    noon-2pm Barlow Road 2-4pm Tess Barr 4-6pm Tony Smiley 6-7pm The Quick & Easy Boys Scarlet Thistle Belly Dancing Troupe 8-9pm The Quick & Easy Boys

    Children are welcome throughout the afternoon until 6pm; The venue is open to adults only until closing at 9pm.


    • 20 and under free until 5:30 p.m.
    • 21 and over $6.00, which includes beer tasting stein
    • $4.00 for wine drinkers and designated drivers

    Tokens are $1 each. 4 tokens = a full beer, or 1 token = a taste.

    Please, pets are not permitted into the event.

    Samurai Artist
    Samurai Artist

    Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: SamuraiArtist@NewSchoolBeer.com


    • Jim F
      Jim F
      Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:55 PM

      Best line up yet. Good job. Can’t wait. Love too that this is just a mile bike ride from my house. That ride back up the hill certainly sobers you up quick!!

      • Ritch
        Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:12 PM

        Looks goods, can’t wait. I’m really excited that Cascade Lakes made a beer with one of my favorite obscure hops (Santiam).