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Believe it or not, not all beer news is reported on The New School, so I thought I would take a minute to share some of the stories that have interested us in the last week from around the inter webs.

Hello Kitty Beer Arrives
I hope this makes it to the U.S. The seminal Japanese brand Hello Kitty is used to sell everything from toys to underwear, and now it has its own craft beer! Available in more than 6 flavors in cans, the product is brewed by Taiwanese brewer Long Chuan. Awesomely, the beers are only 2.6% abv and come in such exotic flavors as Lemon-Lime, Peach, Passionfruit, and Banana. They even get some positive reviews here:

Whole Foods Market is Building a Brewery
Another sign of craft beer’s increasing popularity, the powerful Whole Foods Market chain has been adding growler stations and craft beer bars to its locations for a while now, but is finally going all-in by building its own brewery in San Jose, California. The new brewery will be on the 2nd floor of a brand new Whole Foods location, with the market underneath.

I am surprised another grocery store chain like Trader Joe’s, who already sells its own exclusive (contract-brewed) beers, did not jump on this first. But then that makes Whole Foods’ move make even more sense, as in one quick move it is more invested in craft beer then TJ’s and will have its own in-house brands, not a hodgepodge of contracted out brews, shich equals more beer cred.
Full story:

Amnesia Brewing’s Mississippi Location Sold to Become StormBreaker Brewing
As reported yesterday on The New School, the original founding location of Portland’s popular Amnesia Brewing on N. Mississippi has been sold and will close and re-open as a new brewery called StormBreaker Brewing. Full story:

Rogue is Expanding in Newport
The evil empire is expanding its reach due to increasing demand of both its spirits and ales in out-of-state markets. Rogue President Brett Joyce has asked the Newport, Oregon Port Commission about leasing more port land at the South Beach if there is space. Full story:

Brew Dogs TV Show Debuts Crazy Portland Based Brew
The guys from BrewDog, the Scotland-based extreme brewery given to sly marketing ploys, have a new TV show debuting on the Esquire Network–simply called Brew Dogs–that debuts on September 24th. In it, they travel America and visit breweries and collaborate on new beers. They were in Portland over the summer and brewed a “fresh-hopped, blackberry-infused Berlinerweisse — while floating on a beer-keg raft down the Willamette River.” That’s just one of the outlandish beers chronicled in the show; you can find a full list of these crazy brews here:

Guinness Debuts their First Fall Seasonal
Dynasty brands like Guinness–which for centuries relied on just its Stout brand–are being forced to branch out as consumers want to try new things. In recent years Guinness debuted its Black Lager, which I have been seeing a renewed push for lately, and last year its first winter seasonal, Generous Ale. Now the brewery is introducing its response to the fall seasonal pumpkin beer trend with Red Harvest Stout. I am curious to give this a try; luckily I have some sample bottles coming my way in the mail. Full story here:

Asian Beer Gets Funky
If you thought American brewers were going off the deep end in experimental beers, you won’t believe what Japanese brewers are doing to try to capture the fickle young drinkers. Tomato beer cocktails, anyone? See the video from Reuters above:

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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  • Theo Skourtis
    Theo Skourtis
    Wed Sep 4, 2013 9:56 PM

    I recall hearing that the Brewdog beer may go on tap somewhere in Portland when the episode premieres. Any word on if that keg is floating around somewhere in the city?