Portland’s Royale Brewing Co. Launch Party

A new Portland brewery from the owners of Green Bottling (Oregon’s first mobile bottlers) is launching its beers on April 1st, but Royale Brewing Co. is no April Fools joke. Though Royale Brewing does not have its own location yet, the owners have actually purchased and placed a fermenter at Alameda’s production facility while they get their own building up and running at 55 NE Farragut in the Piedmont neighborhood. In the meantime you will be able to find the brewery’s porter, red, and pale ales in bottles and kegs.

Royale Brewing Co. and Green Bottling partners Mike Weksler, Jack Houston, and Paul Bastian are excited to launch their beers at one of their favorite after work hangout joints, the Fremont Ridge, on Tuesday, April 1st, at 5pm. Following in the footsteps of breweries like The Commons and Heater Allen, and with plenty of contacts in the industry already, the trio plans to self distribute their beers and already have enough tap handles requested around town to keep them busy.

Royale Brewing’s beers were developed by co-owner Paul Bastian, but for the first year brewer-about-town Dave Fleming will oversee production while the owners search for a permanent brewer.

The launch beer lineup includes:
The Royale Porter – 6.0 ABV & 20 IBU. It leans towards the Baltic style with its combination of black, chocolate, and roasted malt.
The Visitor Red Ale – 6.0 ABV & 30 IBU. It has a healthy dose of Special B malt to gain the darker red with old world nutty flavor.
Fat Unicorn Pale – 5.5 ABV & 40 IBU. We used Willamette, Cascade,and Magnum hops, with some oats tossed in for a creamy mouth feel that tastes like an old school pale.
The beers, names, and imagery of Royale Brewing have their own feel and humor. “We named our brewery Royale as an homage to the Beastie Boys. As for the art, I don’t know where we get the ideas from, other than we reach deep down inside for something really wrong and then try to make it funny,” says co-owner Mike Weksler.
Royale Brewing Launch Party
Tuesday April 1st 5pm
Fremont Ridge
5103 NE Fremont St,
Portland, OR 97213
Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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