Double Mountain Brewery My Little Runaway-Belgian Style Cherry Ale

Double Mountain My Little Runaway bottle beer

Double Mountain Brewery  My Little Runaway-Belgian Style Cherry Ale is a new limited edition draft and bottled beer release available now at the brewery in Hood River and making it’s way to bottle shops this week.

“This beer is like love; it won’t last long, but is so, so very good when it stays with you.” Shares Matt Swihart, owner and brewmaster, “Enjoy this beer while it lasts, since we only made a small batch it will be found at just a handful of places. On a final note,” he adds, “I recommend listening to Slaid Cleaves while drinking this beer.”

Like all beers at Double Mountain, the My Little Runaway is unfiltered and the cherry ale contains a small amount of natural fruit and yeast sediment that forms on the bottom of the bottle.

Double Mountain My Little Runaway Cherry Ale

Double Mountain offers a pouring guide that fits the drinker’s preference:

To Pour clear: Store this beer upright and pour slowly into a glass and leave the last half inch of beer in the bottle.

For a brewer’s pour: Follow instructions above, then swirl the remaining beer in the bottle and add to the glass for that fresh unfiltered straight-from-brewers’-tank flavor!

My Little Runaway, Belgian Style Cherry Ale – 6.4% ABV, 22 BU

Description: Beers can be a canvas for the soul. This little runaway combines the Ardennes fruity yeast, Oregon Van and Bing Cherries and a tiny stolen blend of next year’s Devil’s Kriek to commingle as sweet refreshing cherry ale with the ghost of bitterness. Some beers last forever, some go away, some move to Florida, let’s see if this one stays.

My Tasting Notes: Poured from the bottle a Cherry haze colored hue, nice head. Sweet and modestly tart, cherry juice, Belgian yeast spiciness, dirty bitterness. A surprisingly light an dry playful cherry flavor finishes in an even more surprisingly bitter that I am not sure is coming from cherry pits or yeast but I have decided it’s not hops. An interesting drier more complex and bitter beer then you would think for something dubbed a Belgian style Cherry Ale.

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