Portland’s New Culmination Brewing [Photo Gallery]


Culmination Brewing finally opened its doors last Saturday in NE Portland after more than a 2 year wait. A project of brewer and brewery consultant Tomas Sluiter (previously of Old Market Brewing), what sets Culmination apart is its 5-vessel gravity-fed and automated 5 barrel brewhouse, along with its plans to produce sake down the line.


The unique 5 barrel automated brewhouse at Culmination will allow Sluiter and Head Brewer Brad Basile to make a huge variety of beers while avoiding the pitfalls of a smaller system like they have by being able to crank out 3-4 brews in one shift, or double that with two shifts. That gives them the flexibility to fit in small collaborations or contract brews, as well as their own experiments. The new brewhouse from Marks Design and Metalworks is placed but not quite piped yet, so brewing on the house system is still about 2 weeks off. In the meantime, Culmination has a beer called “4 and 20” on tap–tragically described as a “Black IPA”–that was brewed at Lucky Lab Brewing, along with Ciel de Gris from The Commons Brewery and Cider Riot’s Never Give an Inch blackberry cider. Coming soon is another collaboration this one with De Garde Brewing, and in the meantime you may see a collaboration with the brand new Brannon’s Pub & Brewery in Beaverton that Tomas Sluiter consulted on.

Most uniquely, the space has room to grow and is already beginning buildout of a recording studio for local musicians. Imagine them selling CDs over the bar called “The Culmination Brewing Sessions” volumes 1-20 and maybe catch one of the artists playing a set in the tasting room.


Also a couple weeks out is “Vermont BBQ,” the food cart that will be parked outside the Culmination Brewing tasting room serving items like smoked pork BBQ and maple sandwiches with regular or vegan cole slaw. There are also plans for breakfast service for the neighborhood consisting of egg and sausage sandwiches and are working on a vegan bbq sandwich using jackfruit.


The small Culmination Brewing tasting room is still being built-out but can stretch to 20 beers on draft, and there are plans to have a coffee bar with some pastries and limited A.M. hours for the workers and residents in the quiet neighborhood. The wood paneled cooler, tables, and impressive oak live-edge bar top elevate the space beyond industrial but is still sparse on decor. With sake tasting, display shelves and a TV also in the works, it will be worth revisiting in a month to see how far they have come along.


Culmination Brewing is now Open

2117 NE Oregon

Soft Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 6pm – 10pm


Culmination Brewing owner Tomas Sluiter tends bar at the tasting room on opening night.

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