Beer List for #PDXNOW and Base Camp’s Collabofest


#PDXNOW presents Base Camp’s Collabofest, an inevitable theme for a festival that celebrates collaboration between breweries by bringing together 10 of Portland’s best. Five pairs of breweries were teamed with another to produce two collaboration beers–one made at each brewery–for a total of 10 original creations. Also taking place during the fest is the “Winter Rail Jam” presented by All the Homies!, and for the life of me I have no clue whatsoever what that means or is. But I know you’re as interested in the final collaboration beer list as am I, and we have all the details below.


 The Beer List!

Base Camp – Bridge Builder Bock in collaboration with Coalition Brewing Co.

Brewed with “as local as possible” domestic and Northwest malts, Oregon hops and Oregon pear wood for aging. The Bridge BUilder Bock will feature Northwest High- Color Pale, Vienna, Munich and Melanoidin malts for a big, fat, huge, colossal, malty sock-rocking – smoothed out with extensive lagering and completed with house-chipped and roasted pear wood. The resulting beer will be warming enough to ward off the winter chill, mellow enough to have several pints, and complex snooth and sylish, proving that it’s all good in the ‘hood.

Coalition – Mutual Fermentation in collaboration with Base Camp

Mutual Fermentation is a true collaboration beer: mad with four brewers, eight hands and loads of elbow grease. It’s a malty amber ale that’s the perfect beer to bridge the gap between winter and spring, and the counterpart to Base Camp’s lager version. Malt and fruit dominate the nose, while a light hop character from locally grown Sterling and Perle hops helps balance the caramel sweetness. Locally sourced base malt from Great Western intermingles with dar Munich and an array of caramel malts to lend a fully malty body with notes of fruit and gentle touch of roast. Pear wood from a local farmer roasted at a collaborator’s house adds a light tannic character to give this ale a clean fresh finish. Sit back, relax, grip your pint firmly and enjoy the pleasures of Mutual Fermentation.

Ex Novo – Gose Either Way in collaboration with Gigantic Brewing Co

This blackberry gose is crisp, tart and refreshing. Made with Oregon blackberries, Jacobsen sea salt and coriander. Our gose stands up well on its own, or blends with with Gigantic’s Quadtastic!

Gigantic – Qadtastic B2 + G + EX = #PDXNOW in collaboration with Ex Novo

Dark fruit, toffee, caramel and rich malth abound in this ruby-colored  brew made to blend with our collabo blackberry goose.
*Looks like there will be an 11th sampler added to the list with a mix of the Gose and the Quadtastic!

Ecliptic – Downkriek Cosmic Storm Belgian Sour in collaboration with StormBreaker

This Belgian saison has a bright cherry flavor, light body and tart finish. THe beer was brewed with Washington barley malt, Oregon cherries and Oregon hops and kettle-soured with Oregon yogurt.

StormBreaker – Upkreik Cosmic Storm in collaboration with Ecliptic

Brewing with our interstellar friends from Ecliptic at StormBreaker Brewing, this light Belgian blonde has aromas of cherries and slight breadiness. It has a little sweetness up front with a clean, crisp, smooth mouthfeel and was aged on tart cherries for a dry, tart cherry finish. It may be out of this world, but it’s happening in #PDXNOW.

Breakside Brewing – Juggling Plums Gose in collaboration with Fat Heads

This gose is a slightly sour wheat beer made with salt and coriander. In a non-traditional twist, we derived all of the salt in this beer from an unlikely source: the Japanese salt plum, or umeboshi. These small Japanese plums are cured with red shiso and salt for a year in wooden barrels. Fat Head’s developed the sour wort that gives the beer its tartness, while Breaside supplied the base wort and the salt plums. We think that you’ll find the finished beer to be incredibly refreshing and complex.

Fat Heads – Weiss Weiss Baby in collaboration with Breakside

A red German weizen, this beer has a soft amber color and a caramel sweetness from the crystal malts that is nicely accentuated by the expressive German hefeweizen yeast strain, producing flavors of banana and clove. It’s all wonderfully brought together with a light smokiness from beechwood-smoked malts.

HUB – Hop-Lic Kellerweizen in collaboration with Baerlic Brewing Co

This Bavarian hefeweizen was dry-hopped with organic El Dorado and Citra hops and finished in apple and pear brandy barrels.

Baerlic Brewing – Baer-works Radlerweizen

Organic Oregon pear juice was added to this Bavarian hefeweizen to give it the light, fruity taste of a German radler.
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#PDXNOW presents Base Camp’s Collabofest

Saturday January 24th Noon
Base Camp Brewing Company
930 SE Oak St
Portland, OR 97214
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