2 Towns “Freshest By” Imperial Hop & Stalk Cider is New Summer Seasonal

2 Towns Hop & Stalk
2 Towns “Freshest By” Imperial Hop & Stalk cider is new Summer Seasonal by the Corvallis, Oregon-based hard cider maker. Hop & Stalk was previously a limited-release cider from 2 Towns Ciderhouse that was so popular it has been tweaked to become an “Imperial” 8% ABV offering with fresh-pressed rhubarb juice and dry-hopped with Citra hops. This is also the first time a cider has utilized a “freshest by” date, which you may have seen used for craft beer. Freshest By Hop & Stalk is a refreshing change for the increasingly popular hopped cider category.

The Citra hops used in the Hop & Stalk are known for their vibrant citrus and passionfruit character and floral aroma—these attributes mellow out and fade over time. Marking each batch with a “freshest by” date ensures that customers know when to drink it by to enjoy the biggest hop flavor.

“Hop & Stalk was a favorite Limited Release in the past, with fans begging for it to come back. We wanted to meet their demand and guarantee the best aroma, body, and flavor possible,” said Dave Takush, Head Cider Maker at 2 Towns Ciderhouse. “The freshest by mark and slight recipe tweaks assure hop heads and cider lovers that they are getting this cider the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

Hop & Stalk will be available May through August, and will be available to distributors in bottles, 1/6bbl and 1/2bbl kegs. This seasonal cider will be available throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, the Chicago area, parts of Nevada and Minnesota.


2 Towns Ciderhouse Line-up Change:

2 Towns Ciderhouse recently changed its release schedule and line-up to better serve fan demand.  It now offers four year-round flagships and five lines of cider:

·         Flagship: BrightCider, Ginja Ninja and OutCider. Available year-round.

·         Seasonal: Rhubarbarian (Nov-Feb), Cherried Away (Mar-Jun) and Made Marion (Jul-Oct).

·         Imperial Flagship: Bad Apple. Available year-round.

·         Imperial Seasonal: Serious Scrump (Jan-Apr), Hop & Stalk (May-Aug) and Nice & Naughty (Sept-Dec).

·         Limited Release: Cider available for limited times only as supplies last. Currently available: Throne of Thorns!

About 2 Towns Ciderhouse

2 Towns Ciderhouse produces craft hard apple cider in Corvallis, Oregon. Founded in 2010 by three friends living in the two towns of Eugene and Corvallis, OR, 2 Towns Ciderhouse strives to bring craft hard apple cider back to the people.  2 Towns Ciderhouse is proud to be a part of the resurgence of America’s first craft beverage of choice. In 2012 we began planting our own cider apple orchard, and since the beginning we’ve been committed to supporting local apple growers by insisting on using the finest fresh-pressed 100% NW apples. We never take shortcuts in the cider-making process—and never add sugar or essence flavorings—but instead let the fresh, naturally fermented ingredients speak for themselves. Please visit www.2townsciderhouse.com for more information.

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