New Portland Craft Beer Festival Announces Beer List

Portland Craft Beer Festival logoAn interesting new festival tests the waters during Oregon Craft Beer Month when the Portland Craft Beer Festival launches over 4th of July weekend with the approximately 100-strong beer list below. Focusing exclusively on Portland breweries, the Portland Craft Beer Festival takes its influence from other local fests like the vast variety of the Portland International Beerfest and the eclectic nature of the Spring Beer & Wine Fest. Even with 100 beers, the Craft Beer Festival adds 2 cideries and a winery to the mix, as well as non-alcoholic Floyd’s Coffee on nitro.

Sunday’s Family Day is the most unique and original part of this new fest. While the first 2 days of the festival are 21+ only, on Sunday it will be all-ages from noon-7pm. The most unique part is that the day will start with a yoga class for children and adults at 11am to noon before the beer is pouring. They will also be setting up a “Children’s Market” on Sunday featuring children made crafts.

Beer List

(to date – beers still to be added from Laurelwood, Cascade, & Hair of the Dog)
  • 10 BARREL BREWING  Blueberry Lemon Gose 10 IBU 5.0%
  • BASE CAMP BREWERY  Pilgrimage Saison 29 IBU 7.10% – Saison
  • BRIDGEPORT  Stumptown Tart 15 IBU 7.7% – Superbly crisp and always refreshing, this year’s Stumptown Tart is brewed with fresh Northwest raspberries. With an irresistibly tart finish, you’ll never want to put her down.
  • COMMONS BREWERY Myrtle 19 IBU 5.20% – Tart, dry hopped farmhouse ale
  • COMMONS BREWERY  Urban Farmhouse Ale 14 IBU 5.30% – Simple refreshing farmhouse ale
  • ECLIPTIC  Aurora Crimson Saison 28 IBU 5.00% – Our Aurora Crimson Saison is a summertime refresher. Its light malt flavor is accentuated by spicy Belgian yeast character and balanced with Sterling hops. Aurora’s crimson comes from rhubarb, which adds a radiant tart character to the beer.
  • GIGANTIC BREWING  SOLID! 6.00% – Hoppy American Wheat. Who says American wheat beers need to be mild flavored? Not us. We’re redesigning what wheat beer can be – boldly hoppy, crisp, clear(ish) and absolutely solid!
  • HOPWORKS URBAN BREWERY Golden Belgian with Grapefruit 50 IBU 6.50% – Made with Duvel yeast
  • HUMBLE BREWING  Saaz Saison 38 IBU 5.80%  – Pils, Munich and white wheat malts, Saaz hops, fermented with French Saison yeast provide a clean, slightly tart easy drinking saison.
  • LOMPOC BREWING  Saison de L’evolution 25 IBU 5.80% – This is a hazy Belgian style farmhouse ale that is dry and crisp. Made with candied ginger, lemon and orange peel, and coriander.
  • MCMENAMINS CRYSTAL  Stephenweizen 28 IBU 5.50%
  • PORTLAND U-BREW & PUB  Peach Saison 20 IBU 5.00% – Brewed with Belgian and American grains, 4 yeast blended and pure peach pruee added to secondary fermation. Sorachi Ace hops.
  • ROCK BOTTOM BREWERY Spiced Belgian Pale Ale 7.3%
  • ROYALE BREWING  Royale Pilsner 25 IBU 5.00%
  • UPRIGHT BREWING  Four 18 IBU 4.50% – Four is a wheat based table saison embodying the spirit of country style French ales with light floral tones and a dry, tart finish.
  • WIDMER   Hefe 30 IBU 4.90% – America’s Original Hefeweizen.Our naturally cloudy flagship brew features a bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas


  • ALAMEDA BREWHOUSE  P-Town Pilsner 20 IBU 4.00% –  Our house session Lager. This is your quintessential dry, clean and crisp German Pilsner. With a bready aroma, great Pilsner malt flavor and a slightly hoppy finish for balance. The perfect beer to beat the Summer heat.
  • BAERLIC BREWING CO.  Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner 50 IBU 6.00% – Traditionalists would curse our additions of raw oats to this style of beer, but we just love the texture it adds. And it pairs perfectly with the spicy and fruity flavors & aromas of locally grown Sterling and Santiam hops.
  • BASE CAMP BREWING  Hop in the ‘Pool 22 IBU 4.90% – Late-hopped Helles
  • BTU BRASSERIE  Balk 21 IBU 7.50% – Bock
  • BTU BRASSERIE  Ghost Man White Lager 16 IBU 5.30%
  • KELLS BREWPUB  Kells Summer Lager 18 IBU 4.20% –  Lager, dry hopped and packed full of citrus notes
  • NATIAN BREWERY  Knockback 18 IBU 4.40% – Mexican lager brewed with honey malt very little hop presence
  • WIDMER  Nordlander Pils 41 IBU 5.70% – This Northern German Pilsner has aromas of lemon zest and floral hop spice, features a light body with a graham cracker malt flavor and carries a firm bitterness.
  • UPRIGHT BREWING  Engelberg Pilsener 35 IBU 4.75% – Made in a north German style, using a classic Munich lager yeast that showcases the simple recipe while providing plenty of character. Named after Mt.Angel, where the Tettnanger hops in this beer are grown, the Engelberg hits the palate with a firm bitterness but remains light and with a delicate balance.


  • 13 VIRTUES  Brewing Rip City Red 50 IBU 6.00% American Amber/Red Ale – For people who love IPAs but like a little more malt sweetness. We use American 2-row, Munich, Carapils, Crystal-15 and Crystal-120, and a little chocolate malt to add some oomph. We then throw in Palisade, Calypso, and Centennial hops for a balanced, drinkable beer. Cheers!
  • BAERLIC BREW CO.  Hoppy Brown 60 IBU 6.80% – A NW take on an American Brown Ale. Aromas of evergreen, cocoa & sweet orange dance with biscuit, roast and malty sweetness that finishes dry with bittersweet chocolate and citrus.
  • KELLS BREWPUB  Kells Irish Red Ale 24 IBU 4.50% – Irish Red Ale
  • THE MASH TUN Razorback Red


  • BUCKMAN BREWERY  Buckman Ginger Pale Ale 20 IBU 6.00% – A malt forward pale ale brewed with freshly ground ginger.
  • COALTION BREWING CO.  Salty Beach – Sea salt lime kölsch
  • COLUMBIA RIVER BREWING  Columbia River Brewing Pale Ale 52 IBU 6.60%
  • COLUMBIA RIVER BREWING  Extra Special Bitter 37 IBU 5.50%
  • FAT HEADS BREWING  Jack Straw Kölsch 25 IBU 5.30% – Kölsch. Light, crisp German ale with a slight fruit finish
  • PINTS BREWING  Konvention Kölsch 4.9% A Kölsch brewed after the rules of the Kolsch Convention of 1948.
  • PORTLAND BREWING CO.  S.M.A.S.H. (pale ale) 35 IBU 5.60% – Single Malt and Single Hop Pale Ale
  • PORTLAND BREWING CO.  Velvet Majestic 30 IBU 5.50% – White pale ale with lemon peel
  • ROCK BOTTOM  Brewery Kölsch 27 IBU  4.9% –  Easily the best beer you’ll ever have.
  • ROYALE BREWING   Fat Unicorn Pale Ale 48 IBU 5.50%
  • THE MASH TUN  Alberta Street Pale Ale 5.4%


  • 10 BARREL BREWING  Pearl IPA 80 IBU 7.60%
  • 13 VIRTUES BREWING  45th Parallel IPA 60 IBU 7.00% – American IPA – Oregon’s Willamette valley is on the 45th parallel, which is the same as Germany’s famous hop-growing region. Reflecting that balance, our IPA is just that – a classic parallel. We use American 2-Row, Vienna, Carapils, and Crystal-40 to provide a solid, substantial malt backbone. We then add a cavalcade of “C” hops: Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Columbus, and Citra to give you a big citrusy, floral hop smack right in the kisser.
  • ALAMEDA BREWHOUSE  Yellow Wolf IPA 90 IBU 8.20% – With over 90 IBUs Yellow Wolf has enough eye-popping intensity to satisfy even the most ardent hopheads. It has bright piney nose and light golden color. We suggest pairing it with sunshine.
  • BREAKSIDE BREWERY  India Golden Ale 80 IBU 8.10% – Double IPA/This double IPA is the lightest, hoppiest beer you’ll ever try.  It’s loaded with tropical and fruity notes from Mosaic, Eldorado and Chinook hops and has a light body that really allows the hop flavor to shine.  Originally a collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing, this beer is now a staple of our seasonal lineup.
  • BREAKSIDE BREWERY Feelgood Flagship India Pale Ale 70 IBU 6.40% – IPA/This light copper beer has huge citrus and tropical fruit aromas, with hints of perfume and pine. Flavors like apricot, guava, and orange hit the tongue accompanied by a mild evergreen note. There’s just enough caramel sweetness to balance the hop flavors, showcasing the beautiful varieties of hops grown in the Northwest.
  • BURNSIDE BREWING  Other IPA 70 IBU 7.0% – The Other IPA utilizes copious amounts of Meridian, Mosaic, and Amarillo’s, some of our favorite hop varietals. Other IPA’s hop profile is aptly balanced with a specialty malt backbone to match it’s hop profile. Don’t tell our original IPA, it’ll be our little secret.
  • COALTION BREWING CO.  Space Fruit Citrus IPA 76 IBU 7.0%  – A special seasonal India Pale Ale brewed with five different citrus zests, accompanied with a light malt backbone to give a substantial dry and tasty west coast finish. 
  • ECLIPTIC  Orbiter IPA 75 IBU 7.40% – Orbiter IPA unites a constellation of “C” hops (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus) to create a formidable India Pale Ale. Bright and citrusy hop flavors and aromas shine in a medium body with caramel malt character.
  • EX NOVO  Casual Ex 50 IBU 4.90% – Session IPA. Featuring Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops, a bright refreshing hop showcase that drinks easy all summer long
  • FAT HEADS  Sunshine Zest 60 4.90% – Session IPA. Big hop aromas with flavors of citrus, peach, orange and tropical fruit with a nice light malt backbone, topped off with some citrus zest.
  • DESCHUTES  Pinedrops IPA 70 IBU 6.50% – This lively IPA delivers a crisp and light malt body with ample citrus and pine notes from Chinook and Equinox hops. Inspired by the aromas and silence we experience when exploring the scenic pine forests just up the road from our brewhouse.
  • LOMPOC BREWING CO.  Pamplamousse Citrus IPA 70 IBU 5.80% – Deep golden medium bodied IPA. 4 varieties of hops and real grapefruit added at the end of fermentation
  • MCMENAMINS CRYSTAL  Diamond Head IPA 75 IBU 6.45%
  • OLD TOWN BREWERY  Shanghai’d IPA 65 IBU 6.50% – A medium-bodied IPA with grapefruit, resinous and piney hop aroma, and tropical flavors derived from the Columbus, Nugget, Cascade, Liberty and Crystal hops.  These characters are delicately balanced by a touch of malt sweetness from the honey malt used in this beer. Complex in character, distinct in taste.
  • PORTLAND U-BREW & PUB  Grapefruit IPA 75 IBU 6.40%-  Brewed with wheat and Cascae/Centennial hops, American ale yeast. All natural raw fruit added
  • PYRAMID  IPA 55 IBU IBU 6.30% – Indian Pale Ale with 5 hops
  • PYRAMID  H7 IPA 80 9.50% – Unfiltered Imperial IPA with 7 hops
  • SASQUATCH BREWERY  Woodboy IPA 74 IBU 6.80% – Made with Centennial hops from the Willamette Valley and then dry-hopped with 3 pounds of Cascade hops after primary fermentation. The result? An intensely floaral aroma and a luscious, citrusy flavor. This beer is for the true hop lover.
  • STORMBREAKER BREWING  Triple Double IPA 90 IBU 8.50%
  • UPTOWN MARKET BREWING  Hero IPA 50 IBU 6.00% – Straight out of the Uptown Brewery, this IPA is simply too fresh to inspire a hero-worthy description. Here’s all you need to know: Brewed with a Pale Malt from Chile through a 90-minute boil, the Hero is well-bittered with Ella Hops from Australia, and Orbit hops from New Zealand for aromatics.


  • FOTM BREWING CO.  Electric Mud 30 IBU 6.60% – Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. “Well you know when I plug into your socket, I can charge you like no one else can.” – Muddy Waters
  • NATIAN BREWERY  McGuinness 9.20% – Imperial Milk Stout aged on Kahlua soaked oak. More of a smooth stout with a rich dark depth rather than boozy. This beer utilizes more chocolate malt than roasted barley which helps pronounce the smooth/silky qualities of a milk stout.  The more this beer ages, the more the Kahlua soaked oak develops a slight vanilla flavor to compliment the roasty/chocolate profile.
  • PINTS BREWING  Red Velvet Cake 45 IBU 6.7%


  • DESCHUTES  Cyclist Radler 7 IBUS 3.8% – Traditionally known as a Radler in Germany this beer is a mix of our German Hefeweizen and Lemonade to create a deliciously light and refreshing beer.
  • EX NOVO  Old Ex 25 IBU 7.5 – Malt Liquor. The old American classic – strong adjunct ale crafted in PDX.
  • GIGANTIC BREWING  Ume Umai 7.50% – Plum & Black Rice Beer. Inspired by the Japanese flavor palette, we combined plums, black rice and pilsner malt to make a unique beer experience. Brewed “dry” in the Asian manner, and soured in the kettle to give just a hint of tartness, Ume Umai is fruity, yet earthy and above all refreshing and delicious.
  • OLD TOWN BREWING CO.  C.R.E.A.M. Get the money 30 IBU 5.00% – This pre-prohibition cream ale is what your great-grandparents would have drank at the turn of the 20th century.  It is a lighter straw colored beer with a slightly sweet aroma.  The flavor has a medium bitterness from the Santiam hops and finishes with a moderate malt sweetness. 
  • STORMBREAKER BREWING  Red Storm Rider 63 IBU 7.60% – We teamed up with the awesome brewers at WILD RIDE BREWING to create this Imperial Red aged for over 3 months in Bull Run bourbon barrels just for this awesome new festival. Aromas of oak and toffee, with notes of chocolate, lend way to extenuated caramel flavors with a smooth bourbon finish. Here’s to you Portland!


  • CIDER RIOT!  Everybody Pogo – Hoppy cider
  • CIDER RIOT!  Never Give an Inch – Oregon blackberry cider
  • COOPERS HALL  Rose 12.90%
  • COOPERS HALL  Sangria 13.00%
  • REVEREND NAT’S HARD CIDER  ¡Tepache! 3.20% – A traditional Mexican drink made from fresh Costa Rican pineapples, Michoacan piloncillo sugar, and a blend of three spices. It is meant to be served mixed with a Mexican lager.
  • REVEREND NAT’S HARD CIDER  Revival Hard Apple 6.00% – Approachable medium-sweet cider with subtle familiarity and interesting complexity
  • SASQUATCH BREWERY  Berry Pie 6.85% – North West apples and blueberries are used to give this semi-dry cider a refreshing twist of happiness in a glass.


Individual participation cost is $20 for a keepsake mug and 10 beer tickets. 1 ticket will yield one 4 oz pour and 4 tickets will buy a full pour.

Advance ticket purchasers will receive 15 beer tickets. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at $1.00 apiece. Tickets will be available for advance purchase through or directly through


CaskAide, Inc. and its partner charities are the non-profit beneficiaries of the PCBF. CaskAide, Inc. was formed to partner with the Portland Craft Beer Festival with the intent of supporting Portland neighborhood interests through the promotion of local breweries. This year, the beneficiaries are the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation,The James Beard Public Market and the Oregon Brew Crew.
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Samurai Artist

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