McMenamins Has Punk Rock P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.

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McMenamins Crystal Ballroom and brewer Drew Phillips are collaborating quarterly for a new beer release and band collaboration, and this month they have punk rock P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Wednesday, October 14th, is the first edition of these quarterly concerts with the band, aptly titled P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (ex-Defiance, Poison Idea, Dead Moon, Severed Heads of State, etc. etc.), and the collaboration beer is a favorite of punker beverages, a light lager. Concert details here:

Head Brewer Drew Phillips has some words about the band,

“The members of P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. helped write the story of punk in Portland, having populated at various times Poison Idea, Dead Moon, Defiance, Severed Heads of State, Vegan Killing Machine, and probably one hundred more bands that never played more than one show. Both their LP’s, Make It Through the Night and Another Day, as well as their numerous 7” singles, weave a rotten, smelly, bloody tapestry far more confessional and reflective than any of the aforementioned projects. What you get is a kind of autobiography of growing up punk in the pre-Portlandia Portand, the narrative that a place like Satyricon helped shape, and Club 21 and The Know continue to shape every day.”

Drew continued, “I’m really excited to collaborate with a band that I watched grow from the ground up, whose music is often spilling out of the doorway to my brewery. We’ll be following up Make It Through the Night Light Lager with Another Day Malt Liquor.”

More on the new McMenamins Crystal Brewery quarterly concerts and collaborations:

“The Crystal Brewery seeks to collaborate with local and regional bands on beers that reflect their songs, attitude, and the scene surrounding their music. We aren’t looking to make gimmicky beers, but rather to craft balanced, challenging, and novel brews that honor the similar hard work and creativity demonstrated by the bands we feature. Each release will occur quarterly in Lola’s room for $5 at the door (unless otherwise specified).”

Make It Through the Night Light Lager

The phrase, “make it through the night,” stands next to “get in the van” as one of the great tour phrases. For every punk rock band, there are one hundred stories of hard living on the road. Some contain enough truth to be legend, some enough to maybe be considered a half-truth. What’s not in dispute is anything that anyone in Portland punker pack P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. tells you about their time on the road. Whether currently or in Pierced Arrows, Defiance, The Weaklings, or Vegan Killing Machine, there’s nothing left to surprise these guys. Anarchist desert compounds full of ex-Motörhead roadies, weeks without sleep in Eastern Europe, etc. Hence, it’s all about just making it through the night. Lager—a slow fermenting, clean beer—being the beer of choice for punk rockers—who love fast, mean, dirty rock n’ roll—we thought of no better way to pay tribute to Portland’s dive-bar champions.

Malts: Czech Pils, Caramel Munich 40-L

Hops: Horizon, Tettnanger

OG: 1.048 TG: 1.010 ABV: 4.9 IBU: 32 SRM: 5



Spit Vitriol

Special Beer Release: Make It Through the Night Light Lager

  • 7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show |
  • $5 advance, $5 day of show |
  • All ages welcome
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