2015 Beer Geek Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2


Beer geeks need gifts too, and they even like things other than beer, luckily their are tons of holiday beer gadgets, beer tech, growlers, glasses, t-shirts, books, carrying cases and even craft beer crossword puzzle books. Not enough ideas for you? Check out part 1 of our beer geek holiday gift guide here and settle in for part 2, all items available for purchase online now, many of them through amazon.com.

Mount Fuji Beer Glass

Mount Fujiyama Beer Glass

Hand blown beer glass from Japan, crafted to look like the famous Mount Fuji. Usually sells for near a hundred dollars but this Amazon seller has it for only $15.28, which is a steal especially when compared to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Beer glass. It looks great and makes for a great whiskey glass as well.

15MISC3906WB BeerPawng Space

Kitten Space Beer Pong T Shirt

I love kittens, and beer, and sports ball games, plus Neil deGrasse Tyson is pretty awesome so this Kitten playing Beer Pong in Space is kind of a must have for only $18.

True Pint Hydro Flask 4-pack

True Pint Gift Box – 4 Pack

Hydro Flask’s awesome vacuum insulated stainless steel beer cups are not just for outdoors use but feel great in hour hand, are heavy enough not to easily tip over but just a shade lighter than a glass. The brushed finished ones also have a nice grip and color with a slight lip that makes it better to enjoy a beer. Hydro Flask is now offering a special gift box four pack on their website for $79.95 but if you dont want to spent that much you can get a single in a variety of colors on Amazon below.

Hydro Flask True Pint colors
Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated True Pint

Get a single True Pint cup from Hydro Flask in a variety of colors or plain steel. I recommend getting a colored one because they have a nice brushed texture that makes them more pleasing to grip and less slippery. See our full review of the the True Pint here.


CHILL, BABY Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle

If you want your little tyke to get the proper hand to mouth movement it takes to hoist a beer bottle, and/or just shock other parents and bystanders than this gift is for you or your baby toting friends. The Chill, Baby Lil’ lager baby bottle (also available in Cerveza style) is actually made for milk but its fun to pretend, or maybe your a man or woman who is really into milk but wants to pretend their drinking beer? Either way this bottle is a must-have stocking stuffer for only $10.01 on Amazon.

Stubby Strip

The Stubby Strip 

So the Stubby Strip may have been designed for wine bottles but works equally well on 22oz and 750ml beer bottles offering an easy and flexible way to transport them while keeping them chilled. Holds up to seven bottles, wraps around each individually and is adjustable. Comes with a shoulder strap and can all be carried over the shoulder or in one hand. Available in nine different colors for only $24.95 on Amazon.


Pretentious Beer Glass Co. – Dual Beer Glass

The best beer glass are those hadcrafted by the Pretentious Beer Glass company, we have sung their praises here more than once and certainly cant post a holiday gift guide without mentioning them. They make a variety of awesome glasses in awesome and absurd shapes and sizes designed for different kinds of beers or just to look cool. Pictured is the Dual Beer Glass, inspired by a Black & Tan beer mash-up, you can pout two beers into one glass and they mix at the top as you drink. Buy directly from our friends at PretentiousGlass.com/shop

The Beer Bible

The Beer Bible

The man, they myth, the legend Jeff Alworth may best be known for his Portland based beer blog Beervana but believe it or not he ocassionally leaves the house and goes on a book tour. His new book is garnering much praise and even earned him an appearance on CNN.

The Beer Bible is a comprehensive, almost encyclopedic discussion of the history of beer and it’s main families and styles. From origins, descriptions, ingredients, tasting notes and sub-styles the Beer Bible is a great resource for the newbie or expert.

Craft Beer Crossword Puzzlebook

Craft Beer Crossword Puzzlebook

Another affordable stocking stuffer for the beer geek, this is awesome gift to kill some time on a flight, long car ride or just sipping your favorite beer. $19.95 via paypal directly from the source – Marnell Beer in NYC.

33 Beers Lunar Eclipse tasting booklets

33 Bottles of Beer – Lunar Eclipse Limited Edition

Portlander Dave Selden has made an empire out of beer tasting notes with his 33 Beers tasting notebook that has expanded with many spinoffs. A few months ago he launched this premium Lunar Eclipse Limited Edition 2-pack. We wrote a review of this nifty little beer geek gift you can read right here and there are still a few 2-packs left for only $9.99 each. Buy local!

Drink Tanks Growler

Drink Tanks Growler

One of the two best growlers currently available on the market (along with the ManCan 128) is this Bend, Oregon made stainless steel growler with draft cap. Its a solid, well made growler on it’s own but it’s really the keg cap accessory that keeps your beer pressurized and serveable through an attached tap line that takes this beyond many other well made growlers. Hold one of these babies in your hand and you can feel the quality, heft and construction of this durable and pretty growler. Available in half gallon or full gallon sizes, either way make sure to add on the keg cap accessory kit for $45. Get the plain growler in 64oz size with over a dozen color options for $69 on Amazon.


DrinkTanks Keg Cap Accessory Kit

This must have cap keeps your beer under pressure and serveable from an attached tap for true draft beer quality on the road.


2016 Oregon Beer Calendar

Different than the “Beers of Oregon Calendar” we featured in part 1 of our beer geek gift guide, this one is beer photography rather than labels. Independently photographed and designed by Portland local Matt Mioduszewski it features 12 months of all Oregon breweries bottles and cans in beautiful scenic outdoor locations. Matt is selling them via his Kickstarter for just $15, and backers are promised to receive their calendars before Christmas.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: SamuraiArtist@NewSchoolBeer.com


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