Sunriver Brewing Galveston Pub Takes Over for Oblivion in Bend

After Oblivion Brewing closed its doors at the beginning of the month, the building owner said a similar business model was going to be occupying the brewpub.

Sure enough, Sunriver Brewing announced today that it would be moving into the space at 1005 Northwest Galveston Ave, sharing the street with 10 Barrel Brewing and making a strong statement about its place in the Central Oregon beer scene.


Sunriver Brewing was a small, localized operation until 2013, when Brett Thomas took over as brewmaster and the brewery stopped contracting through the now-defunct Phat Matt’s Brewing Company. Thomas’s team has won a couple of regional awards since then, and seem to be growing in distribution by the day.

The brewery’s restaurant in The Village at Sunriver will continue operation, helping Sunriver transition into the Bend restaurant game with ease. Oblivion Brewing, which came from a production-only brewery, left the restaurant after less than a year, citing it wasn’t want they wanted when the owners started a brewery.

Building out a back patio for the new Sunriver

Building out a back patio for the new Sunriver

Oblivion co-owners Darin and Meghan Butschy said in earlier reports that the restaurant was exceedingly popular, with filled tables up until the closure after the New Year. But, with aspirations to grow the brand beyond Central Oregon, they turned their focus to expanding and honing the Oblivion brand.

The grand opening of Sunriver’s Bend Pub is slated for February 13, where the team hopes to also release a new beer, Rippin Northwest Ale: a dank hop-driven IPA with a pale ale-like body.

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Branden Andersen
Branden Andersen

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