First Look at the new Propolis Brewing Tasting Room


Propolis Brewing, the tiny specialty brewery in Port Townsend run by Robert Horner and Piper Corbett, held a great grand-opening party on Friday, February 19 at its new taproom and expanded brewery. (The New School featured a sneak peek while it was in the finishing stages of construction.) Propolis Brewing was established in June 2012, as the owners describe it, “with the sole intent to produce high-quality handcrafted herbal ales inspired by old world tradition, local resources and the rhythms of nature.” Owners Horner and Corbett took their inspiration from the rustic farmhouse ale styles of Belgium and northern France, adding herbs, spices, and fruits to create unique, Old-World-style brews, harkening back to the days of gruits with their mixtures of flavoring (and sometimes, psychoactive) herbs. Propolis started production as a nanobrewery with a tiny one-barrel system, packaging the beers in distinctive bottles with easily identifiable bright yellow labels. The tiny brewery has become known in and around the region for its unique approach to beer, with distribution to Seattle’s beer stores, and Propolis has long since outgrown its one-barrel capacity. Demand now means that Propolis beers can be found across Washington, Oregon, and California, and there are requests for more from states farther away. Horner and Corbett decided to grew their little brewery, which produced all of 150 barrels in 2015, into a full-fledged modern craft brewery, with a 15-barrel brewhouse and on-premises taproom.




The grand opening party on Friday, February 19th, 2016 featured live music, cheeses from Mount Townsend Creamery, a full line-up of beers on tap, and more to go in bottles. The little one-barrel brewery is now aiming for something bigger and grander. The range of beers on tap at Propolis is distinctive and unique. A common refrain among today’s craft brewers is “we like to brew the beers we like to drink.” Horner and Corbett’s Propolis Brewing is on the grow, and they are clearly brewing the beers they want to make – and drink. And maybe the ones you’ll drink, too.


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Don Scheidt
Don Scheidt

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