Beer List for the Lucky Labrador Barleywine Festival

Lucky Lab Barleywine Glass
This Friday and Saturday March 4th and 5th makes an amazing 19th year for the Lucky Labrador Barleywine Festival, and we have the full and final beer list. This is the only real full-sized barleywine fest in Oregon (that we know of), and always has some really interesting vintage beers (and if we are honest, some past their prime). There are no frills here, it’s all about the beer. It’s underpromoted. too, and that’s a good thing for the drinker. as there are hardly ever any lines.
This being the 19th Annual Barleywine Festival also makes it one of the oldest in the United States. The event runs from noon to 10:00pm both days. With 25 taps flowing, the 50 beers on the roster this year will be rotating throughout the event. Some beers will be available in a vertical tasting, i.e. several years of the same barleywine.
An event glass and four tokens are just $15 and extra tickets are $2 for a four ounce sample.

Beer List for Barleywine Fest:

2013 21st Amendment-Lower De Boom

2012 Alameda-Ol Alger

2011,2012 Anchor-OldFoghorn

2013 Awesome Ales-Spike Driver

2015 Ballast Point-3 Sheets

2015 Barley Browns-Sled Wrecker

2013 Bear Republic—Olde Scouter

2011 Beer Valley-Highway to Ale

2013,2014-Boulder-Killer Penguin

2013 Buoy-Barley Wine

2015 Double Mountain-Pale Death

2012 El Toro-Barley Wine

2015 Ecliptic-Orange Giant

2015 ExNovo-Never More

2013 Gigantic-Massive

2012,2014 Great Divide-Old Ruffian

2013 Hales Ales-Bbl Aged Barley Wine

2013 Hop Valley-The Wolfe

2013 Laht Neppur-Bluewood

2015 Laht Neppur-Black Matt Strong Ale

2010 Lucky Lab– Bbl Aged Son of Old Yeller

2011,2013,2014,2015 Lucky Lab-Old Yeller

2014 Montavilla-Old Fellowship

2012 Ninkasi-Allies Win the War

2012 Ninkasi-Wheat Wine

2015 Ninkasi-Critical Hit

2012 New Old Lompoc-C-Sons Greetings

2015 No-Li-Big Bang

2015 North Coast-Old Stock

2012,2013 Oakshire O’2 Planker

2010 Rock Bottom-Bbl Aged Imperial Stout

2011 Southern Oregon Brewery-Barley Wine

2011 Stone-Ruination

? Speakeasy-Old Godfather

2011 Terminal Gravity-Bucolic Plague

2012,2013,2014 Uinta-Anniversary Barley Wine

2013 Uinta-Bbl Aged Cockeyed Cooper

2012 Widmer-Hallucinator

2012,2013 Widmer-Old Embalmer

2013 Widmer-Oak Aged Old Embalmer

The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, located at 1945 NW Quimby, Portland, OR.  The pub features pizza, sandwiches, and other light fare.  Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 1am – midnight and Sunday, 12 noon – 10pm.  Minors are welcome until 10pm.


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