Jester & Judge Cider releases small batch Spring Break Mango-Habanero Cider

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Jester & Judge Cider Company is a fascinating brand from new contract production hard cider and soda company LDB Beverage in Stevenson, Washington. Founded by Bruce Nissen who also started Fox Barrel Cider and Crispin Hard Cider, he now aims to build a new cider hub and destination in the gorge. Jester & Judge is his own brand, recently launched with approachable flavors but above average apples and ingredients, the new flavor is Spring Break Mango Habanero.

More from the press release: Jester & Judge has created a unique program to let its team explore exotic ingredients and blends.  Released sporadically throughout the year, the first concoction is available now at a watering hole near you.

The kegs are currently available throughout the Greater Portland and Vancouver, Washington markets.  Optimistically named “Spring Break,” this blend of mango and habañero pepper takes us Northwesterners on a tropical journey far away from the rainiest spring in recent history.

Intriguing tropical flavors and habanero spice meld together in a refreshing cider that leaves your mouth watering for more.

Founded in the spring of 2015, Jester and Judge is the brainchild of Bruce and Carrie Nissen.  This duo is responsible for the creation of Fox Barrel Cider and Co-founders of Crispin Cider, which were both acquired by Miller-Coors.  After the sale, Bruce worked inside of Miller to integrate and grow the brands.  He later led development on the explosive brand Smith & Forge.

In the fall of 2014 the Nissen family left California, moving to the beautiful Columbia Gorge and started their next cider incarnation.  Jester & Judge is currently available in three retail varieties; American Apple, a semi-sweet blend, Sharp Cherry and Columbia Belle, a delightful peach cider that delivers huge on flavor.

Spring Break will be available throughout March and April until it’s gone.  Then, like the vacation of it namesake, we’ll all be left looking forward to its refreshing tropical return next March.


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For more information on Jester & Judge, visit the website at and follow on social media.  For sales inquiries, reach out to • Twitter @Jesterandjudge •Instagram @Jester_and_Judge

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