Upright Brewing 7th Anniversary & New Beer Releases

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It’s been a bright seven years for Portland’s original farmhouse brewery. Upright Brewing celebrates next Saturday, March 19th, at the brewery and tasting room. There will be a slew of new Upright beers on tap at the party, many of which are coming out later this spring.

Visit Upright Brewing from 1-8pm on Saturday, March 19th, for the brewery’s 7th anniversary party. It’s an extra special event as the crew pulls the year-round numbered beers off for the day and instead tap all sorts of new and rare beers, like Upright’s first Double IPA. Here is what will be on tap:

Wit (brand new one-off)
Schade IPA (Upright’s first Imperial IPA)
Oregon Native (an amazing Pinot grape barrel-fermented wild ale)
Engelberg Pils
Four Play
Fatali Four
Anniversary Saison
Oyster Stout

As usual there will also be a bottle release for a new version and new label for Upright Brewing’s Anniversary Saison. Bottles will be on sale for $12 or a special deal of 3 bottles for $35. Limit 3 bottles max per person.

Here is a rundown of some of the new Upright beer releases on tap at the party and some already available now.

New Upright Draft Beer Releases:

Look for the following beers out and about or in the brewery tasting room:

Schade Imperial IPA is the first huge hoppy beer brewed at Upright. Formulated and made in collaboration with Chef Ben Schade of Old Salt Marketplace, this beer showcases a blend of Columbia, Crystal, Warrior, and two experimental hop varieties over a basic grist yielding only enough malt character to support the mix of classic and modern hop flavors. The Schade, which we like to pronounce “Shady”, is very dry but smooth and drinks easy despite an ABV of 10%.

Wit was brewed as a one-off for the very tail end of winter and made using specific processes and ingredients – namely sour mashing a portion of the grist, adding distinctly amaro-like bitter orange peels to the kettle, and employing open fermentation with a blend of two yeast strains. The beer is light but flavorful with a pleasant creaminess from both wheat and oats but finishes extra dry. 5.25%

Oyster Stout is back! The annual brew is once again draft only this year and better than ever. This stout is the real deal, using 8 dozen large oysters in the hopback and 8 gallons of oyster juice, making up nearly 3% of the beer by volume! Minor recipe tweaks yielded an extra aromatic brew with a slightly creamier mouthfeel – prefect for the tail end of winter. 6.5%

Coming up for the tail end of March is a one-off draft Saison made with yeast from the famous Dupont Brewery, although the strain is not the usual one but an alternate that shows a slightly restrained ester profile but with firmer spicy notes. Look for it at the Farmhouse Festival at Saraveza the last weekend of March, along with a rare keg of our Anniversary Saison!

Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival 2016

Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Fest

Saturday & Sunday March 26-27
Saraveza, the Bad Habit Room and N. Michigan street once again hold the 5th annual Farmhouse and Wild Ale Fest and Upright brewing will be featuring a rare keg of our new Anniversary Saison and one-off Upright Saison. Check out the full brewery list and ticketing info here.

New Upright Brewing logo

Upright Brewing

240 N Broadway suite two, Portland OR 97227

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