New Crop of Growler Shops Set to Open

  While those of us who write for this fine publication thought 2016 would see the beginning of the demise of growler-only retailers, a whole new slate of growler fill shops is set to open soon. Interestingly, they all seem to be following the Big Legrowlski’s lead of just taking an obscure theme and running with it. The list may not quite be complete, so if you’re aware of any other new establishments opening up soon, please let us know in the comments.
J.K. Growling’s will open soon in Multnomah Village, sporting a Harry Potter theme (duh). No word yet on whether the establishment will offer fills of Butter Beer, but it should keep area muggles happy with a decent selection from 24 rotating taps (including two dedicated cider taps), all with custom-made magic wand handles.

Northern Spotted Growl will open next month in Eugene, featuring organic and sustainably-brewed beers and the region’s (and likely the world’s) largest selection of draft kombucha, with 18 taps dedicated to the cultured elixir. Shoes will be optional, and seating will available for anyone who is able to climb up to the rafters and rig up some climbing ropes to suspend a makeshift hammock. Eugenians could not be more excited about this place.

The Woodstock area will soon be getting a much anticipated growler shop to supplement the small selection available at the nascent New Seasons store in the neighborhood. Allen Ginsberg’s Growl! will sell beer to literary-minded Reedies and faculty in the neighborhood and host beat poetry readings on a weekly basis. The space has no chairs, but patrons are welcome to sit on the floor in a circle.

Hillsboro’s getting a new shop in which the Hops baseball squad has a stake. Growl Ball will open in May on NW Evergreen Parkway. It should be a welcome addition to the relatively dry area’s beer options, and will of course feature some baseball-themed events and live games on a couple of big screens.

The owners of SE Hawthorne soccer pub 4-4-2 are opening Grooooooooooooooooooooooal!, a small growler fill spot in a storefront adjacent to the pub. Discounted fills on Timbers match days will ensure brisk business.


Shit’s about to get real in North Portland with the opening of The Growler Games, which promises a survival theme and a few super-rare kegs from afar on offer for fill. The shop will encourage fights to the death to determine who will get the right to take home fills of the rare stuff Pliny the Younger and Bourbon County stout. Bring your bow or spear along with your growler; you’re going to have to earn that 64oz of beer.

Downtown’s south park blocks will see the opening of Growlth Park in a few weeks. The shop will primarily feature beers from Colorado and the decor will be styled in an alpine motif. All twelve draft lines will flow from a custom-made wall-mounted monkey ass, with surprisingly foul-mouthed servers manning the taps.

Finally, downtown Salem will greet Growlfellas in May. The mafia-themed shop will have around 24 draft lines (with a couple dedicated to cider), as well as draft martini and Manhattan cocktails available. Checkered red and white tablecloths will adorn the dimly-lit seating area, and the bathrooms will have ample room for “storage” of personal property for use later.



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