Moonshrimp Brewing Is Finally Open

Moonshrimp Brewing beer bottles

You may remember we first wrote about Moonshrimp Brewing in January 2014 when it was supposed to open later that year. After that did not happen and updates stopped, I thought the Moonshrimp Brewing project was dead. I am happy to report that it’s not dead and is now legally producing and selling its kickstarter funded gluten-free beers by the bottle in Portland. The crew has also installed a beer window for walk-up purchases, which are bottles only for now, with the aim to be able to fill growlers and sell kegs in the future.

For hardcore gluten Nazis, Moonshrimp Brewing guarantees that there will be no wheat, barley, malt, or any other gluten anywhere near the brewery property, and further promises not to use oats or oat products, no gelatin or isinglass for clarification, no honey, and no food at all allowed near the brewery or bottling area ever. Moonshrimp’s main base ingredients are millet and beet sugar, with additional ingredients for each flavor.


And no, Moonshrimp beers do not contain actual shrimp. The name is inspired by brewer Dan McIntosh’s impression of the image in the moon; where many see the face of man, Daniel has always seen a shrimp. Now I cannot unsee the shrimp, too.

Moonshrimp Brewing logo

Moonshrimp’s currently available beers are:

Starlight White

A very light summery beer with a touch of crisp sweetness rounded out with coriander and citrus notes. Light and refreshing. 1.050 OG and 25 IBU. Ingredients: Water, Millet, Vegan Sugar from beets, Hops, Orange Peel, Whole Coriander, Yeast

Negative Space: Dark Ale

A dark colored, light tasting ale perfect for a long evening of fun.  Rich hop finishing flavor and medium full body with a some dark fruit notes on top. 1.060 OG and 40 IBU. Ingredients: Water, Millet, Vegan Sugar from beets, Candied Vegan Sugar (Vegan Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice for acid), Hops, Yeast,

One Small Step: IPA

A classic IPA with rich hop flavor favoring those northwest favorites like Chinook and Cascade hops, 62 IBU and 6.9% ABV. Ingredients: Water, Millet, Vegan Sugar from beets, Candied Vegan Sugar (Vegan Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice for acid), IPA Hop Mix, Chinook and Cascade Hops, Yeast

Coming soon is an English Cask style IPA with homegrown hops. It’s a mildly carbonated beer with Organic Mt. Hood, Cascade and Zeus hops. 


Moonshrimp Brewing’s Beer Window is at 8428 SW 22nd Ave, just off Barbur Boulevard between Barbur and I-5.

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