Eleven New Oregon Breweries, 22 New Beers Showcase at Bailey’s Taproom


We finally have a complete brewery and beer list for The New School’s annual New Oregon Breweries Showcase at Bailey’s Taproom for Portland Beer Week. This event takes place this coming Monday, June 13th, at Bailey’s, with beers on tap all day and all the brewers and many owners in attendance from 5-8pm. This year features eleven breweries with twenty-two beers pouring; all of these breweries have opened less than a year prior to the date, with many opening just weeks ago or still hard to find–or maybe not even available in the Portland area. Here is the scoop on all of them and the beers they will be pouring at Bailey’s this Monday.


Alesong Brewing & Blending – Eugene, OR

From Matt van Wyk, former brewmaster at Oakshire Brewing, comes this ambitious new startup with a focus on farmhouse and wild ales and barrel-aged sour blends called Alesong Brewing & Blending. Matt and his partners, the Coombs brothers, are not willing to say goodbye to standard ales, either; they will be pouring a Bourbon Imperial Milk Stout and a Strawberry Gose as the brewery’s first ever tapping outside of Eugene.

  • Alesong Brewing & Blending: Stawberry Gose Our Gose, inspired by the European brewers in Goslar, Germany, is tart and hazy and crafted with a whisper of coriander and dose of sea salt, for a balanced salinity on the finish. At the end of fermentation, we matured it on 500 lbs of Oregon Strawberries for a light kiss of spring. Tart. Mild salinity. Berry. Refreshing.
  • Alesong Brewing & Blending: Bourbon Prelude This is a blend of a Imperial Milk Stout and Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.


Ancestry Brewing – Tualatin, OR

Just officially opened in Tualatin, Jeremy Turner and Trevor Lauman have built an impressive new production brewery and tasting room with a nice view and killer burgers from PDX Sliders. Soon the company will open a second taproom in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. Though the duo is relatively unproven in the beer industry, they are making a bang right out of the gate.

  • Ancestry Brewing: Bourbon Barrel Stout The Grandfather of our Imperial Stout family tree. Aromas and flavors of chocolate, cherry vanilla, oak, and toffee are finished with a velvety smoooth mouthfeel. Meet our patriarch. 10.4 %ABV, 22 IBU
  • Ancestry Brewing: Best Coast IPA Our Best Coast IPA is the epitome of big citrus west coast IPA. Hop forward aromas of grapefruit and lemon give way to a honey malt backbone and clean bitterness.


Freebridge Brewing – The Dalles, OR

The first brewery to open in The Dalles in 100 years, Freebridge Brewing has already established itself as a beery destination, yet the beers have never been on tap in Portland. The brewers are also bringing two risky, hard to make styles of beer in a Helles Lager and Pilsner. If Freebridge can pull these off, there are great things in store.

  • Freebridge Brewing: Hillsider Helles Lager Styled after the famous German Munich Helles Lager, Hillsider boasts crisp, clean, and malty characteristics representative of the region it’s born. A great day-drinking beer that wont leave you feeling bloated and ready for a nap. Flavor Notes: Bright and balanced with a light spicy finish. Medium bodied with an emphasis on the malt bill. 5.2% ABV and 24 IBUs.
  • Freebridge Brewing: Pulpit Rock Pilsner Pulpit Rock pours a rich golden body with a brilliant white foamy head that fades to a fine ring around the glass. Flavor Notes: Distinct light lager flavor offering a whiff of noble hops which showcase the malt character of this easy drinking German Pils. 4.3% ABV and 30 IBUs.
Great Notion Brewing's New England inspired ales.

Great Notion Brewing’s New England inspired ales.

Great Notion Brewing – Portland, OR

Perhaps the most talked about new brewery to open in the last year in Oregon is Great Notion Brewing. From the crazy, punchy, and striking blueberry muffin and maple syrup beers to being on the cusp of the cloudy Vermont/New England-style IPA trend, this place has been in the news a good bit. Whatever you feel about the styles, you have to admit the brewery is making some terrific beers, unless you hate juicy and citrus fruit flavors. These days Great Notion is so popular that the beers–especially the IPAs–are gone in an instant and rarely sold outside of the brewery. We have arguably the two most popular juicy Vermont/New England-style IPAs at Bailey’s on Monday.

  • Great Notion Brewing: Juice Box Double IPA Bursting with pungent American hops, with aromas of peach, mango, and passion fruit. Juice Box is brewed with over 4 pounds of hops per barrel, but the mellow bitterness and soft mouth feel makes this DIPA dangerously drinkable! 8.2% ABV
  • Great Notion Brewing: Juice Jr. Session IPA The little brother of Juice Box Double IPA. Juice Jr. is brewed with  100% Mosaic hops, and a lot of them! This crushable Session IPA has a small ABV and a big hop flavor. 6% ABV


Grixsen Brewing – Portland, OR

Grixsen Brewing was originally going by the name One Nation Brewing and was slated to open around the corner from The Beermongers in inner southeast Portland in March of 2015. Now a year and two months later, the brewery opened its production space and tasting room in late May under the name Grixsen Brewing, and with only a few weekend hours, few of us have actually had the beer yet. Lets see what brewer DJ Moxley and owner Scott Petersen have in store for us.

  • Grixsen Brewing: Hopped Saison This Northwest-style Saison is sweet, yet dry and packed full of flavor thanks to a combination of our juicy hops and farmhouse yeast. Tasting Notes: Bubblegum, Clove, Banana, Melon, Pineapple. IBU: 36 ABV: 4.8%
  • Grixsen Brewing: Kölsch This golden-hued Kölsch is reminiscent of summer with a hint of fruitiness balanced by a straw, wheat flavor, this beer is sure to be a crowd pleaser. While more complex and darker than a lager, this Kölsch is liquid Summer in a glass. Tasting Notes: Straw/Hay, Lemon Zest, Cornbread. IBU: 26 ABV: 5.0%


Kobold Brewing – Bend, OR

On recommendation from our Bend correspondent Branden Andersen, we checked out the brand new Kobold Brewing and it looks very promising. What is a Kobold? Google says “a spirit that haunts houses or lives underground in caves or mines.” Kobold founder and head brewer Steve Anderson is a fan of barrel-aging and plans to make that a center focus of his nano=-sized brewery. Let’s try the early results.

  • Kobold Brewing: Barrel Aged Kobalos Imperial Black IPA (aka CDA) This Imperial Black IPA (aka ICDA) was aged for several months in Oregon Spirits Distillery Bourbon Barrels.  Designed to be a drinkable barrel aged beer; not over the top boozy but with great barrel flavors.  The vanilla and wood essence delight the nose and palate.  The citrus and floral hops of the Kobalos CDA help accentuate the complex flavors of this bourbon barrel aged beer.  A perfect marriage of barrel and brew. ABV: 9.3 IBU: 75
  • Kobold Brewing: 3rd Street Cred Red Ale Cred begins with pine, floral and citrus aromas, followed by the same wonderful flavors.  The Simcoe and Cascade dry hop additions give this beer an amazing up front impact.  It has a perfect malty red body and just the right bitter finish.  The hops and malts balance well and make this a very drinkable red ale. ABV: 5.8 IBU: 36

Montavilla Brew Works beer patio

Montavilla Brew Works – Portland, OR

Montavilla Brew Works is my neighborhood brewery and operates a cozy, charming 10bbl brewery and tasting room with patio on outer southeast Stark in Portland. Owner/Brewer Michael Kora has been a longtime award winning homebrewer and Bridgeport Brewing employee, and his beers are really starting to come into their own. I have been more a fan of the newer sessionable IPA like the one we are tapping, as well as the recent first Helles lager. Really excited to try the brand new Plywood Pilsner that Mike just took out of the lagering tanks last week.

  • Montavilla Brew Works: Plywood Pilsner Our Pilsner gives a big nod to the traditional German-style of lager brewing with a Pacific Northwest twist. We use 100% German Pilsner malt and German lager yeast. The smooth, honey-like maltiness is kept in check with the use of Mt. Hood hops in the kettle and whirlpool. Aromas of flowers, herbs and delicate spice are what make this Pilsner shine on a sunny Oregon summer day. 5.5% ABV  40 IBU
  • Montavilla Brew Works: Lil’ Righteous ISA This session IPA was brewed in collaboration with homebrewer Matt Dinsmore from the Strange Brew Homebrew club. Brewed with nearly 100% Pilsner malt and a touch of Vienna malt for a slight toasty undertone. The hops are the real showcase here; we use plenty of Simcoe and Amarillo hops in the kettle and for dryhopping to create a tropical, piney and citrus explosion! A local’s favorite! 4.7% ABV  66 IBU

Public Coast Brewing exterior

Public Coast Brewing – Cannon Beach, OR

Public Coast was originally slated to open in February 2016, but like nearly every new and upcoming brewery these days, was delayed to May 25th, and then still did not open until June 2nd. All good things take time, though, and the first kegs to make it outside of the brand new brewpub (designed by Oregon brewing legend Fred Bowman) will be at our Baileys event this Monday. Read more about Public Coast Brewing in our preview here.

  • Public Coast Brewing: Blonde Saaz hopped easy drinker with a touch of malt. 22.6 IBU’s  5.4% Abv.
  • Public Coast Brewing: Bitter-Pale A hybrid between a British bitter and an American Pale. Goes down nice and smooth with a lot of hop character. 57.6 IBU’s 5.6% Abv.
Ruse Brewing owner/brewer Shaun Kalis

Ruse Brewing owner/brewer Shaun Kalis

Ruse Brewing – Portland, OR

Ruse Brewing is the nano sized project of homebrewer/part-time turned full-time pro brewer Shaun Kalis, who is producing his farmhouse and wild ales on Culmination Brewing’s cutting edge system. Shaun installed his own fermenters at Culmination and has barrels of wild ales aging and bottles on the way. This is all leading up to hopefully finding his own brewing facility and tasting room in the next year. The few and hard to find Ruse Brewing beers that have been tapped have drawn raves from everyone, from the flagship Translator IPA to Architect saison. My personal fave is the Multibeast, a mixed culture wild farmhouse ale aged in burgundy barrels that will be pouring at our event along with the Translator. Also look for the beer he created for this weekend’s Portland Fruit Beer Festival, “Patchwork” Strawberry Basil sour. I predict it will be one of the biggest hits of the fest.

  • Ruse Brewing: Multibeast A burgundy barrel-aged modern farmhouse ale, conditioned with our house brettanomyces culture. Funk, Lemon, Fruit. 5.6%ABV/15IBUS/OG-12P
  • Ruse Brewing: Translator IPA A medium-bodied NW style IPA, big citrus hop flavor and fruity aromatics from 4 different hop varieties and our house english ale yeast. Citrus, Hop, Fruit. 6.2%ABV/60IBUS/OG-14P
Wolves & People's Christian de Benedetti and Jake Miller

Wolves & People’s Christian de Benedetti and Jake Miller

Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery – Newberg, OR

What I anticipated to be the most hyped opening of 2015 has become one of the most hyped of 2016, as beer writer Christian de Benedetti finally opened a farmhouse and wild ale brewery on his historic family farm.

  • Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery: Instinctive Travels This saison is fermented with a yeast strain isolated from the Walloon region of Belgium. It pours a vibrant gold body with a billowing, pillowy head. It’s lavishly dry hopped with alpha from both, the Southern and Northern hemisphere, and refermented in the keg to create a natural carbonation. It celebrates the arrival of long, sunny days on our farm, the passing of one of hip hop’s greatest, and to travels taken and yet to be made.      6.4% ABV          12 IBUs                (8 gallon Dolium)
  • Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery: Vale A beer for brewers and farmers alike. This rich, malty style originates from French Flanders and finds its identity in paradoxes; a blonde-hued rebel that starts off with flavors of toasted caramel and slight alcohol, but moves just as quickly into a refreshing and clean finish.  The complexity found in this beer is due to a 3 hour uninhibited boil, which caramelizes the normally straw-colored malt. The beer is then lagered for over a month and keg conditioned for further complexity and yeast development.                                                                          6.5% ABV          14 IBUs          (8 gallon Dolium)

Zoiglhaus exterior of building

Zoiglhaus Brewery – Portland, OR

You may be remembering we wrote about Zoiglhaus Brewing’s opening last year, but the German-style brewpub was not able to get its own brewhouse installed and working until just recently. In fact, the brewery has not even tapped the first in-house brewed beers at the time of this writing. However, on a recent visit to Zoiglhaus, accomplished brewer Alan Taylor was kegging off the first beer and it was tasting unsurprisingly nice. We will get the first tastes of their first two beers this Monday.

  • Zoiglhaus Brewery: Z-1 Test Brew This was planned to see what the brewhouse will do.  Columbus first wort addition bittering charge only.  Targeted 35 IBU and 13 Plato OG.  Ended up hitting OG but didn’t get the yield from the malt I was expecting (low), but the hop utilization was higher than expected, so the ultimate beer is right at 45 IBU and 5.4% ABV.  Because it tasted good, we went ahead and dry hopped the beer with more Columbus to up the aromatics, which were actually present pre-dry hopping at a pretty high level.  While crashing the tank, it managed to freeze, so I pulled off a 1/6 bbl of the Eis-Pale, which measured out at 12.75% ABV and 92 IBU, before allowing the tank to thaw.
  • Zoiglhaus Brewery: Northern German Pilsner I have been waiting for years to brew this beer on our new system.  It had great yield, both for malts and hops.  Hit all our targets:  4.8% ABV, 42 IBU.  Nice and dry with a crisp hop snap to it. This is my version of what is brewed in Northern Germany – not soft and light like in Bavaria, but edgier and still drinkable, just right for the NW palate.
Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: SamuraiArtist@NewSchoolBeer.com